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Buffet is good
Great experience
Pranay Kapoor - Burrp User

Pranay Kapoor

March 02,2016

Very Bad experience the staff literally humiliated me - me and my wife were at lunch on 1st March

my wife went for buffet and I ordered ala carte. ..just out of curiosity I tried a starter she got from buffet and the manager comes and tells me if I have one more piece of that starter from my wife's plate I would be charged for the buffet!!! I explained I have already ordered my dish but this guy just kept on repeating the same thing till I decided to get up and leave that's when the owner turns up listens to what happened and apologises but after his fucking staff had already humiliated me enough and not to forget my mom in law too was with us so in front of her I felt sick and bad could not enjoy any of the dishes which I like there also the chef really sucked that day.
I wouldn't recommend this place if you have any self respect for yourself.
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

April 01,2015

Love this palce !

A place clost to my heart. Have come here in many occassions. The staff treats you like a king and so are there offerings. Love there sizzlers. Their super massive burgers and the variety that they have in the menu. Overall ambience of the place is so sporty and the crowd is happening too. Do visit here when you are tired with the scorching sun and have a chill time here with a chilled beer.
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March 27,2015

All possible things r used to make the interiors

Renovated Ambiance is excellent......Service is fast n helpful........Thin crust pizzas are a must try.............If you have alcohol there are several offers on........Yes it is expensive but I feel this is the only place in Vashi serving all cuisines under one roof.....Mocktails r really good...We ordered a few n they were definately better than the other places.....The height of the telivision if lowered little will be a great idea....Love to go back again...Last but not the least music is good not too loud so that a normal conversation can take place easily.
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

March 02,2015

Best place to hangout in Navi Mumbai!

Though I have been to Pot Pourri at Inorbit Mall Vashi many a times, I did not know that they've begun buffet dinners every Wednesday starting this month!

I could hardly contain my excitement when I saw the spread and all that at just Rs.650 per head.

First lets talk about the decor & interiors. This place was renovated and they've done a fab job. Specially with the food quotes. The place can get a little cluttered & noisy though, specially when it's crowded on the weekends.

As the name suggests, they have world cuisine and had quite a variety for their buffet too. Soups & Salads, Entrée, Main Course, Drinks and Dessert!

There was tomato soup and chicken soup, served along with breads and breadsticks. There were different kinds of salads, highlight was the Mediterranean eggplant and barley salad. The potato and mushroom salad was delightful too, and served in a cute little glass jar. I think there were 6 salads in all, and many varieties of dips too! I loved the colourful variety, it was very pleasing to the eyes.

To quench our thirst we had the option between iced tea served in cute jars again, mango/black-current smoothie served in glasses or the simple option of fresh juices. Forgot to mention another unique offering : Chilled cucumber and coconut soup. It was quite refreshing! The smoothies were nice too, though I liked the blackcurrent one over mango. I also have always loved their regular water served with a slice of lime/orange and basil leaves!

For Entrée we had the options of hummus, bruschettas, mini hot-dogs, cheese fondue, bagels, zucchini rolls (and all of this in both veg and non-vegetarian options!). I told you, it was a wide spread! The hummus and bruschetta were really good, something I would take again, had I not been stuffed simply by trying everything.

For main course there was Penne Alfredo Pasta, Harissa Paneer Forestier, Grilled fish with Salsa Fossa, Rice etc. I was not very happy with the main course. The pasta was good, but not very hot. The paneer, I couldn't understand the taste. But it was okay, since I was almost fill thanks to everything else.

I was really looking forward to the favourite part of any meal for me, desserts! They had fresh fruits, pastries, chocolate mousse, mini cupcakes and a strawberry roll. Everything was too sweet for my liking so nothing exceptionally great to be mentioned.

Overall, the variety was very enticing. I would suggest them to cut down a couple of dishes and concentrate more on quality maybe? Especially of the main course and desserts! I would definitely go there again with family for the soups, salads and starters!

They made very efficient and smart use of their space to set up the buffet and have a-la-cart at the same time! Special mention to their staff who make ends meet!

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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

February 22,2015

Conversations over Beer!

Pot Pourri has a relaxed ambiance. It's a good place to watch a soccer match or catch up with a large group. They have good finger foods and good offers running on drinks most of the time. The waiters may be distracted with the free flowing orders on match days and service could be slow, but they'll ensure the drinks reach your table quickly.

Recommendation: Sports and beer enthusiasts, add this place to your to-visit list!
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Sheetal Mehta - Burrp User

Sheetal Mehta

February 09,2015

A trendy comfortable hang out place!

Loved the ambiance, seating arrangements, decor, lights, and the music! Staff is courteous and though service is slightly slow, it's okay, not too bad. Food has good options and variety. Nice option to spend an evening out with friends or chill out after shopping at the mall. Will definitely visit again.
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Solidshetty - Burrp User


November 04,2014

Nice place

I liked your place . I came here last month and was not disappointed. Tight sucks. The karaoke at tight and the bad music spoilt my birthday completely. And I was suggested to go to Tight by your staff only. Please take care of it. I am very very disappointed.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

September 26,2014

It never fails to impress

Had been here on a Tuesday, the day they host happy hours all day long. Its the last standing of all the other Pot Pourri outlets across Mumbai. Called for some beers and some nachos, Lebanese platter and the spicy grilled chicken burger. The food was shared between the two of us. The burger was very juicy, nachos were nice and crispy, the lebanese platter was a good fusion of diverse flavours. However, we reckoned we couldn't finish all of it within the two of us. Order judiciously is my advice, since the portions are quite big. Neat ambience with motifs and paintings all over the walls. Brisk service. A little high on the price radar, but well worth the overall experience.
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

April 07,2014

The Greek Style Pizza is awesome!

Was here with my wife this past Thursday evening after work. The tables were 80% occupied on a weekday! However, we immediately got seated and were given 2 menus to choose from. The helpful waiter informed us about the Buy-1-Get-1 offer on alcohol, which we gladly used up with Vanilla vodka and Sprite for my wife and beer for me.

