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Abha Shroff - Burrp User

Abha Shroff

February 27,2016

Pizza not served for an hour with no explanation

I had the worst experience ever in your restaurant at colaba Mumbai
Reached at 8pm as per my reservation today - 27 Feb 2016.
Ordered by 8.10 or so.
No sign of the salad and pizza till 8.45 - 8.50pm
On asking we were told that they are Finding out what the reason is! Tables beside us (who came after us) were being served their food!
Not a single waiter apologised. Asked for the manager on duty at around 9pm who also comes to the table and tells us that he will find out why the pizza has not come.
Finally at 9.10 with no pizza in sight I went across the road for dinner at another restaurant.
What actually irked us was not that the food did not arrive but the fact that no one wanted to even apologise for a mistake that they had made.
They could have said sorry. Offered us a discount. Say the meal is on them. Or offer a free dessert maybe.
Even when they saw us leaving, they did not bother to tell us don't leave. Or do anything at all!
So maybe you are shutting shop?
Am sure sales have dropped as the restaurant was not even full on a Saturday night!
Pizza Express is history for me atleast!!

Dr Abha Shroff

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Prasanna Chandrasekaran - Burrp User

Prasanna Chandrasekaran

January 10,2016

nice experience

tasty items and overall experience is good
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livetoeatbombay - Burrp User


July 13,2015

pizza loving.

Do you love The Cheesecake Factory? Or always get tempted watching Rachel and Chandler dig into the stolen cheesecakes in FRIENDS?
Well the Philadelphia cheesecake @pizzaexpressin will take you there and is definitely the yummiest cheesecake in mumbai !!! The texture is absolutely perfect – creamy, thick, smooth and it slices beautifully.

Classic thin crust margherita pizza topped with olives, jalapeños and mushrooms is absolutely authentic. Try out the multi grain bread !! @pizzaexpressin

#livetoeatbombay #livetoeat #cheesecake #pizzaexpress #mumbaifood #mumbairestaurants #sunday #mumbaifood #mumbaipizza #pizzaexpress #colaba #lteb
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Raj786 - Burrp User


April 28,2015

Italy Time

The moment you enter this place you will be struck by the wonderful aroma of Italian herbs and olive oil. Reminds me of my glorious days back in Italy. The pizzas here with the thin crust are simply delicious and there is ample variety for all. The toppings are fresh and tasty. Slightly on the expensive side. The restaurant has good ambience and good setting for a peaceful dine out.
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

my favorite pizza place

My favourite pizza place, which I don’t go often too simply because it is expensive but I think it serves the best pizzas in town. Ambiance is very nice, gives that expensive place feeling. Went with friends and had Romana Cipolla Caramellata pizza, Pollo Bolognese pasta and Penne Polo Picante Pasta ending with tiramisu for dessert. All the pizzas are freshly made and enough for 2 people and pasta is enough for 1 person so I would like the pasta portion to be generous. Otherwise, no complaints with quality of food.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again.

Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

Amazing place!

Wow,what an amazing place! Went with college friends and this is such a great place,with such amazing staff who go out of their way to make one feel welcome. I had a pizza express voucher which I utilized without any problems, constantly smiling staff made our ordering process very easy by suggesting dishes -we ordered for dough balls and cabrese pizzas and both dishes are excellent. It is an expensive place but very classy and a must visit for everyone.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again.

heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 27,2014

Family Time at Pizza Express!!

Time spent with family is always special & if u mix that with some awesome food it's a blessing.

All the members of my family are crazy pizza freaks, be it my parents & my siblings.

So we decided to opt for Pizza Express Chef’s Table Experience for 9 of us .

It is one of its kind, cool, fun & enriching (got loads of secret tips of making a fabulous pizza)

Like usual the Pizza Express Colaba branch is always busy, but as we had a chefs table booked we enjoyed complete privacy.

To begin with it – we got lip smacking starters – Dough Balls Doppio with 3 dips – it melts in your mouth, absolutely delicious.

The chefs table is a fun activity where in you learn how to make their signature pizza with the chef & also create your own pizza & learnt to make perfect podana pizzas, pomodaro pesto & soho.

They also had a small competition & gifted us pizza express vouchers.

To end the pizza marathon we indulged ourselves in their heavenly desserts – Cheesecake & chocolate fudge cake.

It's an awesome place to spend some quality time with family. Each of us had a gala time!!
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again.

thefoodie87 - Burrp User


June 28,2014

Awesome family dinner

Went there for the first time. Ambience is very well done. Although I couldn't see the live kitchen from where we were sitting. The lighting was good....neither dull nor bright. Gaurav was the name of our waiter, who was very polite and courteous and helped us make the right pizza choice as my mom is a vegetarian and the rest of us eat meat, was to go with a half and half pizza. The pizzas are very good. We ordered 3 Romania the Etna, Funghi di Bosco and the Pomodoro Pesto and the Pollo ad Astra as the half and half. All the pizzas were very good light with a slight crunch at the end. Neither chewy nor stiff.
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Reply from restaurant management


Thank you for your review. We look forward to seeing you again.

