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Rakesh Bairagi - Burrp User

Rakesh Bairagi

June 29,2016

Decent place

Nice place. Quick service. Good ambience. Alcohol is a bit over priced. Presentation was good. Hot garlic soup was amazing
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 29,2015

Scrumptious Food

This was not my first visit to this restaurant. As always food was just superb as always. You can order complete food from ipad after checking the details and photographs So no surprises when it arrives They specialise in seafood.The chilly prawns were scrumptious & fresh and very flavorsome. The food quality, taste, presentation every thing was very good.LOVED the "paan" shot that they gave us at the end of the meal.
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January 01,2015

decent chinese dining!!

Wonton is to look for was amazing! Service was slow and was a little high priced..
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Rash - Burrp User


December 31,2014

Staff Sucks at Pebbles

I was calling pebbles on the number provided on teh website for the 3 days continuosly for a dinner reservation for the 31st Dec. After several calls I was told by the person attending customer calls on the landline number that he will not be able to take any bookings till 31st morning and any exceptions will be done by their manager Mr. Thakur. Called the so called Mr. Thakur several times and the call went unasnwered. Finally on 31st morning I again called the landline number provided, was directed to 'THE MR. THAKUR'. Well I called this man and after a couple of unanswered calls I finally get a call back from this man. The coldest man I have ever encountered in this industry. The commencement of the lies:
1. We are full
2. We do not take couple reservations
3. We are not full but we will not take booking on the phone
4. Staff does't have any right or power to answer any queries on the call
Mr. Thakur, as the manager, it is your duty to keep your staff updated on something as basic as 'WE WILL NOT TAKE COUPLE BOOKINGS FOR 31ST DEC'. and if your staff doens't have any right to give out any information then why are you not attending calls on the landline cust. ser. number that you have provided on various website.

This restaurant serves awesome food but I refuse to eat there till this arrogant Mr. Thakur will be working there.
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