I ordered their Greek Style pizza which was a 10" thin crust (proper thin crust, mind you) topped with olives, bell peppers, shallots, dried chillies and oregano. I usually top up my pizza with chilli flakes and oregano, but this was just about perfect and did not feel the need to add more chilli to it.

My wife ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast with Pepper Mushroom Sauce and Mash. The dish looked very appetizing, but the chicken was a little dry. The sauce however, was top notch!

Ended up paying Rs 1700 for the alcohol, 1 Pizza and 1 Chicken mains and was worth the money.
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shreshtht - Burrp User


February 20,2014

Good food and Ambience

Being in inorbit (yet outside it), this place has a good advantage because of its location. The food ( mainly world cuisine) is pretty tasty. Have tried Pasta, Pizza some mocktails and salads. Never got disappointed. They have some offer on drinks post 10 or 10:30 PM so that can be checked out too. Not very expensive.
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Debashish Roy - Burrp User

Debashish Roy

January 31,2014

enjoy the lunch buffet....

I visit this place specially for their lunch buffets, good spread of food, decent ambiance, you have a option to make your own salad, hummus is a must have the pizzas are also decent but the main course is a disappointment but few of their deserts are really amazing specially the cheese cakes...
overall atmosphere of the place is good......
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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

December 21,2013

good to have buffet n chill out

For Lunch, I had buffet here. Their starters were good like creme of chicken soup and make your own salad was good. The pizza which they made was just wonderfull. Typical Italian style thin crust chicken cheese pizza but i didn't like the veg pizza. They had pasta with paprika was good. But the main course was a let down. The chicken curry was only good rest like fish fry curry was strange. The curry was spicy n acidic. The pasta with white sauce was too bland. They were giving only rice with it and no Indian bread. The dessert was nice. Chocolate moose was good but the mango tart was ok. For 418 rs per person it was a pretty good meal. I must add this also included a glass of wine. ;-). I think its a good place to come, chill out, drink n eat. Nice ambiance but be ready to shell out lot of money.
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sheetalpratik - Burrp User


November 26,2013

nice decent place

Been there almost dozens of time...Not worth the money they charge...food is ok ok types...Do not variety in food...
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Ankit Marfatia - Burrp User

Ankit Marfatia

November 12,2013

A Great Place to visit

Located at inorbit mall vashi this place doesnt give the feel of a mall restaraunt(other than the fact that one must use the mall restroom facilities)

It serves some of the most gastronomical food i would suggest the Game day Platter along with the mashed potatoes great starter dishes.
Along with the wide array of drinks that they serve.
The pastas are another recommendation.. the spaghetti with olive oil is just right
the desserts are great (though very rarely have i been able to have them cause i am already stuffed with the starters and mains)

The ambiance of the place is great with the pictures on the wall which every time i read them makes me smile..

The service always leaves me wanting for more, slightly erratic.

Its slightly overpriced however on few occasions i think one can sin.
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Frank D'souza - Burrp User

Frank D'souza

October 29,2013

Fantastic place - great food - great service

Well, the title says it all. Great food options with very helpful staff. The weekends are a little chaotic though, with waiters taking too long to take your order and having to wait a while for the food to arrive. The management is very proactive and will take the time to come and speak to the patrons and provide a personalized touch to the experience.

The lunch buffet also is a great offering
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

Decently priced buffet places in the city

Decently priced buffet places in the city. The continental, European fare is delicious and comes close to the likes of a Jugheads or a Poptates. The environment is lively, however since it is always packed - you'd take a while to get your seat.

Serving up trademark burgers, sandwiches, beef/chicken steaks, sizzlers, pastas and pastries, they've also got an incredible buffet consisting of soup, salad, pasta, footlongs, sandwiches and four other dishes. Mexican Nachos, Pan-grilled Quesadillas, Roast Chicken, Red Thai Curry, Penne in Paprika Sauce, Chicken Sausages, Chicken Involtini and Cheese Fondue with croutons and vegetables are the draws here. Great selection of desserts from flavoured cheesecakes to everything gooey and good in chocolate plus Tiramisu or Apple Pie.
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hgb0903 - Burrp User


October 03,2013

Fantastic place to hang out with friends....

Have visited this place multiple times having a great experience each time... The ambiance of the place is really good... food is good and alcohol is good too... they have a screen where they show sports channels... so a good place to hang out with friends, have a drink and enjoy a game... price wise its not exactly cheap but decent for the value you get....
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Priyanka Paul - Burrp User

Priyanka Paul

September 05,2013

Quite good

I visited this place on more than one occasion. Has a prime location from anywhere in the Navi Mumbai region. The ambiance is good enough. Had shrimp salad, burger and went for sizzlers and I was more than full. Though it is not like Imbiss,Bandra or Poptates The service personnel's attitude are OK. Would like to visit again simply because of the food and since I could not find any other proper continental outlets in and around Navi Mumbai.
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SamyukthaEll - Burrp User


August 21,2013

Ambience for you and your family

Got to warn you about the service....It's pretty slow. So if you have something planned back to back, skip the place.Sometimes it takes as much as 30 mins for a cup of coffee.That apart, if you are a non-alcoholic, may I suggest the Mandarin Mojito?Awesome flavor, just right on the taste buds. For those who love their alcohol, choose to go there between 4 and 7 for unlimited Carlsberg elephant beer for 499 bucks - An offer not to be missed!
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Gluttonomous - Burrp User


August 08,2013

Beer & Buffetworthy

Pot Pourri, a classy looking joint based in one of the most happening malls of Vaashi called Inorbit, just opposite to the railway station. Not too big in terms of size but sp acious enough. The decor is good, seats are comfortable makes one feel loose enough to down a few drinks. A chilled beer in the evening with your special one makes this place a hit. To top it all, it even serves draft beer. The appetizers - french fries & garlic bread are are deliciously fresh & good. But I really recommend this place for its lunch buffets. The Khow suay soup is a must try & you shouldnt even miss its desserts. Reasonably priced so its a worth a go few times just for a beer or 2 with some good conversations.
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Mitchelle  D'Souza - Burrp User

Mitchelle D'Souza

July 29,2013

Loved The Burger

Had been here for a special occasion. Opted for the A La Carte instead of the buffet after much thought and debate. Had a chicken ceaser salad, some nachos and a chicken burger. The food was slurrp with special mention to the burger. Neat ambience with motifs and paintings all over the walls. Brisk service. A little high on the price radar, but worth the overall experience.
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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

May 16,2013

Nice ambiance , great variety !

