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  • Nearly half the visitors would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Pav bhaji
  • Nearly everybody mentioned Saturday eve

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long waiting
Long waiting
You might have to share tables
Over-rated place
Tanuj Arora - Burrp User

Tanuj Arora

December 23,2015

Their Pav Bhaji's are laden with butter

Well they say that Sardar serves the bessssssst Pav Bhaji in Mumbai..well. .that's a debatable topic. .but none can deny the fact that this is an iconic centre..it's been around for like donkey's years and their pav Bhaji is laden with butter,,.that's their USP...lottttttts and lottttttts of butter..which sets them apart from the rest..
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Foodies2 - Burrp User


July 04,2015

From BEST to WORST!!

Standard gone down terribly!!
Disgustingly UNHYGEINEIC RESTAURANT. The place was dirty & smelly. There was food dropped on the floors by customers & not cleaned after they left. After travelling all the way from the Suburb to South Mumbai especially for the Sardar Pav Bhaji, it was the most disappointing dinner. We went there purely on the experiences of the good old times. The place is unhygienic & the Pav Bhaji quality has gown down drastically. There is no taste in the bhaji. The masalas are burnt. They just add heaps of butter but don't realize that even 500 gms of butter added to a plate cannot improve the taste of badly cooked food.
The tables are smelly. The original Pav Bhai of Sardar is NO LONGER available in this place. PL PL take this review & rating seriously to avoid a bad meal for your selves & pl do write about the place & food specifically cos many ppl get misled due to wrong reviews just the way we did.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 29,2015

Best pav bhaji ever

Sinful delight! What awesome pav bhaji.. Oh the taste! Oh the butter! Superbly awesomely sinfully delicious! A must visit for pav bhaji lovers! Pavbhaji here is tasty with almost 50-60 gm of butter slice on top of it. There is generally a lonq waiting que for acquiring a siting at this place.mostly families and youngsters visit it. Also several Juices are available to accompany.Overall - excellent experience.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

February 01,2015

Pav bhaji here is the king!

This is such a famous place that there is always a queue at the gate and one has to wait for atleast half an hour to get a place! Went with 3 friends and ofcourse we had the Pav Bhaji which comes oozing with amul butter in every bite,literally! It is not for those who are dieting or have a possibility of heart disease in their family. It is also not very cheap but a must visit once-i don't like pav bhaaji personally,so I won't go back but my friends will.
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December 24,2014

Without a 2nd thought i reach Sardar pav bhaji

If I am in the vicinity without a 2nd thought I reach this place....a plate full of bhaji with loads of butter.......yummy......everyone is ready to wait till the next batch of bhaji comes to every table ......y y y.....coz is yummy...the way it should b blended with spices with butter loaded pav.......Must vist best point cheap n best.
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Sudarshankushal - Burrp User


June 01,2014

Sardar Pav Bhaji, astonishing to eat here!!

A plate of bhaji with a big scoop of makkhan and butter Pav for 106 can fill anyone's stomach in one go
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Peeyoosh1986 - Burrp User


January 20,2014

Pav Bhaji punjabi style

Nothing beats the huge slab of butter in the pav bhaji. If you want to eat pav bhajji punjabi style then this place is best. The service is quiet poor and takes around 30-40 min to serve.
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Thomas Gomes - Burrp User

Thomas Gomes

December 13,2013

Pav Baji... With Makkan da Bread

Good and Taste Pav Baji.. But Very Crowded. Hate waiting in queue...
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Arpit Sarawagi - Burrp User

Arpit Sarawagi

December 07,2013

Yummy Pavbhaji

If you are pavbhaji with maska foodie, this is the place to be. This is the only place in Mumbai where they serve butter in the pavbhaji more than you want. The taste is awesome and can't be matched by anyone. However, due to the popularity of this joint, this place is always crowded and you may have to wait for long time. On the down side the paws are not roasted well, but the bhaji served with it compensates for all. Don’t forget to have a meetha pan while you leave the joint.
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yashudeshi - Burrp User


November 30,2013

Loads and loads of butter

over hyped as the best pavbhaji joint of Mumbai, Visited the place twice but pavbhaji was average filled just with butter service was also ok.
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BigBurrpy - Burrp User


November 26,2013

Eat well and lots but go for a run after the meal

You definitely need to go for a long run after eating at Sardar and it makes no sense eating the Pav Bhaji here without butter. Always go for the standard Pav Bhaji and don’t bother trying any variations. Take away is a good option to avoid the wait and crampy tables. This is the #1 Pav Bhaji place in Mumbai!
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pranav_nagrecha - Burrp User


November 14,2013

Just Butter

Well let me just say that I was disappointed. Yes the pav was buttery, the cheese pav bhaji was smothered in cheese and the bhaji was not artificially coloured. But for me it is the taste of the bhaji that matters, It was just butter Cheese that's all And that is where it lacked..i just didn't find enough flavour.

