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kanchanfuller - Burrp User


July 11,2015

Poor service

The service was poor. They waiters themselves had no idea about the availability of pizzas.

Also, the pizza that we ordered barely had any cheese or vegetables. The garlic bread was good though. And they really need to reduce the prices.
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Great Place to Hangout

I ordered Pizzas from here today and I guess the delivery is slow but quite relishable pizzas. The ambience is also great and the garlic bread is fantabulous. I would prefer the pizzas a bit more cheesy but the crust was great. Keep up your good work Malad Pizza Hut branch and please reduce the prices?? Ciao!
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John Dhar - Burrp User

John Dhar

May 01,2014

Almost threw up

So I just ordered the new Biryani that they've started selling.

It is disgusting.

Please take this off the shelves and stop serving shit to people.
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devendra1410 - Burrp User


March 11,2014

Good place !

A little pricey than other pizza franchise's but it also has a lot more variety. I especially like the chicken Lasagna although it serves only one. I found the pizza to be a little bigger in size which means I get to eat more however the service isn't that great & it some times takes a lot of time for the food to come. Still a good place to hang out with friends & its not that heavy on your pocket. Oh and the pasta is good here :)
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dipakranawat - Burrp User


January 28,2014

Nice and Helpful

It was my niece's birthday and we planned to go to Pizza Hut.
My dad does not like pizzas and so I was a little scared that he might be upset if we go there. But the kids wanted to go there. With very little hope, I asked the manager if I could get Indian food from the food court for my dad, while everyone else would have pizzas. He informed that it is not officially allowed, but still he approved of it and helped me out. For this, a big thumbs up to Pizza Hut. It has been my favorite place to hang out and burrp!
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vsk299 - Burrp User


August 25,2013

For Pizza Party

Pizza is always a youngsters favourite, Garlic bread is always good and far superior to other pizza outlets. The list of salads and pastas is also very good. Lots of offers are generally available. Since its part of the inborbit mall in malad west, the overall outing experience is very enjoyable. The pizza is flavoured to suit the Indian taste. They have a good selection of both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian items also.
The ambiance and location are good and spacious. Tables can be joined to make room for larger groups. The room is bright and airy, giving a feeling of space and light. Service if fine also. Try the place out for yourself though!
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saurabh bagadia - Burrp User

saurabh bagadia

November 13,2012

Cold as Dead Fish !

This is not to be taken as a general observation, but Yes on Sundays Expect Cold Food, fewer people to serve. I'd say dominoes is relatively better!
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August 22,2012

Week day and not working this is the place to be!

The 3 course happy price menu is what is always on my list. The green apple cooler is cooler than it sounds and the corn and capsicum pizza is the best of the lot.
Beating the competition with a great distance the garlic bread always ranks No.1
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Pooja  - Burrp User


August 12,2011

Appreciate the service

Other day My Aunty and me went to Pizza hut, malad to have lunch we ordered for one veggie supreme pizza, Tomato Minestrone soup, garlic bread exotica and masala lemonade. When we tasted the soup, it tasted so bad that it was just inedible. BUT apart from that the Garlic bread, PIzza and beverages were delicious.. ON having completed our meal, we shared the soup experience with the waiter. The waiter in turn spoke to the manager who conveyed that we could ask for a replacement of the soup. However, we disagreed and asked for the bill. We realized that they had not charged us for the soup. We did tell them, that we be charged for the same, since it was not a fault on their part. But the manager insisted that we so not pay for it. Pizza Hut surely knows how to keep customers happy.
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winsome - Burrp User


July 14,2011

Are their pizzas fried ?

Tried this for lunch yesterday and I have to say that it was the worst pizza i ever had. It was just oozing of oil. The pizza was cold, but i'd have to give them the benefit of doubt since it was pouring and the pizza was a home delivery.
But excessive oil is just not acceptable.
The pizza tasted average.
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vdpandit - Burrp User


July 11,2011

pizza hut

inorbit mall is a place with many hot spots and by hot i don't mean great. I mean 30+ degree temperatures, sometimes similar to the temperature of pizza ovens. I have been a regular visitor at the place since the last 5-8 years.

I'd rather suggest the takeaway.