Whenever I feel like chilling, I like to visit this place. The best part is the multi-cuisine options of their menu ! Plus there usually is a variety of crowd present here with a lot of foreigners, so it makes you feel like you've been transported to somewhere else! The staff is very courteous. I usually like to order their starters and a couple of menus. Their Nachos, Garlic cheese Bread, French fries, etc are all really good. And the dessert section! Just a look at all those appealing delicacies makes me crave!
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2shrutie - Burrp User


March 16,2013


Buffets to be recommended to all those you are interested to dine there. Good food. Expensive. Best to have a buffet then to go for a main course meal
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Nomaan Shaikh - Burrp User

Nomaan Shaikh

February 04,2013

Can be so much better !!!!

I've been a regular to this restaurant for long now, the atmosphere is casual and laid-back which i REALLY like. The thin crust pizzas served in the À la carte are really good, the brunch/lunch buffets offer good value for money but then the food is nothing extra ordinary, The staff is courteous and quick And the managers are friendly -- so that's good. The desserts i've had here have NEVER been consistent in terms of general flavour -- HUGE let down,
the menu offerings are quite chic and something i definitely appreciate. I personally don't find the food menu overpriced EXCEPT for the desserts -- Seriously, work on your desserts :| And the drinks menu could have been cheaper considering prices of 'Rude' or even 'Rockville' located in Belapur. -- bring better booze prices and this could be Vashi's very own avatar of Jugheads! (We desperately need one)

I'd suggest this place to anyone who likes global cuisine and is comfortable with a casual dining experience; I know i am.
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Binoj Antony - Burrp User

Binoj Antony

November 04,2012

Expensive affair!

Menu leaves much to be desired, the quantity they serve is a pittance and the price they charge is exorbitant, maybe the gora/firang crowd that you find there can afford this (pay more and eat less). I have been here 7 - 8 times and only because not many restaurants in Vashi serve Draught beer.
Once we called them up to confirm if draught beer is available, they confirmed its availability and when we reached we found that it is not available, and the manager was just sorry! Probably Rude Lounge at Belapur which is also not so good would fare better compared to this one.
Also draught beer is the most expensive here in the whole of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, almost 800+ for pitcher, and hence drink this only during happy hours when you get 1 + 1.
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Surekha Rao - Burrp User

Surekha Rao

October 29,2012

A Pricy Dinner for two!

Me and a friend went for dinner here last month for the first time. The numbers on the menu were so high that we end up SHARING just a beer and a pizza. So much for a Saturday night dinner.
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burrp_sanket - Burrp User


September 03,2012

Food which is Wannabe, Expensive & Small Portions

We ended up in this place on a crowded Sunday evening with all other places being full. That should have been our first guess. The food here is expensive, served in small quantities and nowhere close to where the original items are as far as the taste goes. Most of the dishes seem like a cheap imitation of western cuisine created by inexperienced chefs. Since all of us in the group have travelled across different continents it was easy to spot the discrepancy. We would have been OK if the food was adapted to Indian taste but sadly it was not even there. In an attempt to bring international cuisine to India and customizing to local taste the confused chefs have messed up the food. We ordered the following (reviews inline):
1. Nachos: Smallest portion of nachos topped with a yogurt based topping(supposedly sour cream I guess) and sparingly used olives, beans etc.
2. Mediterranean platter: Menu mentions 'pita' and we got pita chips (not pita bread) that were not even crisp. Tabouleh was no where close to original and tasted like a local salad made from tomato/cucumber. Falafel tasted more like bhajiya made from some local daal.
3. Fried Appetizers platter: This one was alright as it involved all basic items like fries, onion rings etc and were pretty standard.
4. Sizzler: Soggy with partially cooked vegetable.
5. Mashed Potatoes: This was a pleasant surprise and we actually ordered it to fill ourselves at value for money. It was done well.
6. Blueberry Cheese Cake: Seemed more like a cream cake topped with blueberry jam.

The customer service was ok. The waiter though on being asked how many pita's would the platter of mediterranean items told us promptly that we would get 100gms of them. All of us being engineers quickly calculated that we could eat about 14gms each and were happy with the answer. The ambience was good for the theme.
Overall - If you have too much money to spend and dont care about the food or quantities this is the place you would love. As far as I go, not going here until there are significant changes/good reviews from other customers.
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Aditi Naik - Burrp User

Aditi Naik

August 14,2012

Hot Pourri for sure!

If you like American-looking cafes and eateries, you are in for a treat at Pot Pourri. It's located at the Inorbit Mall, Vashi and is hop-skip-jump distance from the station. Location - thumbs up!

Since its in a mall, expect it to be crowded almost all evenings. Like I said there's a very American feel to the place - lights, ambiance, setting and counters. Red and brown seem to be the theme. This place exudes a very chilled out youth feel, though I have seen a couple of families having a good meal too. It's frequented by a lot of foreigners - may be because it serves global cuisine.

Service is a little slow, but I attribute that to the rush. However, small tid-bits like tissues, forks, straws etc are immediately looked after.

Pot Pourri is known for world cuisine - burgers, pizzas, pastas. You can drop by for a good filling brunch too. In that case you must try pancakes with maple syrup. Simply yum! Other recommendations would be - Big Burger + Crispy Chicken Tenders, Chicken Meatloaf & gravy, Grilled Chicken Sizzler and the classic Fish n Chips. And yes your order would be so incomplete without Masala Fries ;) We didn't quite bother about drinks here. Remember to leave a little space in your tummy for the fantastic cheesecakes they offer. My favourite would be Blueberry cheesecake undoubtedly.

