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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

April 30,2015


I generally call the restaurant and order directly but this time around I decided to try out foodpanda. Big mistake!
I placed an order at 7.36 pm today using the foodpanda app. I paid with my credit card. The app said delivery details would be sent to me via sms. Nothing!
At 8.30pm I call the contact centre and speak with Sandeep. Took me 3 mins to get him on the phone and 2 minutes of hold for him to come back and say your order is placed and the money is debited from the card (Tell me something I don't know). He says I'll get an sms in 2 minutes with delivery information. I get it at 8:41pm saying the food will be delivered in 45 minutes!
I now have to wait for 45 more minutes. This is bloody ridiculous.
What a waste of time and effort! I'm never ordering from food panda ever again!
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neharika0703  - Burrp User


February 17,2014


Pronto is by far one of the best pizza joints! They have managed to maintain their quality and service right from the time they started. They are quick with home deliveries and have really tasty pizzas for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Be it the pizzas, the pastas or the desserts.. all are a must try.. If you are a health freak, the salads are great as well.
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heta patel - Burrp User

heta patel

November 30,2013

awesome place

To go by the look of the place,, its nothing more than a cafe at a corner, but once u test the food,, u surely will feel otherwise
Service is great,, feel is decent,
We had ordered minestrone soup which was great, zarba the greek,, which was a above average pizza u will get in any pizza houses,, they crust was too thin for my liking,,
we tried arrabietta pasta ,, basic but one of the best options to eat here,,
quality of food was decent ,, so are the prices,, worth ur money,,
going back soon to try some other pastas :)
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anthzfoodiee - Burrp User


August 15,2013

tasty+cheap= pronto! ;)

well we jus happened to land up at hill road n realised we were hungry n found this small lil place 'pronto' that served pizza and pasta. by the looks, it was one of those casual and normal eateries but the food was mindblowing! the garlic bread loaded with cheese and the delicious bruschetta were a treat. we ordered for the clasic penne in alfredo n it was quite good. the tongue-catcher of it all was the pizza! delicious thick crust and excellent panner chunks over it. all in all, if they're givin up food at this cost, go get it! ;)
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

May 24,2013

Fully loaded

A sudden pizza craving got us to experiment as Dominos is something that does not exactly qualify to be called a 'pizza'. We randomly opened the Zomato app and searched for a pizza place that delivers (lazy butts that we are). Pronto popped up and we decided to go with it. ordered a beef pizza.

Got the pizza in around half an hour, thin crusted and really hot. We opened the case and our eyes almost popped out just to see the amount of beef on the pizza! IT WAS FREAKING LOADED! Tender meat and warm and tasty and well spiced and i can go on n on! It was decently priced as well. Must Try.
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Rasheshh Muni - Burrp User

Rasheshh Muni

March 11,2013

Authentic & Worth it!

I had been here for Lunch. Its nice, small & quite. We tried Salad, Pizza, Pasta & Tiramisu. Food was just awesome!!! It made my day!
Best part of this place is the Taste of the food. Its just perfect international standard taste. Like Indigo (@ palladium, Phoenix) , Mocambo cafe (@V.T ) or Cafe Churchill (@Colaba)
Must have is the Tiramisu, they give you a whole big container of Pav bhaji in which it is prepared which you are sure to love.
Service is good. Staff is frank.

Taste, Quality & Service are the BEST. Price is BETTER (Pizza's could be reasonable, Rest is fine)
Quantity is GOOD (Pizzas & Tiramisu are great but the quantity of the rest can be increased)

Lastly , this place delivers on what it commits!
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chocodip - Burrp User


January 11,2013

Nice little joint!

Pronto's was a nice experience but you need to speed up on the customer service. The pizzas were crispy and tasted good although I would have preferred if you could use toppings in more abundance and the pastas were fairly ok, not too good not too bad. Perhaps making the pastas more authentic italian would do well for the joint. Good stuff and will visit again.
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Jasmine Pereira - Burrp User

Jasmine Pereira

January 10,2013

Good Fresh Food

This place is so tiny & hard to spot. No arrangements for parking as well. But the food makes it all worth it. Been to this place in the past month thrice - real good fresh food. The Chicken Crostini is excellent. Portions are fairly decent. Also the Pronto Special Salad is really good. The pizzas & the pasta in White sauce is real chessy. Not much of ambience but food is good. The Desserts are awesome - had the choc avalanche which was a choco addicts poison. The Tiramisu was exceptionally superb. Overall - small place and not your fine dining but after a long day of shopping the proximity & the food is worth it.
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Shahnaz Halai - Burrp User

Shahnaz Halai

January 03,2013

Satisfying meal!