Ambiance: 1.5
Price: They charge an additional 10 + % service charges.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

July 23,2010

Up your standards

When you go to Pizza Hut, you expect to leave after ringing the bell which signifies you had a pleasant experience. Well, when I left, I did not deign to ring the bell and the bell did not toll for a good amount of time I was there. So I guess other diners felt the same way I did at Pizza Hut.
Firstly, the service sucks and it has reached the lowest I have ever experienced in Pizza Hut ever. The waiters first did not want to first serve us and then when we kept gesticulating then finally two of them were arguing who should serve us.
And we had to remind them about getting the meals after placing the order, cos I think the two never got the argument sorted out.
The food was ok. They have a new drink on the menu which is worth trying out - Apple Cinnamon Ice Tea, which is good.
The stuffed potatoes are tough to eat because the fillings keep falling off. Maybe Pizza Hut should consider offering the same dish but with smaller potatoes but more portions of them to compensate for the downgrading in potato size.
The pizzas are fine at least the Chicken Kadai and the Chicken Supreme were good.
But I go back to my first statement - when you go to a reputed chain of restaurant you expect homogenity not just in the food but also in the service. So please up your standards
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Tusharr  Mehta - Burrp User

Tusharr Mehta

January 20,2010

Horrible exp

The pizzas were just hopeless. I had to wait for a good 20 mins for giving the order. The service was way to slow.
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kunalnaik08 - Burrp User


November 13,2009

Good combo meals

Very good combo meal system starting from Rs.109/- onwards. Perfect party ambiance for an ideal for a group of friends.
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Lakshmi R - Burrp User

Lakshmi R

October 22,2009

Pizza Hut!

Good place to grab a bite before you catch a movie.Good service although the size of the pizzas are a pain compared to dominoes and a tad too overpriced. Still not bad for pizza hut lovers!
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tanuja007 - Burrp User


October 23,2008

Once the best, now the worst!!!

I had visited this place very recently, say 2 days back. This visit of mine was after 2 months and I was so annoyed with the staff and the service offered by them. The food taste just ‘OK’ now, may be they are also into cost cutting factor that’s why the toppings were at its minimal and no oregano seasoning @ the table. They provided the sachets of oregano only at our requests. The stewards didn't know to communicate and they weren't polite either. Overall it was a very disappointing experience. NOT AT ALL WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!
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Shivani Kamra - Burrp User

Shivani Kamra

September 19,2008

Best Pizza place in Mumbai

Pizza (pronounced peetza), is a popular Italian dish made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round, bread that is covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and mozzarella cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture or personal preference.
Pizza Hut, a chain of restaurants peddling the above as the main staple on its menu, has made a name for itself with its menu being appreciated by many.
Pizza Hut offers lovely ambience, great taste, amazing variety and above-average service. Let’s start with the food and the menu. Being primarily a pizza parlour, I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of choices for clientele who may not necessarily be pizza fans. This is one of its key advantages over other pizza places, making Pizza Hut a great place to go to with kids.
Pizzas are, of course, the star attraction but there are other options as well. The menu starts with a range of non-alcoholic beverages which is a wonderful accompaniment to pizza, a fact that most other pizza places ignore. Besides the standard aerated drinks, they have an interesting collection of iced teas and mocktails.
The variety of garlic breads is interesting and far superior to other pizza parlours. Do try the Garlic Bread Exotica for an exciting variation to the usual garlic bread. Or the Garlic Bread Spicy Supreme if you like things a little hot.
My friends really enjoyed the Cream of Mushroom soup. You could try it, if you like vegetables in your soup. Another surprise is the list of salads and pastas. I haven’t tried them, but it’s another feather in the cap for Pizza Hut. Getting your kid to eat some salad while tempting them with pizza!! Hmmm.. an idea worth mentioning! I’m sure my mom would have carted me to this pizza joint when I was a kid!!
Then we have the Star - The Pizza itself. Personally I love thin crusts. But Pizza Hut deserves a pat on the back for their Pan bases. It lives up to their advertisement of being ‘light and fluffy on the inside and golden brown and crunchy outside.’ I loved the Chicken Supreme and their Pepperoni pizza is great too! You could ask them for a ‘50-50’ pizza and try out two of your favourite pizzas as One pizza!! At no extra cost! Their pizza is flavoured to suit the Indian palate, tending towards the spicy side. But if you like your pizza bland, I’m sure they can adjust it to suit your taste. They have a good selection of both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian items so clientele of either preference is well catered to.
Next, the ambience and location are well designed. The place is spacious and tables can be joined to make room for larger groups. The room is bright and airy, giving a feeling of space and light. It’s especially wonderful to go to on a rainy day when the world seems gloomy. It’s a happy place and perks up your mood. The location is very visible and easy to spot. You won’t miss it. The two things that could improve are the waiting area which is very small. As the place is quite crowded during regular meal times, both lunch and dinner, it would be wonderful if they could have more seating in the waiting area. And second, there is a small table-for-two, right next to the kitchen, which is very uncomfortable. I wish they would get rid of that.
Price is a higher than other pizza places, but I wouldn’t mind paying a premium for the above-average service and the beautiful décor. Be prepared to shell out at least Rs. 350 per person for the pizza and an accompaniment. Worth every paise though! They do have wonderful (read cheap) options for Visa card holders though. I would definitely recommend you to use your Visa when you visit them!
Lastly and definitely not the least, the service. I would give a standing ovation to these guys. The service is at-par with that of a good restaurant. Service here is much superior to any pizza place I’ve ever been to (which, believe me, is no small number). The manager is personally involved in filling in any gaps that may arise in service, which tends to happen during peak hours. From opening the door for customers to billing them, he’s on top of things, which certainly deserves applause. (No, he didn’t do it just for me just because I’m reviewing the restaurant. I noticed him doing these things for other customers when I was enjoying my pizza). It would be great if they increased their serving staff by a few heads though. It would ease up the pressure they face during peak times.
So overall, I have given them a five star rating. Try the place out for yourself though! Oh yes, and don’t forget to ring the bell (for great service) when you leave. I certainly did that, twice!!
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Ramesh Ganeshan - Burrp User