Another thing that was missing was the aroma..being an only pav-bhaji place I would have loved it if the aroma of pav-bhaji wafted everywhere
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nilesh8582 - Burrp User


September 01,2013

Overhyped and unhygienic

Sardar is amongst the most well known pav bhaji place in Mumbai. It is also the most loved place for having a plate of pav bhaji. Though not for me. I know this would surprise many and many would disagree, but I have reasons for my opinion. Firstly, the quality has steadily deteriorated over the years. And second and more importantly, the hygiene is a big no – no. the plates are often not washed thoroughly and the servers cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired.
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TAUSIF KHAN - Burrp User


August 01,2013

The best

sardar pav bhaji is the place where i had the best pav bhaji until now. The place is always loaded with people and have to wait for our turn. The masala pav bhaji was good but the cheese pav bhaji was ultimate. The pav always has butter dripping from it and the bhaji is the explosion of taste.
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Arpana Lachwani - Burrp User

Arpana Lachwani

June 28,2013

mouth watering

if you are foodiee and you love pav bhaji than do visit here.... i have been with my family for first time and every one love it, their service is also best, and ambiance is quite nice.... hope one wud love visiting there again and again, we always order from sardar pav bahji only...
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June 25,2013

Buttery goodness

Upon hearing a lot of praise for their pav bhaji, we landed at Sardar to savour the same. There was a long queue which resulted in whetting up our appetites even more - after all if something was so popular, it must be good, right?

So we were seated and waited for the order to arrive; service is not a very strong point here. The bhaji had overload of butter. The pav looked like it had been dunked in melted butter. Obviously, it was tasty. One can never go wrong by putting butter in anything.

Would I recommend it? Both yes and no. Definitely not a place to go regularly. One could go there occasionally if in mood to indulge in this buttery deliciousness.

They got me hooked to buttery pav bhaji
so much that now whenever I order in pav bhaji from any vendor, I reach for that slab of butter in my fridge.
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umapati  - Burrp User


June 09,2013

Worst place to visit

After reading so many reviews I decided to visit it with my family and trust my words it was the worst place I have ever visited (Not even a place to be visited by any family).The man sitting at the desk was having so much of attitude, and was quarreling and barking with one of the customer without any reason with harsh slum kind of language, while we reached there.Even the staff was also very rude.Quality of Bhaaji - the worst of all.I will say any roadside food outlet sells better than this.We can't even eat a single plate among six people and left all the plates as it is.Nobody bothers.Serving food like throwing it to customers as if you are having for free at any temple like beggars.
Strictly stay away from it - if you really don't wish to spoil your evening.
Very bitter experience..Will never ever go again even if it is the last place remained on this earth..
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Lisa Antao - Burrp User

Lisa Antao

May 23,2013

Bhaji was a huge turn off but the pav was orgasmic

That Sardar is famous for their signature paav bhaji is basic knowledge, I decided I must go there and eat the most revered paav bhaji in the city. Afterall, it automatically qualifies as a moral obligation for foodies to do so. I remember reading about Sardar’s legendary paav bhaji when I was in school and have since then, dreamt of how delicious it must be, especially after reading that they unflinchingly use an entire 100gm pack of Amul butter for one plate. Well, for me, this nugget of information seemed somewhat exaggerated (I think it’s somewhere between 50-75gm butter. Also, I think that line was an exaggerated manifestation of some diet-concious person’s butterphobia).