Team PizzaExpress India

nikeshshah026 - Burrp User


April 12,2014

Awesome Pizzazz

The first thing you notice when u enter the restaurant is the decor which is pretty good. The open kitchen also works coz the smell of freshly baked pizza welcomes you. Pizza Express cannot be missed. Do try the dough balls and the Classic American Pizza and also the Romana Pizza.The service was very friendly. A good experience yet again..
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Jeet Thakker - Burrp User

Jeet Thakker

March 21,2014

Highly overrated !!!

I don't know why people get so carried away when an international chain drops by. Being a pizza fanatic I had high hopes from this place but alas it was no where near my expectations. I would say the decor is very well made , live kitchen where you can see your pizzas being made was nice experience. The staff was good and polite. Valet parking may be considered as hygiene factor these days but its really a boon. The garlic bread...were outstanding, cheese was oozing out from the freshly made dough, however the portion was very less, well to be honest it was meant for only one. The Romana or Romano pizza wins hands down compared to their classic. I loved the pizzas no doubt but it was nothing outstanding or out of the world. Strictly ok, what caught my attention was the pasta. The pink sauce was made to perfection with baby mozzarella cubes thrown over. Unfortunately they dint serve Vegetarian Lasagne although it was mentioned in the menu. When enquired we were told the cheese used in Lasagna itself is non veg. What crashed the mood was the desert, Chocolate fudge cake was dry as if it was stale. The cheese cake was also so so, we wanted to try nutella dough but our spirits were really dampen so we left

To sum up, pasta are great , garlic bread is good , pizza are ok and deserts are bad
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rusha shah - Burrp User

rusha shah

February 07,2014

guilt trip

The Pizza are cooked in their traditional way, the waiting staff are helpful and the wine list is good. There are of course one or two quirks ( they appeared to have one waiting staff member whose job seemed to be brushing garlic butter on the bread or spreading parsley on pizza - weird).

The staff were friendly and efficient. We had the garlic bread - tasty and enjoyable. Then we had the american hot with extra pepperoni. These were big pizzas and were excellent. The sauce was good and the pepperoni was spicy. We also had two glasses of wine.
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Rahul Garg - Burrp User

Rahul Garg

February 03,2014

The best Pizzeria in town right now....

First things first ....IM A VEGETARIAN (well eggetarian)....While there are many schools of cooking authentic food (yes i know it sounds stupid because i find the word authentic when applied to food stupid)..The European (especially British) style of cooking global food has really started to become a rage in india. Maybe its the excessive stress on fresh ingredients and not overcooking food or maybe emphasis on use of garlic, but Vegetarians in Mumbai have really taken a liking to every chain coming out of UK in India.Pizza Express has got the thickness of the crust , the amount of cheese and the topping that suit the Indian Vegetarian palette just about bang on.We had the pesto pomodoro, and the veneziana which were both perfect.The lasagna and dough balls were great but fell short of excellent.We paid about 6000 between 5 people with 3 beers.
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Biswajit Dey - Burrp User

Biswajit Dey

December 02,2013

Best pizzas in town

Pizza Express in Colaba (near the Gateway of India) serves some of the best pizzas in Mumbai. You have Classic American and Romana (Italian) preparations to choose from, with several options for toppings. Their coffee is good too. Limited options in desserts. Friendly service. I liked their décor.
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Nikhil Nahar - Burrp User

Nikhil Nahar

November 29,2013

Great Service & Good Food

Service is literally fantastic... from the time you enter to the time you leave... Happy environment.... great ambiance & good food. The suggestions made by the server were exactly what was delivered on our plate. The menu is kept simple, food is served the way it is explained... we had a good time eating & drinking here. Certainly a place worth multiple visits...
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shrenik31 - Burrp User


November 20,2013

Supreme Italiano!

Following the International chain, Pizza Express finally opens its chain in Mumbai. However, this chain should consider opening up at more places in Mumbai. This place has a good ambiance with a blue decor. It also has an open kitchen where people can actually view their pizza/food being made. This place carries the legacy of good Italian food...& its thin crust pizzas are very yummy and crunchy.You cant leave this place without having tasted their specialty 'the dough balls'....it simply melts in the mouth. Just few suggestions : 1) It should consider including some few mocktails/coolers in its menu 2) Should include more vegetarian variety
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shah_vama - Burrp User