Ramesh Ganeshan

December 20,2007

No Pizzazz at all!!!


For those who have read my review on Nando's in the same location, I had another disastrous experience here which has really lead me to believe that the larger a fastfood chain, the more goof-ups and let downs they may have.

Wifey & I reached the restaurant approx 9.45 pm, we were asked to wait for a few minutes. 15 minutes later, we noticed that a group of 3 people who had walked in later were alloted a table which could have been given to us.

The steward at our table sadly was not very comfortable with English, so as a bit of a linguist, I started conversing with him in my own broken Hindi. Anyways, the starters were good (garlic bread Exotica, some nice baked tortilla nachos with stuffing inside).

I had ordered a fusilli in stroganoff sauce with chicken for my main course. 4 -5 delicious forkfuls later, I noticed wedged in between a piece of fusilli and a molten fragment of cheese a strand of (you guessed it) HAIR.

I mentioned it discreetly to the steward who seemed to understand sign language very well, who deftly took away the plate to the kitchen.

4-5 minutes later I had to ask for the steward who came to us and very nervously mentioned that it would be 7-10 minutes. This seriously irked me since I at least expected an basic apology from him on this. I immediately asked for the bill since this was not what any self-respecting foodie would want at such an instance.

To make matters worse, there was some sort of a glitch in the card-swipe machine which took another 15 minutes after which we paid up in cash and walked out feeling less happy than average full-bellied customer.

I have been contacted by the Customer Care Dept of Pizza Hut, to come in and give another chance for them to serve me to their best, but I refuse to allow them that. Call me a snob, but I do have serious dignity.
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Velu Karthikeyan - Burrp User

Velu Karthikeyan

August 03,2007


I like Pizzaas and thats where this place gets an important stop over in my schedule atleast once in a month.

Great Place to spend for an hour and great pizzas too.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great and fast service and very good ambience too.

Visit this anytime and you will really enjoy the place.
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preshit  - Burrp User


December 11,2006

Deliciously Yummy

Everyone knows Pizza Hut's Pizzas are deliciously yummy. And no matter where you go, you get the same taste, size, toppings etc.

I'd rather concentrate on the other factors such as ambience, service, etc.

Firstly, there couldn't be a better location for this in Inorbit. This is right next to the escalator that gets you to the 2nd floor, bang opposite to Moti Mahal, just next to Rajdhani and most importantly just before Fame Malad.

Thus, this place is always on the serve. Expect a waiting of atleast 30 mins on weekends.

The servers are pretty friendly and ever-ready to escort you to a table or jot down your order.

The service is pretty quick considering the time it takes to get a Pizza ready.

The place is big so a lot of seating options available.

Try the "Freshizza" base if you haven't already. Its freshly prepared base, not too thick, not too thin, and available for all non-pan Pizzas.

The prices are apt I'd say.

Too bad they discontinued their "Bottomless Pepsi"

All in all, a good place to go eat out. Avoid on Weekends if you are only planning to eat. Mindspace Pizza Hut would be a better option.

Till next time.

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