So, my best friend and I arrived at Mumbai’s paav bhaji Mecca, not surprised that their house speciality is the only dish on the menu, barring coldrinks and fruit juices. The ambience is a couple of notches lower than that of a hygienic Udipi restaurant, so don’texpect a cool crowd. The two of us ordered 2 paav bhajis and 4 extra paavs and waited with bated breath for them to arrive. This was the longest waiting time I had ever experienced in my life. I kept asking the waiter after regular intervals of 10 minutes as to when our order would arrive and he kept giving us chooran (read: lies, that too big ones) that it’s going to arrive anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

Finally, after a long wait of 45 minutes our order arrived (The foodie that I am, there’s no way I would have left the place without eating). The sight of the freshly arrived piping hot brown-ish coloured bhaji was a refreshing surprise. A refreshing surprise because it wasn’t like the schezwan sauce-cum-ketchup-coloured gravy that is served by a whopping majority of restaurants. Also, personally, I like the coarse texture of the bhaji (I dislike bhaji that’s textured like a smooth paste).

And now, for the moment of truth. The moment I ate the bhaji, I was sorely disappointed. The bhaji leaned strongly towards a garam masala (a blend of garam masala gone horribly wrong that is) taste than the trademark paav bhaji taste. Even drizzling some lime juice couldn’t redeem the bhaji. I ate only half the quantity of bhaji served (this is a huge aberration considering I have always, always, wiped off my paav bhaji plates clean). If Sardar’s bhaji didn’t conform to the standard paav bhaaji appearance-wise, it certainly did not do the same, taste-wise (And I don’t mean it in a good way).

And now to the butter (I believe the quanity of butter merits a separate paragraph altogether). No restaurant can beat Sardar when it comes to generosity of butter. The bhaji was topped off with nearly 3 times butter to that of other restaurants. The glossy paav’s looked absolutely mouth-watering afterall, they were drenched soaking wet in butter. The only things missing on the paavs were a halo, angel’s wings and a divine light emanating from them because they were truly orgasmic in taste. To hell, with cardiovascular health for a meal at Sardar’s. It wasn’t the bhaji, but it was the paav that did me in.
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Neha  - Burrp User


May 07,2013

Excellent Pav bhaji....

Well I have read some reviews saying loads of butter in pav as well as in bhaji...

then let me tell you sardar pav bhaji is famous for that only !!!!!

it's there USP. if you wanna go sardar and don't wanna have so much of butter then sardar is not a place for you ;) :P

I have been going here from many years.. since my school days actually..

I love Sardar's pav bhaji... its awesome..

loats of butter and it tastes yummmmm !!!!!!!

must visit for pav bhaji n butter lovers ....
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Anirudh B Balotiaa - Burrp User

Anirudh B Balotiaa

May 05,2013

Whats the fuss all about!!!

I really don't understand what's the fuss is all about for this place.

Packed one pao bhaji and one extra pav. Pao single piece they charged 30 bucks?!! I mean come one if you put 100 gm of butter it still won't cost that much!!

Moving on...once I opened to reached at home, seeing it I couldn't eat. There was more butter than bhaji in it!!

Once I managed to find some bhaji and tasted it, it was a waste of money..totally.

Not going here...ever!
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Ash Deshpande - Burrp User

Ash Deshpande

May 03,2013

Famous and so Arrogant

A foodie travels far and near to go to a eatery, a watering hole, a road side stall or a fine dine.. Its the food that matters and when people recommend, you definitely want to go there at least once.. Sometimes only once...

What if its only a simple mix bhaji with some buttered bread.. Pav Bhaji as we all in Mumbai love to call and love to eat it..

Its very expensive for the quantity served. they became famous at the right time, when pav bhaji was nothing just a snack.. and now that has given them the arrogance to deal with customers like dirt..
the guy who manages the customer who queue up, almost shouts at you telling you to make everyone sit and only one person to stand.

After a long wait when you finally get to sit, the waiters just dump the plates in front of u. While in queue, once cant ignore the way the bhaji is mixed and the sweaty cooks handling the bread and the bhaji as well. large chunks of butter are generously scrapped off the butter block and each chunk goes in one plate of bhaji.

The pav (charged at a whopping Rs 10) is merely soaked in the puddle of butter and dished out to you. Most pav bhaji eateries give you a little crisper pav, roasted a little on very little butter. that adds the crunch to the pav bhaji as you take a bit.

I ordered a Lemonade and was given a Limca. when I pointed out the waiter merely popped back a old crown from the bin having loads of them, back on the bottle and put it in side the refrigerator. No worry about his dirty hands, the already dirty crown in the bin.. God help the one who got that bottle of Limca..

The bhaji tastes good, most likely due to the huge qty of butter. but nevertheless wont deny it was yummy. Once a while it shd be alright..