I was here with my family on one of the occasions and didn't expect it to have such a platter!
We had so many varieties of Pizzas and Pastas and barbecued dishes that I don't remember what to suggest! But yeah, cant forget the Seafood Pizza, its a must try.
Same goes for their pastas, awesome stuff.
Surprisingly, it does not burn a hole in your pocket:)
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Zee  - Burrp User


June 05,2012

Recommendable and reasonable!!

I visited this place after a tiring evening of shopping. The place was empty even on a Friday evening which was surprising for me. However most people order food from this small joint. The food arrived promptly, looked and tasted good. The chicken dish ordered by my friend was delicious. I had ordered a salad and a creamy mushroom soup. Both of them turned out to be better than i expected. The staff is courteous and warm. They would also recommend you some options if inquired. The service impressed me to a great extent. I would definitely visit again and try the other options available here.
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loniel - Burrp User


March 13,2012

whole garlic with skin in the pasta ??????

i have been to pronto on several occasion & really liked the pizzas specialy their pronto special pizza & chili chicken pizza. Their penne corbonara is also my favourite but during my last visit i found the carbonara sauce a little watery & whole garlic with the skin intact in it. Since i am not a whining person i finished my pasta & when the order taker asked me about the dish i told him about the issue i had with the dish & also told him that the garlic skin would create problems in the stomach if it is ingested. The order taker was apologatic but no compenstaion was offerd to me. i paid up & left but i sure hope they take care of the issue because i realy like this place & would miss it if i had to go somewhere else for my pastas & pizzas. consistancy is the key.
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craigdcorrea - Burrp User


March 04,2012


This place is like really awesome!!!! I've been here more than half a dozen times with family and friends..... Everything according to me is delicious and value for money..... Something for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians to try is the lasagne...... Itz not authentic lasagne, but damn, itz just mind-blowing...... The BBQ chicken pizza was one of the dishes I had almost all the time..... Toppings are amazing....... The pasta is not to bad either..........
Itz a seriously good place to hang out and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket
My ratings would be:
Ambience- 7/10
Value for money- 9/10
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Anita  David - Burrp User

Anita David

September 07,2011

Fast & Yum

Pronto means being prompt and instant and they do keep up to their name where their service time is just 15 minutes however intricate the dish may be. You can just hop in here for a quick snack break and feast on some lovely Italian cuisine and pizzas overloaded with meat and rich in cheese. Pronto is a nice & clean small little food spot with inside and outside seating area. Well the good news is they accept Sodexo coupons.

We were attended by the head waiter who recommended us Agli olio pepperinchino which is pasta with garlic and olive oil base where I choose to have my pasta in white sauce. The pasta was excellent where the cream sauce really works wonders with the thick & rich cream and cheese which costs Rs.140 but the portion was small. Then came the Pronto’s special pizza where all the 12 pieces overflow with loads of marinated herbed chicken, chicken sausage, chicken salami, onions and capsicum costing Rs.290. The pizza here is not as spicy as pizza’s elsewhere but Pronto’s pizza is surely money’s worth for the amount of meat each pizza carries where even two pieces of the pizza is filling.

Pronto is adequately priced with pretty good portions. You can hangout for a quick bite at this outlet.

My rating for Pronto is:
Ambience 7/10
Value for money 8/10
Service 8/10
Taste 7/10
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vinaydingwaney - Burrp User


August 30,2011

Great First Impression

Pronto in suburbs. I had to try this nice and cozy looking eatery. It was a dinner with my siblings and we were confused between Pronto and rays cafe in bandra. Finally we chose Pronto because of its wider variety in baked savouries and sandwitches, plus Rays was a bit on the expensive side. Let me begin by sayig that the Caleloni Verdure is the best iv ever had. We also ordered a Pesto pasta which was average but no complaints. In the main course we decided to order a Mediterranean style cottage cheese medley which was really yum, with really big and chunky portion of cottage cheese served with buttered rice an veggies and a Primavera Piquante which was a uniquely flavored pasta with jalepenos. The only downside is that their drinks menu is almost non existent.. But overall a Great first time and by no means the last. Keep it up. Kudos
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rshankar - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Not there as yet !

