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Richa Gaur - Burrp User

Richa Gaur

January 05,2016

sinfully amazing food!

if u dont mind the noisy crowd at this place and the long waiting queue u have to try relish.. it's one of the most amazing variety of food that o have had in recent times.... great presentation wondeful variety and amazingly tasty food!! just love this plc minus the ever noisy crowd
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unknown123 - Burrp User


May 17,2015


Cheap Restaurant! just because we were wearing jeans and not short skirts , we are suburbians and not townies, we are good looking but not sexually attractive.... we were made to wait in queue a long time while the other couples were given tables before us. Such unequal treatment is not what is expected from any restaurant! Please let others show their bank account and for how much are they gonna eat so that you can decide whom to let in first , whom to let in last and whom to say that it will take an hour and more for you to get a table, when in reality i could get a table in half an hour even with other people getting in before us.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 30,2015

Favorite Dining

It is definitely one of my favourite places for dining. . It offers Indian, Italian, Chinese, Labanese, Thai, Mexican & Indonesian delicacies - ALL VEG. But I strongly recommend sizzlers & continental meal and Italian Fare. The Italian items are too tasty like the cheesy pasta , corn kebab sizzler, nachos with cheese, and my fav desert the sizzling brownie.
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Bina S. - Burrp User

Bina S.

April 29,2015

Love the food here

I'm a hardcore gujrati eating Jain food. What better place than relish to savoir my taste buds. One will find everything from nachos to tortillas, pizzas to pastas, and almost every famous variety of Italian, Mexican and continental cuisine and that too PURE VEG. The restaurant is full or at least 80% occupied on any weekDAY (be it lunch or dinner). And as far as weekENDS are concerned, u should be fortunate to get a table with an hours waiting.
Coming to the menu, the Jain platter is quite good for staters with 4 varieties including capsicum rings, cheese balls my best.
Don't stuff yourself so much that u cannot have a chocolate fondue in desserts. Its a must have over there. Chocolate fondue should ably be sufficient for 3 people as such.
The average 3 course lunch/dinner without alcoholic drinks and mocktails should cost around a thousand bucks for a couple. Also,the food is not cheap but not overpriced too keeping in mind a restaurant at prime location of churchgate.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 31,2015

Love for this place...Yumm

For all those who went to HR or KC college will feel nostalgic when they see these nachos con queso. Crispy nachos with cheese sauce, pico de gallo, jalapenos and those giant peppers. Maybe it was the nostalgia or something but I loved every bite of that cheesy goodness. Chilli pizza yes it was as spicy as the name says. Green chili, Jalapeno, red chilli on a thin crust pizza i loved it even though I could manage more than a slice followed by lots of water.
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January 31,2015


South Mumbai to start excellent fondue at reasonable prices. Even the nachos and sizzlers are very good. Relish Restaurant is one of the best veg restaurants serving international cuisine. Relish service is fast and the staff are very courteous. Also good value for money as their portions are big... Situated next to HR College & Samrat Restaurant, this place is great place for people who love mexican food and sizzlers....For starters- Nachos along with Cheese Fondue is superb and mouth watering....Enchiladas and sizzlers are great. For desert do not forget sizzling brownie with icecream and chocolate sauce....

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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 29,2015

Hands down best place in town!

I have come here at least 100 times during my past few college years,because they serve the best food which is simply awesome to taste and so much value for money! In college, we always come in a group of 5-6 people and we order 5 dishes and dip ourselves into cheesy heaven and never pay more than 500 per person! Amazing nachos, pizzas, sizzlers and do not forget the 6 shooter,oh my god,simply foodie heaven!
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Asha Nath - Burrp User

Asha Nath

January 23,2015

My most fav place!

EVERYTHING is great here. Order whatever you want from the menu and it will be fab. Do not go here if you are dieting because everything is high in calorie! Try fondue, nachos, six shooters, pizza, lasagne, cheese corn balls, sizzlers-anything and everything is must have and high on taste. It is very value for money because 1 lasagne, 1 sizzler and 1 fondue will suffice 4-5 people and it won’t come to more than 400 per person! I Love this place the most in Mumbai and come here every month atleast!
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heena  ashar - Burrp User

heena ashar

December 31,2014

Good place...

pure veg place serving good Italian and Mexican cuisine. Majorly frequented by the gujjus and Jain's but true to it's style the food is pretty good.

love the pastas and pizzas out here. Nachos, onion rings,cheese corn balls all worth the go.

gotta visit for the sheer gujju crowd and its packed during lunch hours.
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Bandini Shah - Burrp User

Bandini Shah

June 27,2014

Awesome mexican food!!!

Begining with nachos, simply awesome!!! I can never think of having nachos other then in relish. Enchiladas are also very cheesy and with a reach gravy. Last but not the least paneer shaslik sizzlers. Do visit this place once
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ajitg77 - Burrp User


November 26,2012

Amazing Food and Awesome Service

One of the best places in terms of Jain cuisine, had been there with my frnds and family. Not only the food, this review is purely to highlight the servicing.

We had ordered a Peach Ice Tea, to my surprise, it was not upto the mark what I normally have been getting in my past visits. As a loyal patron, I simply informed the manager (Mr. Iyer) about the same and he immediately took it back, tasted, mentioned what was the issue and also got it replaced with a fresh one, no wonder it was back to the mark.

We do find places which offer good food, but to match food with service these days, thats difficult. Relish stands out and I would surely visit them again.
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