We got 2 plates of bhaji for us to take away and the guy managing the take away was a notch higher in arrogance.. He refused to hand over a larger plastic bag. After a request he gave me a thinner and smaller polythene bag, used to pack onions and lemon.I graciously returned it back, saying that he may need it for some larger packing. His comment was that the tiny bag, Powai nahi Dubai tak bhi chalega..

I guess we foodies have made these guys so arrogant by the business we give them.. we need to stop visiting such outlets and teach them a lesson in customer service..

Not worth the travel, unless you are close by.. there are far better and nicer outlets all across Mumbai...
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Butterly Horrible

All these years when I had not eaten from this place, I thought I missed out on something very delicious as everyone loaded praises about this place.

So I finally made up my mind to eat the famous Sardaar Pav Bhaji and dragged along 2 of friends from their busy work schedule.

My wait was further prolonged by the queue outside the restaurant. We were let inside as if we are outside Siddhivinayak Temple. Finally we managed to locate a place to accommodate all 3 of us.

1 Khada Pav Bhaji and 2 Pav Bhaji was the order.

It arrived and looked like Bhaji in a pool of butter. I lifted the Pav; it was literally dripping of Butter. I had not consumed so much Butter in my entire life as much was laid in front of me.

The first thing that attracts me to food is the Aroma and the look of the food [presentation]. This was a disgusting black bhaji with soooo much butter. This could be famous joint for Pav Bhaji but I have had better ones and this place sure does not feature on that list.

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA Butter is a Turn-Off.

PS: I walked down to Haji Ali to flag down a taxi, to shed the extra butter consumed.
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Milton  Rebeiro - Burrp User

Milton Rebeiro

March 17,2013

Best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai

There is always a waiting for sure whenever you visit this place. So be ready to stand in line, but the wait is worth while. The Pav Bhaji is loaded with butter and it tastes goooood.
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amishahiya - Burrp User


February 25,2013

Worst Now a Days

I went in with a friend to this place to try they so talked about Pav Bhaji, I was a bit skeptical while entering the place to see a scary ambiance somewhat of an Irani hotel. The tables were dirty, the waiters were chit chatting away in one corner of the room and the restaurant was filled with flies. It was 4pm when we ordered for our pav bhajis. The place by then was getting filled up and there were no place to sit within a matter of 5mins..So Its Worst Now Day by Day
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v p - Burrp User

v p

February 09,2013

Uterly ButerlY DelicIous ..:)

Sardar Pavbhaji is well, (can't think of anything other than butter, honestly) certainly not the best I've had, but pretty good. Menu is limited to 2-3 varieties of Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav, Papad.(useful because it takes lesser time than the Pav Bhaji, so you have something to eat when you wait. I'm talking 30 minutes, here, sometimes. This after you are seated at a table, which is after you get to the head of a usually long line)
There's butter everywhere. More like an outlet of Amul Butter, this place.
Full on butter usage, so diet conscious people should refrain visiting this place.
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Timmy Gutha - Burrp User

Timmy Gutha

November 24,2012

VALUE for food

There is a HOOPLA about this place but it deserves all the HYPE it can , coz had pav bhaji all my life like everyone else and the pav bhaji here is Beyond comparison.
Firstly the colour is a dull brown in comparison to the attractive orangish red colour one gets at other places. Thats becoz i m sure they dont add any artificial colour to it and the taste also is COMPLETELY different and Amazingly good.
Though this place is A SIN to visit as they literally cover the pav bhaji with butter or Cheese.. BUt TASTE is AWESOME !!

Even at 12 midnite one might have to wait for their turn.
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angelgal3108 - Burrp User


November 15,2012


the pavbhaji is worth spending 100 bugs!!!!!
must try on my list.....
the pav immersed in butter!!!!
cheese pavbhaji is full of cheese ....
a big no for calories conscious people.....
but once in 2-3 months must have this amazing pav bhaji
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Suraj Surendran - Burrp User

Suraj Surendran

November 08,2012

been here.. done that...