Tried their Pizza and Pasta.

Pizza - they do some justice with their toppings.. But the things go wrong with the base.. these guys JUST DON'T KNOW the meaning of "thin crust".. thier thin crist is almost a centimeter thick !! Thumbs down ..

Pasta - its above average.. but not there as yet.. the feeling of "having kept (reheated) in a microwave for 5 min before being served to you" can be felt..

VFM factor - the pizzas cost about Rs 270 for the 12 incher and the pastas around Rs 150.. they just give you 2 bread sticks as accompaniment for the pasta.. VAT is charged at 12.5 % extra.

They accept Sodexo coupons.. No listing of beverages on the menu.. thats sad..

Verdict - Visit not more than once.. avoid the pizza !!
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ravi.goel - Burrp User


May 31,2011

Amazing Pizzas

One of the best pizzas I've had! Love their variety - especially the Panchetta and BBQ Chicken pizzas!
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mumbaitraveller - Burrp User


May 18,2011

Must Try

Prompt home delivery, complete customization as per my requirements, friendly and courteous staff. Unpretentious, just the way it should be.
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Jigyasa ... - Burrp User

Jigyasa ...

May 16,2011


I have been to this cute little joint almost 4 times in the last one month. And as yumm as the rest of the food looks, I am totally addicted to the 'MOROCCAN LAMB' that they serve here..
Whats good about my addiction is


Prontos is highly recommended by me for anyone who wants to get a yummy meal at a pocket friendly price in a sweet little restaurant :)
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nikkik - Burrp User


January 24,2011

superb customer service

Prompt home delivery , Altered some things to my taste and did a brilliant job. Pizza really thin and cripy , perfect amount of toppings n cheese. Will gladly switch to this place for italian take away in the future...
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


November 07,2010

Excellent pizza's here...

We went to this place after a long time shopping at bandra. The place is a small joint located next to falafels.
The ambience ain't that good.
The food out here is superb. Especially their pizza's are a must try here. We ordered a pasta as well which was good.
The place is complete VFM place.
Repeat 4 sure!
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mumbaikar_4 - Burrp User


September 22,2010

would be goin back for sure

food : 4/5
service : 4/5
ambience : 3/5 (well its not really a fine dine place so obviously don't expect that)

Went there on a Sunday evening as we wanted to grab a bite before catching a movie at globus. we parked the car on the opp side of the road & asked the waiters whether that would be fine. They asked us to park it on their side of the road & actually helped us till we found a parking spot (almost took 5-7 mins).......very sweet of them as they really didn't have to take the trouble of doing that.
Food : ordered for a pasta with white sauce with mixed veggies.........pretty decent.
also ordered for a sandwich which was again reasonably ok. Only problem is that there isn't any variety in drinks. Not even aerated water. Forget mocktails. You get minute maid or mineral water. No choice :(
But would definitely be going back someday.
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eatdrinksleep - Burrp User


June 16,2010

Pretty sad

I read a couple of weeks ago on Burrp! about a "food poisoning" incident due some bad cheese at Smokin' Joes on Hill Road. This kinda grossed me out about ordering from them for a while, so with some friends tried Pronto Pizza & Pasta, again on Hill Road.

The order was 2 12" Pizzas, Garlic Bread w/ cheese.

50 (FIFTY!) minutes later the food comes.. 50 minutes? Really? Orders coming from Khar are quicker.

We were definitely billed for two 12" pizzas, but what we got looked closer to 10" pizzas. I don't know whether this was a genuine mistake or whether they both just shriveled up to a limp crisp in the kitchen!

Both pizzas were pretty badly burnt (sign of a rushed job. I guess they forgot the order and didn't start until we phoned them back later to ask where they were) and both were pretty sad, taste-wise. I actually can't compare their pizzas to another restaurant that I've tried here. The closest comparison I can think of are nasty pre-cooked plastic wrapped microwavable pizzas that you'd find in dodgy East German Gas stations... ie. Not pretty.

The garlic bread was hilarious! Two buns with 4-5 incisions across the top. Within each incision is for the garlic/ cheese (I guess). There was a "slight hint" of garlic in there somewhere (by "slight", I mean maybe the bread and garlic were momentarily sharing oxygen in the same kitchen when it was being prepared), but cheese? No. Or so we thought.. It was found clumped under the bread, hanging for dear life to the tin-foil.