October 23,2013

A true winner - delicious pizzas

To start with, i had been waiting to be to this place since long. Went on a Sunday, and the mistake i made was, i had not reserved a table. And then i was told 45 mins waiting time! *phew* However, the courteous staff was able to arrange a table for 6 in 20 mins. We waited out (There is no waiting / sitting place). However, when they saw my grand mom, they wanted to arrange the table ground level. The good staff, did manage to arrange one, Thankfully, my grand mom did not have to climb stairs to level 1! The ambiance is great at a go, when you enter, what catches attention is the open kitchen where the pizzalios as they are called, roll and bake fresh pizzas. Truly happy and delighted to see how they toss the dough in the air and flatten the pizza in the open kitchen. Took my family (including grand-mom as stated above - she loves pizzas) to this place. My family has mixed preferences. The Jain counterpart (includes me) started with Bruschetta Piccante while the normal vegetarians ordered Garlic bread with Mozerella.
Both were very good to start with, the garlic bread, was stuffed. However, the portion size serves 2! Then we called for a hot chocolate, was good. For the main course, for jain pizza we ordered a margherita pizza (Romana which is thin crust) with extra toppings (olives for me are a must in pizzas, jalepenos, bell peppers etc.),
Also we ordered a plain margherita classic pizza for my Dad who does not eat veggies. He loved his pizza.
For the vegetarian counterparts, there was Melanzane Piccante, order only if you are fond of Eggplant! The iced tea served is the lipton canned, can be avoided. The overall experience was very good, all i felt was there are still dishes on the menu, i want to try out soon like the dough balls, the desserts (eggless options available). So, to end with happy dinner time with family and yes, Pizza Express, i am going to see you very soon again.
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aneshkapadia - Burrp User


August 03,2013

Best Pizza In Town!

Last sunday been to pizza express. Not a pizza lover as such, but was dragged by a friend there. First of all, I was astounded looking at the ambiance. It smelt, felt like I was in America. And its huge! Moving on to the food part. I went in for the Pomoro Pesto Pizza and Dough Balls. One of the best pizzas I have tasted in an Indian pizza place. And for its worth, its worth! :D
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rasika83mumbai - Burrp User


July 05,2013


I am a regular at Pizza Express. I just gorge on their pizzas and cannelloni's. Yesterday as usual I visited this place post dinner just to have a bite of their padna pizza (which I adore). It is the most yummilicious pizza I have ever had anywhere before. So for my undying love for this one, I often go there post dinner. Yesterday, I was disappointed. Absolutely bad pizza. It was cold, the pizza bread was dry, the base sauce was hardly there, caramelized onions were present in blobs at few places, spinach wasn't great either. Overall not a good one. I drove all the way from Shivaji Park to Town just to eat this one (And that also after having my full elaborate dinner)Cross fingers, this experience will rub off on my next visit.
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

June 28,2013

Do not miss the Dough Balls & Desserts

Went there for dinner and had made an reservation in advance, which is a good thing because you get prompt seating & service. Ordered according to the staff's recommendation since this was my first visit. Dough Balls for starters- the best thing of all! Fresh, served hot with oodles of butter! Had a romana pizza which is supposed to be crisp and thin crust, but the one suggested to us, I personally did not like it a lot. Was too oily and had big chunks of Eggplant (Or aubergine as they have stated in the menu). The recommended dessert was cheesecake with vanilla ice-cream, that was awesome too. Their presentation and style is worth commenting. Can be pricey an average bill for 2 would be 1200-1300 if you go for all the courses.
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vinay2801 - Burrp User


February 20,2013

Delicious food and a perfect location

I went to Pizza Express for lunch on a Saturday. The moment you enter this new pizza chain in Mumbai you get a feeling that it is going to be a good experience. The staff is very friendly and I got along with them in a few minutes. The head chef and his team are happy to welcome you if you want to learn tossing pizzas in the air. It was fun to learn some tricks and moves to play with pizza dough. I spent about 30 mins practicing with them.

The food was absolutely lip-smacking. They serve the best pizzas with fresh ingredients. The dough balls were hot, soft and yummmm..I personally loved the mushrooms. But the Caesar salad was not great. The presentation of the Caesar salad is good but the taste did not really meet my expectations. The topping on the pizza is fresh. Ask for John, he will suggest the best pizza for your tummy. The desserts steal the show at Pizza Express. The moment they served desserts on the table, my mouth started watering. The Cheese cake with a scoop of ice cream and the Banoffee Pie gave a perfect finish to the lunch. Do not miss the chocolate fudge glory.The ambiance is classy. The restaurant is creatively designed and the arrangement of tables gives complete privacy even with hundreds of people around you. The open kitchen fills the restaurant with fresh aroma of pizzas. The staff is super cooperative, but the service should have been a little faster. Pizza Express gave a perfect start to my weekend. They have truly maintained their international standards and it is definitely worth a visit again.
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azizns - Burrp User


January 21,2013

Pizza-licous... :)