Don't expect this place to be light on your pocket and nor is it so expensive that you get ripped off. I'd say slightly above reasonable. But yes the experience is worth it! An extremely happy tummy for 2 would cost you around Rs 900-1000 (with desserts, without drinks).
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Vibha Nayak - Burrp User

Vibha Nayak

June 29,2012

A boon for this much deprived place -Vashi

I with my 4 colleagues went for the buffet and we can't stop talking about the food. The food was heavenly! I have to admit I have never wanted to eat so much anywhere before. The salad that I preferred had chicken, cucumber, carrot, corn, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, mayo and jalapeno sauce. It was wonderfully prepared. The thin crust pizza was great. Chicken wings were as they should be, messy and melting in the mouth. Grilled chicken took little time to be served but you see crowd only where you get good stuff, no? Garlic rice was not that great. I was floating in air when I had the blueberry cheese cake. Much recommended. Mango icecream was nice. And yes! The Unlimited Ice Tea!!! Yumm..
One thing, vegetarian options weren't that great.
Damage: Rs.414/ head
Final word: All in all a great experience. The mood the place created was amazing and we ate and laughed till our head started hurting. I want to give you 4 stars because now food any where won't taste better than this. It can't just get better. Coming again soon.
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raghudon4 - Burrp User


June 16,2012

very poor service

the standards have fallen at this once favourite place of mine. now they respond slowly and it takes 4 times calling for them to come.
also a dish ordered takes time... dont go when hungry here
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somu32 - Burrp User


February 10,2012

very xpensive and nt gr8 food.

I went with my friends on 22nd Jan this year to this place as i heard a lot about this place so wanted to check it out.this place is very expensive as they charge service tax,service charge along with vat on alcohol and service tax and vat on food making the place very expensive as the rate first of all printed on menu is very high.
The pitcher of beer we ordered was not chilled and out of taste, the sizzlers with rice and veg was not good as rice was not properly prepared,chicken we ordered came with mushroom and sweet orange sauce which made the chicken taste sweet.
the place is hyped and only for those who are rich and don't mind spending too much on anything.we Indian who love spices in food will definitely miss spices in food of potpourri and this place is just a one-timer for me i would not come back as this place lack proper food and ambiance.
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srish - Burrp User


January 30,2012

foodie hot spot in Vashi!!

The ambiance & interiors play an important role. It provides a warm and comfortable yet peppy atmosphere where one could chat up with friend and family over a lovely meal.
The food was delightful. The Fettuccini pasta with Pesto and chicken was good while Cajun cottage cheese skewer and spicy BBQ sauce was appetizing. The ice-teas were yum. They had an array of tempting desserts so i tried their Baked Philly Cheese Cake which was not that great.
The place was reasonably priced except for the wines which were pricy.
The service could have been better.
Its definitely worth a visit!!
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Damayanti Banerjee - Burrp User

Damayanti Banerjee

January 27,2012

Adorable pot pourri

Bandra’s loss is Navi Mumbai’s gain, because the popular Pot Pourri has been in Vashi for a few years now. A restobar with a European setting, Pot Pourri offers world cuisine and changes the menu every few months. This includes okayish sizzlers, decent pizzas and starters that are either awesome or awful. The drinks are priced quite high – a pitcher of draught beer costs more than it would at Alfredo’s, and even that’s expensive. Try asking for Farmer’s Meat Pizza (pork toppings!), Chicken Doz Sausages (served with grilled onions and creamy potato mash), Bacon-Wrapped Chicken and Chunky Beef, Pork Sausages & Roasted Potatoes (tossed in Goan-style sour-spicy masala) even if they’re not on the menu, and stay away from Lemon Charmoula Prawns (with garden salad and olive oil) and Pollo Involitini (chicken fillets stuffed with mozzarella and fresh herbs grilled and tossed with lemon, olive oil and garlic); I can’t handle bland stuff and had to drown those fenugreek-fucked prawns and the drab chicken in Tabasco to be able to eat it. They also have a dessert section which is pretty good, and lunch buffet on Sundays – but Sunday doesn’t have happy hours and you’ll end up spending a fuckload on drinks.
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Kartik Srinivas - Burrp User

Kartik Srinivas

January 19,2012

Will do

The place has a nice feel with the wooden decor. The buffet was value for money, with great pasta and delicious dessert. The menu otherwise is heavy on the pocket.
The place is good for all meat lovers. However, the staff is very courteous and helpful, and the service is good.
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Miranda D'souza - Burrp User

Miranda D'souza

January 12,2012

My first review and pot porri is awesome

Yay! I have finally finally finally joined Burrp and I am going to write reviews for all the restaurants that I have been to in my life ;) I begin with Pot Pourri. I was on a short trip to Mumbai for a dear cousins wedding and she promised me that she will take me places in Mumbai. One of the places we went to during my trip was Pot Pourri in Vashi. The buffet was yumm yumm and I liked the ice teas and the grilled chicken sandwich (Forgot its actual name). I love my cousin for bringing me here. Banglore is too clutered sometimes. Good experience! Thanks Pot Pourri Vashi :)
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Pratik Wamorkar - Burrp User

Pratik Wamorkar

January 09,2012

all show, no substance ...

Ok here's the deal, 3 friends looking for a nice hangout place with budget. They see pot pourri and decide to try, mistake of life. If you have been in poptates, this resto looks like exact copy of it. Everything goes smooth till menu comes. Rates are enormous for no reason. Pizzas are lame and tasteless and feels like having "papad". So friends had "papad" for Rs 350/-. Pasta in white sauce, second dish, looks like dish of the night but tastes awful. Liquor is costly compared to poptatse and jugheads. Fright night special dish is great to try but still not up to the quality. 1500 Rs/- for 3 is way too expensive and definitely not worth going.
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Violet Locks - Burrp User

Violet Locks

October 25,2011


BUFFET here is beyond horrible.Please don't try the buffet here,the food here is tasteless!The normal food here,other than the buffet is better!
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Erica Kharsyntiew - Burrp User

Erica Kharsyntiew

October 11,2011

Good but...