i hav heard a lot about this place and could neveer visit this place evn though i used to stay in byculla.. one saturday made up my mind and went to sardar pav bhaji and it was crazy.. the moment i reach there i realise how good it should be seeing the amount of people waiting putside in a line.. i have seen such discipline by people only in liquior shop.. so i guessed the food should be just as addictive as alcohol.. anyways i wait for half an hour and being a stag had to hare witha couple... had to wait only for 5 mins on the table beore the butter filled bhaji and butter soaked pav came.. first bite and all i could say was yummmm.... priced properly for the amount of butter and stuff.. and anyways better than paying more than this in places like sukh sagar and all... its a place to visit and is awesome... waiting for my next chance and this time with my buddies...
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Grishma Chowdhery - Burrp User

Grishma Chowdhery

November 04,2012

Doesn't deserve its status

I really don't understand the hoopla surrounding this place. Mumbai has far better pav bhaji stalls than this one. I entered this place with my mother in the evening after a long and tiring day. We both wanted to have a good evening snack. The service firstly was pathetic! And the food was drenched in butter. Might as well pop a 125 gms cube of amul butter in your mouth. Next time anyone goes gaga over this place I will surely burst all their bubbles of fantasy. I don't know how it has earned its title of best pav bhaji restaurant in Mumbai!
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Fatema M - Burrp User

Fatema M

October 29,2012

Good Pav Bhaji with the Worst Service ever !

We reach around 8ish on Saturday evening and are told to wait for 30 mins. Someone from the group needs to stand in a queue -- really ? Time passes and its like one round of people are yet to be served. Its a good 60-75 mins wait till you get a place to sit and served ! So clearly the service sucks. And the ambience, no AC, no decent furniture, not even cushion chairs or clean tables. Its like if you want to eat here come, else go your way ! Still there is a huge queue waiting always ! The Pav Bhaji is good, drenched in too much butter honestly ! Second time around, I wouldnt go there, maybe pick a delivery !
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zraka - Burrp User


August 27,2012


The most pathetic service in MUMBAI. They make you WAIT for 1 hour or more and by any chance if one of you from the group are not around when they are giving you place to sit, they will just bypass you and not allocate a place.

And you cannot discuss or argue as there is bunch of JERKS managing it. Whatever may be the food quality. I will HATE to be at a place which does not give basic courtsey service. WORST PLACE TO BE WITH FAMILY.
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AnushriSoumik08 - Burrp User


June 25,2012

Sardar Pav Bhaji

If you want to know what the real Pav-Bhaji should taste like, visit this place. You just can't be disappointed. The Pav is soaked in butter, is warm and smells great. The Bhaji is a perfect mélange of culinary irrationality - but the taste is just so great - it's nothing like I've ever had before. The tomato base melted perfectly with the vegetables, the juices and distinct flavors all disappeared to make to one perfect dish that was accentuated with the use of chunks of table-butter. They serve chopped onions and lemon slices for you to add to your bhaji as per your taste - add a healthy helping of onions to your bhaji but be cautious about the lime - that really depends on your individual taste. Now, quit counting calories and take in the aroma, tear a piece of the Pav and put some of the bhaji on it, add a bit of the butter on top, and stuff it into your mouth. Avoid the temptation to lick your fingers, unless you've used a hand sanitizer prior to your affair with this sinful viand. Oh, and don't worry if you have weak bowels - this place won't do you any harm - unless you overindulge.

Oh, and we tried the "Masala Soda" and the "Kesar Falooda" here as well. The Masala Soda was good, it was a packaged drink served in the bottle itself - made by a local manufacturer in Kurla, Mumbai. A lesser known brand but it did taste good. The Kesar Falooda had an artificial syrup at the bottom which wasn't really palatable but the ice cream and milk was good. In effect, the Kesar Falooda's only semblance to the Falooda were the floating falooda seeds.

The seating arrangement isn't very comfortable but isn't much of a bother either. The staff is in a hurry at all times, given the rush - but they manage to be friendly. Go there and enjoy being the "desi" you're destined to be!
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viditagarwal - Burrp User


May 16,2012

butter overloaded..

with so much butter in the platter its becomes rather uncomfortable to swallow the food down ur throat.tough to differentiate whether butter was in bhaji or bhaji was in butter.. and pav were like dipped in butter....
totally overhyped place
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Rohit Adarkar - Burrp User

Rohit Adarkar

May 01,2012


Those who think Sardar Pav Bhaaji is best in Mumbai are surely not foodies. They might have not tried at various places. There are so many places in Mumbai where you get awesome pav bhaaji than this. And for a place which makes ONLY PAV BHAAJI, it is purely over-rated.