The waft of fresh dough baking in the open kitchen, the moment you step into Pizza Express, is enough to whet your appetite for something you won’t get enough of - authentic Italian pizzas..! that;s right, look no further.. And maybe just, these guys do it better than the Italians themselves, with the localized versions served with chicken Tandoori topping.. the thin crust Romana pizzas are a must-try! light on the tummy, yet full on flavor and taste.. and well, if you're lucky, you might get to bump into their intl trainer, johny, whos only too happy to explain the elaborate process that goes into the making of every pizza express pizza, whilst the actions happening right in front of you.. do try the dough balls (rs 140) to get you started while the pizzas bake.. the bruschetta wont let you down either.. although they have only two basic varieties (Classic & Romana), the sweetly spiced pizza sauces, leave you asking for more.. and if this aint enough you could top it off with their mascarpone cheesecake.. sobo can now boast of authi italian pizzas in the heart of town.. way to go pizza express.. ..
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mubina2989 - Burrp User


January 20,2013

A must for pizza lovers...and non lovers too

Pizza express is a must for all pizza lovers. The special tomato sauce from tomatoes from the Greci farm and fresh dough add to the list of positives. Even though the menu doesn't really give you a variety in pastas and salads, the side orders like bruschetta and fresh dough balls totally compensate for it. We tried the Apollo, Pollo and astra and Margharita of which the first two i would definitely recommend to all. The pizzas were fresh, thin and saucy and if you have no capacity for desserts then you must parcel the banofie pie but do not miss it cause its truly a treat. The ambiance is nice but the open kitchen concept surely attracts a lot of visitors. Overall it was an amazing experience.
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Vivien_D - Burrp User


January 13,2013

Best Pizza Ever!

After reading great reviews for Pizza Express, Colaba, I was dying to go there especially since it's so hard to find authentic Pizzas in the city. I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. I usually don't notice decor and interiors but this place is notably elegant. Classic black and white colors, combined with dim, mood lighting certainly makes for a relaxed but grown-up vibe. Additionally there's that whole open kitchen that adds the fun factor to the experience, not only can you watch the very skilled chefs make your pizza, you can even ask them to help you make your own! If you have young children this is sure to be a big attraction. The staff were very helpful and eager to please, that's always a good thing. I ordered the Bruschetta con funghi (Rs. 280), baked mushrooms (I think this was Rs. 280) and the Dough balls (Rs. 140). If you like mushrooms you'll LOVE the bruschetta con funghi and the cheesy baked mushrooms. They serve an impressive classic pepperoni pizza (American, Rs. 460) which was the highlight of my entire experience. If you're ever craving pepperoni do yourself a favor and order this pizza. It's everything you ever dreamed of. The Alba pizza (Rs. 625) and the Pollo ad Astrada (Rs. 595) were really good too. It's been a while since I've had a good skinny, crisp crust and Pizza Express really does justice to the food they serve. I found the desserts stellar in their own right. The chocolate fudge cake (Rs. 250) is great value for money and the Cheesecake (Rs. 250) was good enough to order twice. The best part of coming to to Pizza Express was probably watching the pizzaiolos make the pie in front of you. A couple of my friends decided to try their hand at it and the guys were incredibly patient and helpful. If you want to try great Italian food with a side of DIY pizza fun, you should give it a shot. My top picks: The baked mushrooms, the American classic Pizza and the Cheesecake.
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Angeline Lewis - Burrp User

Angeline Lewis

January 13,2013

Pizzas how God intended them to be

I was here just yesterday and I bloody loved the place. Such good service and food, you will find yourself licking your fingers away to glory. No. The staff at Pizza Express isn't British. There is a mix of both Europeans and Indians here (ask for John; he's amazingly efficient. Makes fab recommendations). I enjoyed dining at Pizza Express. The tables are well spaced; ensuring enough privacy. The staff - they call them pizzaiolos - also seem to be very child-friendly. And they know the menu. You can ask them to recommend a pizza and say that you don't want XYZ in it, and they'll list out a couple of options in return. I had the cheesecake, baked mushrooms and Pollo ad Astra. Freshly made and served in good time. each course was so epic and awesome. Thing is, Pizza Express treats pizzas like how we treat our biryanis. There is no fast-food attitude towards it. So you get pizzas the way the Italians made it, sans the American bastardization of it. The pizza base is light and crispy, and made bang in front of you. I did think the staff was slightly clunky in the service. But it won't be long before they clean up their act. Pizza Express makes pizza really well, you guys. Go. Visit. Fall in love. PS: You have to, have to order the classic cheesecake. Twice. Pretty washrooms - very monochrome cool. Lovely blue glasses for water - At first I mistook them for candlestands :P. Also, the dressing that comes with the Chicken Caesar salad is delicious. Just ensure that you don't put too much of it at once.
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