This place is awesome, especially the buffet. The only downside is that they have changed the menu which is kinda sad because they used to have beef on the menu which has been removed.. so for red meat eaters thats the sad part.. otherwise the place is great..
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Vaidyanathan  - Burrp User


October 07,2011

Nice place!

It's a pity that Navi Mumbai does not have a Jugheads or Poptates, it seems this is the only place that can get anywhere close to it. However, that close enough is still far away. Ordered Mashed potatoes, which was no where close to what is served in Jugheads. I should not be comparing, however, that is the taste that I'm used to. Even the Thai red curry was not great. But the ambience and the service is great, the waiters and the managers are courteous.
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Sachin Stalin - Burrp User

Sachin Stalin

July 28,2011

A place with character & lots of attitude!

The best thing about this place is the staff!
The next best thing is the kitchen - they even customise orders, maybe because I go there twice a week at least!
The next best thing is the menu! It has variety & authenticity!

Undoubtably the best place on the other side of Vashi creek!

If any of them ever read it, they must be proud: Kudos to Chef Raunak Gyani, Prabhu, Sunil, Swapan, Jipunath & Lalbiakhluna Khwalchring!
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Tanmoym - Burrp User


July 15,2011

Best eatery in Navi Mumbai

Good ambiance, fantastic service and above all a wonderful place to experience global cuisine. Keep it up! Pradeep Nair
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Meeta  - Burrp User


July 13,2011

A decent pick for decent dining in Navi Mumbai

Having been to Pot Pourri on a handful of occasions, few things have stood out the most for me: Its sports bar like ambiance (though not entirely true to this calling), weird wooden seating (not comfortable may i add) and pricey drinks menu. While the food is delicious, especially their live sandwich counters (a MUST try) and chicken lasagna, the prices do leave a hole in the pocket. Their much hyped Long Island Ice Tea is rather bleh, and Sizzlers are better tried at authentic sizzler joints. The ambiance is definitely a thing that lifts the mood up.

Verdict: Worth a try for anyone looking for a decent dining experience in Navi Mumbai. Recommend for quick bites like sandwich, pastas, non-alcoholic drinks and a plain bloody good time. Not for a full fledged dining experience.
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Nice hangout food selectively good

Pot Pourri has been a mixed experience, sizzlers, steaks and currys are far from there forte, what they have is some really good starters I especially and strongly recommend Bacon Wrapped Chicken starter, its just something else. I had heard a lot about Pizzas at this place and they really are good. I managed to gobble one up by myself. Service needs a world of improvement, especially when most of the waiters are confused about offers and have to clarify things amongst themselves. However a special word for the manager who is very efficient and makes up somewhat for the lost glory. I would have given it 3.5 on 5 if burrp would have let me give another half a star.
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Aakanksha Ahsknakaa - Burrp User

Aakanksha Ahsknakaa

May 13,2011

Not changed since my last visit- food's just BAD

My last visit to Pot Pourri was in Dec when I was served near-raw rice in the sizzler. I finally decided that 5 months is sufficient time for the food to change. I went with my friend, we ordered drinks & chargrilled barbeque chicken squares.

1. The quantity was pathetic for a dish worth Rs.230. Not VFM. Zero VFM.
2. The food was not piping hot. It was as if the food was prepared n just heated n served. The order came in 2 mins of placing d order. u gotto be superhuman to cook chargrilled barbeque in 2 mins
3. There was more mushroom in the dish than chicken. Cost cutting i suppose.

Music - 4/5
Ambience - 4/5
Food - 2/5

Guess m givin up on Pot Pourri now. Management, r u listening!!! I dont thnk so!!
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Trisha Pereira - Burrp User

Trisha Pereira

February 15,2011

A Pleasant Valentine's dinner

Last Night I went to Pot Pourri with a friend since it was Valentines day. Glad that the place wasn't over hyping Valentine's Day like a few other places where the prices were real high
We ordered a pepper beef Steak Sizzler and a Farmer's meat Pizza and they were both very well prepared
The Beef steak was nicely cooked & the sauces used made the dish very delicious.
The Service was OK but cant complain much since it was a busy night.
However since the tables are so close to each other you can't really enjoy any privacy in ur conversation. We had some old man butting into our conversation every time
But over all it was a wonderful evening spent at pot pourri.
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Dennis John - Burrp User

Dennis John

February 11,2011

this is how you could kill with no gun!!!

Food served cold! Steward at the buffet table is some wannabe rude punk! It hurts bad, when its not worth the money spent!!!
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Sanchita Majumdar - Burrp User

Sanchita Majumdar

January 19,2011

Fav hangout in Vashi!

This place is like daily routine for us! We work, we meet, we eat, we talk and just have a great time. The ambiance, food freshness, beverages all are just so inviting! The menu has some of the most fresh salads I have ever tasted. The Mexican Salad and Chicken Ceasar Salad are 2 of our all time favorites. The greens are always so fresh!!! Among the starters there is Paneer Barbeque (as we call it) with almost always the softest of the Paneers and three cheers to the sauce used for its making!! The thin crust pizzas and the penne pastas are always yum.... Chicken Stroganoff, crostinis, risottos can be surely tried from the vast menu. The grilled chicken with garlic sauce and some steamed rice and veggies is my favorite among mains. Some good sizzlers too but don't expect too much variety in those.

The buffet lunches are good too. Value for money and for tummy!! :)) Desserts are to die for as well - the mousse, the cheesecake, the chocolate brownie to name a few. Beverages - Tuesdays HAPPY DAY ALL DAY!! Other than that there are happy hours on other days of the week as well. Iced teas are as refreshing as one can get!!