Overall, pretty sad and pretty expensive for what it was.

It is a ? (1 Star) experience as far as pizzarias in Bandra are concerned, but I'll award it ?? (2 Stars), because at least at the time of writing this, I have not shown any signs of food-poisoning.
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Salz00 - Burrp User


June 13,2010

Cute Neighbourhood cafe!

After searching for a nice place to eat a light meal on Hill Road, came across Pronto which is right next to Filafel house and opp Kobe Sizzlers. It has a few tables outside (which would be problematic during the rains) and about 3 tables inside..so pretty small.

Chairs and tables are a little flimsy.

We ordered a Greek salad (Rs 110) which was pretty yummy and fresh..but the ice burg lettuce would have tasted better if they were cold.

This was followed by a tomato, basil and cheddar sandwich (Rs 110) which is served with coleslaw and chips. Its a meal by itself. Absolutely scrumptious oozing with cheese!

The neighboring table ordered a thin crust olive pizza..which looked pretty delicious.

Good points about this place: Great food! Wholesome and value for money.

Bad points: Extremely sloooow service. It took them over 25 mins to prepare a salad and about 35 mins for a sandwich?!! When the bill was asked for..it took them 15 mins to generate one! The couple who ordered the pizza waited for over 40 mins.

In beverages..they only serve soft drinks (coke/thumbs up/ sprite) and Minute maid Pulpy Orange. Would have been great if they served ice teas/ sodas too.

Overall a decent place to visit with family/ friends for some great pizzas, salads, sandwiches and pastas!
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

May 29,2010

Perfect Italian

Hill road finally has a restaurant it can flaunt about. This cozy little eatery is located next to Falafels and is really cutely done up with green white and red umbrellas on the outside and the same colour walls on the inside. I went there with a group of friends and even though the place was completely empty, we fell in love with it at the first sight. The service was courteous and the waiter was more than pleased to help us with our order. We ordered for a Chicken Arabiatta pasta, Pollo Pasta and a veg bake dish. All of them were served with garlic bread. I loved the Arabiatta even though I'm not a great fan of the red sauce pasta. I highly recommend it as its not only tangy but also a little spicy. Yummy! The only thing that I think they can improve on is the music as there wasn't any.
Bandraites, you gotta love this place! I'm definitely coming back here for more.
Meal for 4: Rs 600 absolutely worth every buck
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

May 26,2010

Pronto This!

Pronto. This Italian word translates into 'ready'. It is commonly used when Italians answer the phone saying "pronto!". But for you burrpers, Pronto is that pizza ’n pasta place of Tardeo fame that has now opened an outlet in the ’burbs!
Unpretentious, unassuming; blink and you're sure to miss. But this little restaurant with the appeal (if not the ambiance) of an al fresco Italian cafe is sure an impressive newcomer on Hill Road, Bandra. So don't be fooled by its size. A breezy outdoor section with three tables and an AC section with another three tables and bar-stool seating, the place exudes happy vibes. Only one table is occupied - ours, but the waitstaff is quick and enthusiastic. We take a look at the menu - red, white and green, clearly denoting the Italian flag and the items on it, denoting Italian flavours. There's more to the soups than Minestrone... we like the sound of Pan Fried Mushroom & Burnt Garlic Soup, and Corse Tomato & Seafood Broth. But the salad menu disappoints... The server recommends the same ol' Greek Salad (though we've never really understood how Greek salad can pass as Italian!) There's a big variety in mains, choose from Bakes & Wraps to Bun & Rolls, Sandwiches, Pizzas & Pastas, Mains (like Melanzane Parmigiano, Moroccan Lamb, Chargrilled Chicken Steak) and some desserts. Though not authentic Italian, the menu is certainly more snacky. It is interspersed with some non-Italiano dishes like Tandoori Paneer sandwich and Mix Veg Pulao!
But we're craving for some true blue Italian pizza. Sadly the oven is not functional and pizzas are not being served. We settle for Pasta Arrabiatta and Grilled Cottage Cheese Caesar sandwich. The pasta is absolutely delightful, perfectly tangy! The sandwich, served with chips and salad is not bad at all. There's not much to sip on, just lime soda and some aerated beverages. Our verdict: Pronto has room for improvement but if you're looking for a quick bite at a friendly neighborhood cafe, here you go!
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