We have had few of our best get-together here. when we enter this place, we feel like we have come home... we have had our share of bad experience with the staff but when we measure it to the amount of giggles, smiles, the hunger attacks, the huge satisfaction of good food we have had here, its minuscule and can be buried and sealed. Cheers to good places like Pot Pourri!! We need more of such kinds in Vashi...
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Aakanksha Ahsknakaa - Burrp User

Aakanksha Ahsknakaa

December 04,2010

Bland Sizzler & A oversmart Steward

I went with my friend to pot pourri yest evening; We ordered a Pinacolada, Which was absolutely delicious. Then we ordered a Sizzler- Peppery Chicken Steak something & ask the steward to make it extra spicy. When the sizzler arrived with the rice, we noticed that the steak was a bit bland with lots of pepper on it. It was not bad, But the rice- it tasted weird. while chewing it, I could feel that it was undercooked & it was ABSOLUTELY BLAND.. Heck, you don't pay Rs.350 for a bland sizzler!!!

We called the manager & complained, he apologized profusely & even insisted on a replacement. But the steward's over smart remarks a few minutes back were enough for us to exit the place.

I love pot pourri & I went there after a long day at work to unwind. After this world cuisine cafe's world class customer experience, I am sure as hell put off by it.
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Piyush Chheda - Burrp User

Piyush Chheda

November 22,2010

Good Khause

They serve good khause & pizzas.
They also have Lunch Buffet; but no home delivery.
The crockery in use is amazing & rarely seen.
The veg deserts are few; but yummy
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Nischal Shetty - Burrp User

Nischal Shetty

September 04,2010

Nice buffet

Went there with a couple of friends. We opted for the Buffet. For the price (arnd 350 per person), it was totally worth it. The food was good, absolutely loved the salads they made. The Pizza (pizza lovers, the buffet comes with unlimited thin crust pizzasss) was delicious.

For drinks the buffet came with ice tea. Tried two flavors, Kiwi and black currant. Kiwi was good, black currant was too sweet for my taste.

The staff here are very friendly and the chef takes extra care of his customers. Kudos to the team (absolutely anyone from the waiter to the chef is ready to come over and clear your tables when need be!). The fourth star is just for the service!

I'll be visiting this place whenever I can.
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Nicol Fernandes - Burrp User

Nicol Fernandes

July 17,2010

Pot Pourri indeed!!

Pot Pourri is one of those places which I can term as one of my regulars & the owners can call me their regular customer as well. Its a spacious outlet set in InOrbit Mall. What attracts me to PP most is the buffet. They had started off with the buffet on weekdays which was priced 215 (inclu tax) & has now gone upto 250 per person. I'm still not complaining!
They offer soup, salads, a live pasta counter, a foot-long & a variety of desserts. On the weekends the spread is more elaborate with thin crust Pizza & an assortment of other dishes. The best part is UNLIMITED Iced Tea in 4 flavours - Strawberry, Kiwi, Lemon, Blackcurrant! Its priced at 350 on the weekend. The cost of the buffet works out very perfectly for college students who have to manage life with 'pocket money'.... :D

If you opt for a la carte, the Mediterranean Platter & the Chicken Stroganoff are a must try! The Jack Daniel Chocolate Mousse is just WOW!
I always call in before lunch & the chef calls back to tell me the spread on the buffet. On one occasion I wasn't very happy with the food on the buffet & stated so on the feedback register. Within an hour I got a callback from the chef. Now that's what I call good customer service! Showing interest in the feedback given & taking onus as well!

The ambiance is very chic & they have these photo frames with funny quotes on them which cover an entire wall. Definitely worth looking at! Some of those photos are simply brilliant! The service is pretty quick & the servers are very friendly & polite.

All in all, its always worth every rupee I spend at Pot Pourri.
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CoolHuh - Burrp User


June 14,2010

A so - so experience

Went for a dinner few days ago and have to say it did not impress me. I was a bit disappointed with the Indian-Asian-International mixture of the food I picked.
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anneb - Burrp User


May 18,2010


I go here a lot, almost every time I go shopping at Inorbit Mall. The service and place is very nice. However I was served a cold Pizza and the staff did not seem bothered. Very good ice tea though.
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karlandmichelle - Burrp User


May 08,2010

good steaks in Navi Mumbai

We went there to try the buffet but ended up with Thai food and pepper steaks. The steaks were done to perfection...Being a steak lover, I have come across only a few places (most of them in south mumbai) that can grill a steak to perfection. This place left me pleasantly surprised. Will definitely go back for more. Love the fact that Navi Mumbaikars have an option
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February 05,2010


Every review on Burrrp about Pot Pouri praised the place to the skies. Thats probably why I landed there yesterday. It was excuse for a buffet. Agreed , it costs less, but still I was disappointed having driven all the way from Thane. My veggie companion though had a great time. The mustard chicken(the only non veg item on the table) was just OK. The hummus was awful. Even a small joint called Marrakesh in Thane does a much better job. The saving grace was the happy hour where one on one drink was on offer. But that too I could not avail of to the max as I had to drive. Henceforth I am going to be wary of reviews on Burrrp and stick to my old favorites.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

January 28,2010

A Great getaway from the stereotype restaurants!

I'd been here with my best friend this afternoon to grab some quick lunch. Food was quite good. We'd opted for the buffet spread which included the following.

Soup : Vegetable Broth - Vegetable clear soup with veggies like corn,lettuce, asparagus and few others. The soup tasted quite good,was distinctly prepared and i enjoyed having the clear soup though initially it made me feel otherwise.

Starters :

Veg / Non Veg Footlong : Huge chunks of bread subway toasted and baked with tomato ketchup, capsicum,spring onions and cheese,Again,I loved it.

Salads :

There was again a huge spread of raw veggies like ice berg lettuce,cabage,tomatoes,cucumber etc, and various sauces arranged where the chef would ask us the choice of veggies and the sauces and prepare the salad according to how we'd like to have it. Here,Once again, i absolutely LOVED the salad.

Pasta :

Choice of Penne/Spaghetti tossed with veggies like mushrooms ,baby corn,capsicum with the red or cream based sauce prepared and served hot.

Side serves :

Hummus and Pita along with Garlic Bread.

Main Course :

Basil Rice - Rice cooked with basil , was decent.

Plain rice

Thai Curry - My friend said she dint quite approve of it,and as for my self, i dint taste it;)

Chicken Portugal : Chicken Pieces neatly cut and prepared in a red based gravy, was pretty decent.

Dessert :

Mango Mousse : Rich, thick mango flavored cream served in the tiniest wine glass. I din't quite like it,but my friend loved it.

Banana and Caramel Cake : Well again, I dint like it,it was like one of the cream cakes prepared distinctly,but dint approve to my taste buds nor to my friends.

Service :

I'd like to rate a 4/5 for the service,it was good,quick and efficient.

Ambiance :

Pretty good

Overall experience :

Quite good at just Rs 215 /- Surely recommend the buffet spread.
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vrushali prabhu - Burrp User

vrushali prabhu

January 12,2010

Pot Pourri

As a resident of Navi Mumbai, i am deprived of good options for continental food apart from pizza outlets as they are ubiquitous.But with Pot pourri,this certainly changed that feeling.I went there on 25 Dec with hubby for a treat and was truly surprised with the menu and the quality of food.

The seating is diner cum lounge type with music playing.There was a buffet on offer but was interested in a la carte.So we went in for a sizzler with beer and strawberry iced tea..The food was delicious.We ordered a cheesecake and a irish pastry for dessert and they were nice.Actually the cheesecake could have been more creamy but all the same it was a nice finishing touch to the lunch.
But i find it a tad overpriced but all izz well considering that not much good options are present in Navi Mumbai and its a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of eatery.

The ambience was good and service very prompt.
i would love to keep visiting but only for the price.
keep up the good work guys.

The damages came to around 1000 Rs for 2 with drinks and desserts.
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rohonnag - Burrp User


December 06,2009

Great buffet!

Went to this place on recommendation of friends and this site, good continental buffet, for 325 (including taxes) it was value for money,

The peach drink keeps flowing, there strawberry and black current too, but the peach is the best, pizzas are delivered to your table, eat as much as you want...

other items on the buffet tables are Soup, variouis salads, veg and non veg, hummus, friend rice, garlic chicken, chicken goulash, and some othe veg dishes

to finish it off, there was some custard in bowls and a chocolate cake, though the choice for dessert is kind of limited as compared to Marine Plaza (Marine Drive) buffet, for the amount they offer the buffet, its quite good!

Two thumb up, great service, one star less because of over crowding and limited dessert option...
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ramesh sathu - Burrp User

ramesh sathu

November 13,2009


Happen to be in vashi and had read about this place on burpp!
So i headed to this place and must say i don't regret
A good spread of continental food on the buffet,
was pretty reasonable too
I must say this place is worth a visit again and again and again
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Deepy *** - Burrp User

Deepy ***

September 18,2009

Custom Made Service

I am not over rating....this place deserves a 5***** rating.
I have been here couple of times, other reviewers already told about their buffet, pizza, deserts...all that.

But my last experience was more than just being satisfied.
We were four and went for a weekday lunch. A young couple, our family friend dropped at our place after lots of lazing through the day.

Our guest, a lady who is strictly Veggie, loves Steak and stays at NaviMumbai, I decided this is The Place to be in.

Our guest was not in a mood for a buffet, so we went for the a-la carte. But to my surprise, she didn't like anything from the menu card. I asked the Captain for help, and generously he agreed to get her some Manchouw soup (agree, this is not the right place to ask for manchouw soup).

We lazed for some more time with a few coffee table books like 1001 watches, sipped some Tom Yum soup, custom made Manchouw soup, took bites in some Bruschettas. And sipped some Guava slash. Then asked for the main entrée.

This time my guest again expressed her discomfort with the description of the Steak - but now I have my man for help. The Captain who carefully noted down how my guest wants her Steak to be made. Cottage Cheese Pattie. Lots of steamed carrot and beans, sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and onions, French fries, noodle, sauce separately. This was her order.Captain checked with the pantry and told us , the Pattie will take about 20 minutes, is that fine with us. I happily agreed. 20 minutes is nothing for a customized service.
Pot Pourie didn't give her a chance to complain. The Steak was served exactly how she wanted!!

I would rate them five star simply because they understand the thumb rule of restaurant business. Serve customer what and how he/she wants. Keep it up guys.
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Mahima..  - Burrp User


August 15,2009

Amazzzzing conti food...

I've been to this place more than a couple of times n the food hasn't disappointed me so far. They have a really good lunch buffet which is priced reasonably too especially on weekdays(Rs.199+taxes) and must say I've eaten like a pig.
Apart from the buffet, the Mediterranean platter is a must-try n so are the pizzas and somehow liked the Chinese chilly chicken too. The rice was fragrant and the gravy was not dunked in soya sauce. Desserts are yum n they have this italian ice cream which was just awesome. The ambiance and music is really nice although i had a problem with the AC because it gave me goosebumps n they couldn't do anything about it. Service is really good. And a good place to eat in especially if you wanna avoid the foodcourts.
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Prashant Koli - Burrp User

Prashant Koli

July 09,2009

Great Buffet

Tucked in an area not easily visible easily unless you enter from a particular gate or take your car in an underground parking slot of InOrbit mall ,Vashi, this place is a must visit for you are around.

It happened that we (my family) noticed this place on one of our visit to InOrbit,Vashi. We had then just finished our lunch and hence didn't want to visit the place at then but at the same time making it sure to visit it on our next shopping trip to InOrbit.

So on a Sunday in May 2009 we landed at the place. We had a look at the spread and noticed that the menue was largely continental. We were told that no rotis and parathas or a typical Indian dish was bening served. It was lunch time and it would have taken us a long time to go to any other Indian place. So we settled for Buffet lunch. Not to mention that although the menue was continental but surely palatable to Indian taste buds also. Yes, I can tell it from my wifes' reaction.

We were served with ample amount of Lemon tea with a peach flavour before and during the lunch. It was a relief from traditional spice -ladden Indian food. Chicken Stroganoff, Honey Tossed Chicken cubes, Veg Green Cheese Curry and Korean Chicken salad were particularly worth mentioning.

Unfortunately we could not try the other food like sizzler,pastries which is supposed to be speciality here. Yes, beautiful pizzas were were also served during the lunch.

Refilling was a tad slow; had to wait for a long time for replenishment of soup and many other dishes. It was particularly embarrassment when you have your family with you.

I am sure to revisit the place again leizurely alone or with a friend.
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Gaurav Vaidya - Burrp User

Gaurav Vaidya

February 27,2009

Great Continental Food....

Its an amazing place. Very close to vashi station. Great ambiance and amazing food. Good casual environment and courteous service.

You must try:
1. Pizza.
2. Sizzlers.
3. Blue berry cheese cake.
4. Black forest pastry.

Will surely visit Pot in the future. Especially once the bar opens next month.

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Dinyar Mistry - Burrp User

Dinyar Mistry

February 27,2009

One of the best Restaurants in Vashi!!

Have been to Pot Pourri, Vashi a couple of times, My over all experience has been amazing!
First of all very close to the Station and all the offices in Vashi. As soon as you enter you feel relaxed because of the soothing atmosphere. The interiors are done up really well, with proper lightings, comfy seating arrangements and the best part, the photo frames!! Some amazing photo frames with witty captions, was surprised to know that they are for sale too.....pretty affordable too....
To come on the food bit, Pot Pourri has set very high standards in Quality, in my 2 visits i tried multiple dishes and all of them were simply amazing!! the mocktails too are quite good. My personal favorites are Chicken Stroganosf, Penne in pepricca, Pizza Funghi & Jalepeno. In Mocktails I really loved Guava Slush & Peach Hash.
Desserts are also mouth watering!!
Another good thing I noticed was the courteous Staff, always a smile on their face and always suggesting on what dish to try out.
Will surely be visiting the place often :)
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amit bhojani - Burrp User

amit bhojani

February 04,2009

good food and buffet ..avoid the nachos

Hi folks, had been to pot pourri and the ambiance was good and quite spacious. good crowd was also seen. had ordered nachos with cheese,beans and i could hardly see any cheese on it. what we were looking out was for melted cheese. Anyways other day we ordered a sizzler thought it was little expensive about Rs 265 but not that great in quantity. The buffet seems good with variety of pasta option available. have been to that place twice and can say that such a place in area like vashi and that too near commercial building seems quite attractive but they need to do lots of advertising. I would say it is worth the try incase u like Italian and Mexican food and good ambiance. Not meant for throwing a party as u may land up cleaning the dishes because its expensive.
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Kiran DSouza - Burrp User

Kiran DSouza

December 29,2008

Pot Pourri - Serendipity, Fluke!!!!

It was the occasion of our 5th wedding anniversary and after packing our son to my in-laws we decided to head out for an evening at InOrbit Vashi. The few time that we had visited the mall earlier, we had found that a few stores had still to open and were in process of getting furnished. Pot Pourri was one of them. Thankfully nearly 95% of the outlets were open and just a few remained to open on this Saturday evening.

As we approached the main entrance of the mall there was huge line of visitors waiting to get in as the mandatory security check was taking time. A helpful security officer then directed us to Entrance II (I think that’s what it was named) and a much smaller line. As we were moving in we noticed the Pot Pourri restaurant had opened and decided that after the jaunt in the mall to have our dinner there.

We entered the restaurant at about 9pm and I found the ambiance quite nice with indirect lighting and a lot of wooden furniture. We were initially seated near a group and felt that we might be in their way whenever they would want to move and hence move to another table, which was a mistake as the AC airflow was directed to my head. Thankfully that was the only discomfort that I bore the entire evening.

The Captain approached us and presented us with a menu which I found was quite small but then considering the title of World Cuisine Café I reasoned that it was okay. We perused the menu and decided to start off with Japonaise Grilled Chicken Skewers and Meat Lovers Get. For the main course we settled upon Basil Buttered Prawns and Lamb Goulash.

The food did take some time to arrive but after a wait of 10 – 12 minutes the Japonaise Grilled Chicken Skewers arrived followed shortly by the Meat Lovers Get which I discovered was a sandwich. I had presumed that it was a wrap as it was under the Wiches and Wraps section. It was pleasant mistake.

The skewers were coated in Wasabi mayo sauce and was tasty and wolfed down in no time. While the wife was finishing off the skewers, I started on the sandwich and was pleasantly surprised to see it contained chicken, egg and salami and the same was accompanied with onion rings. It was like a club sandwich but had much much better flavouring. The chicken had a pepper flavouring and that’s what made it more appetizing. The starters were good and we were hoping that the main course would not disappoint us.

The main course appeared a few minutes after the waiter cleared the dishes and crumbed the table. The Basil Buttered Prawns were on a creamy beetroot risotto base containing onions and peppers. The prawns were flavored with lime and the risotto was delicious. It was a bit heavy due to the butter but the wife and I were blown away by its flavour. The Lamb Goulash was upto expectations and contained the usual root vegetables and peppers and rice. We could have opted for flat bread, but felt rice would do nicely. We were not disappointed.

When we requested the menu for desert the waiter showed us the desert platter which consisted of around 7 or 8 pastries which were listed on the menu. The wife had made up her mind right from the time we saw the menu initially that she wanted the Irish Whiskey Slice where as I went with the more sedate Blueberry Cheesecake. The Irish Whiskey Slice unlike the title was a round pastry and like the title says was flavoured with whiskey. Hmm it was yummy. The Blueberry cheesecake met expectations and wasn’t anything extraordinary. One good point I found out was the waiter crumbed the table after every course, something not seen in too many restaurants.

When the bill arrived we discovered that the they had made a mistake on swiping the card and the same was promptly corrected. For the evening we ended up paying as follows

Japonaise Grilled Chicken Skewers: Rs.140.00
Meat Lovers Get: Rs.145.00
Basil Buttered Prawns: Rs.240.00
Lamb Goulash : Rs.240.00
Irish Whisky Slice: Rs.60.00
Blueberry Cheesecake : Rs.95.00
Mineral Water: Rs.35.00
Total: Rs.955.00

It was a very good meal and my wife my I made up our minds that we need to visit this Café many more times as we felt serendipitious!!
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