The service expected here shld be lightening fast as the only order the waiter is expecting is cheese or saada. Still it took ages for our order.

Not that bad but over-rated quality/taste wise. Price is descent - not too cheap not too expensive. Ambience is pathetic... its like sitting in a Oven.
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mdmagar - Burrp User


April 27,2012

Slow Service

There is no doubt that the PAV BHAJI here is tasty...but the service is so slow that one can take a nap and wake up to savour the dish. The boys are not trained properly. You place an order with them and they will keep passing the order to fellow men. One thing they are prompt at ...and that is placing the bill on your table. I also need to emphatically mention that the nearby Public toilet is simply disgusting. Further more one can see flies and mosquitoes doing the rounds around peeled potatoes and smashed vegetables...UNHYGEINIC place.
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Pritee Agrawal - Burrp User

Pritee Agrawal

March 16,2012

1plate amul paw bhaji + 1 jeera masala = burrp!!

well mumbai is incomplete with paw bhaji and there are several places where u can say..dude ise aachi bhaji maine aaj tak nahi kahi....true so in that list a must add is this sardar paw bhaji...dont worry if the bhaji takes a bit time to be served...u will be served with papard and onion to fill in the gap... but make sure after food..do pee in the kitchen to see how creatively the bhaji are made and how traditionally and manual the onion are cut.... extra super hygiene people plz excuse... this is not for you... for aam janta this place rocks!!
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sid R - Burrp User

sid R

March 04,2012

Superb pao bhaji(especially coz of butter)

moderate middle class hotel...only famous for its pao bhaji!..
the stuff is good!..i mean really good!..but DUDE!..there is a certain limit for buttering the pao's and bhaji's!!! SMH!..:/
these guys put soo much of butter on the pao that u'll be full after a single order..its a guarantee!..i didnt find the necessity to order for more pao's...i was practically full wid 2 pao's!...though the taste is awesome...this is definetly not a place for the calorie conscious!..trust me..i saw the man put half a slab of butter on the bhaji!!
buh if u do go here..order for a pao bhaji wid a thums up..and yes...try out the meetha pan available just outside the hotel!..perfect dinner within a 120 buck range!!
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iliveforfood17 - Burrp User


February 13,2012

Best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai!

This one's easily the best pav bhaji in Mumbai, and highly recommended to the folk who love Amul butter and dont count calories while eating(like me :D) ...yummy paav bhaji, but a complete no frills roadside kinda place, with only pav bhaji and juice on the menu...yes you need to be ready to share tables with unknown people like any simple roadside eatery, but at the end of the day it's worth it for the taste of their out of this world pav bhaji :)
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Sarosh B - Burrp User

Sarosh B

January 31,2012

Best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai

Its not a good experience to have the food in the restaurant as you wont get space to sit and sometimes you might have to share a table with someone else you don't know. Also the tables are sticky with butter and you will have buttery elbows.But that should not stop you from taking a Parcel delivery as this is certainly the best Pav Bhaji with loads of butter in it, over it, under it and it tastes awesome. Not for the calorie conscious people as its very heavy on the stomach.
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Nikhil  - Burrp User


October 21,2011

Famous just because of Amul Butter!!

I went in with a friend to this place to try they so talked about Pav Bhaji, I was a bit skeptical while entering the place to see a scary ambiance somewhat of an Irani hotel. The tables were dirty, the waiters were chit chatting away in one corner of the room and the restaurant was filled with flies. It was 4pm when we ordered for our pav bhajis. The place by then was getting filled up and there were no place to sit within a matter of 5mins. The time was 4:30 and a part of out order arrives.."onion and lemons", by that time all the people including me in the restaurant helplessly were calling the waiter to enquire about the order, and he was merrily ignoring us. The owner was least bothered and was engrossed counting his money in the drawer. Finally some signs of the waiter showing response, on asking he responds "5 mins" and gives us a complementary papad to much upon till the order arrives. The people around us were angrily munching upon their papads with utter frustration and were drinking glasses of cold drinks... Finally our order comes in along with the rest of the orders around us at 4:50pm, the plate was shabby and was thrown on our table with such force that some of the butter fell on the table. Oh wait I missed out that this was only the bhaji which came in which became stone cold by the time our pav's came in a batch of 2 in the next 5 mins. On my first bite into the pav bhaji the initial reaction was..."I waited so long for this??" concluding this review I would just say the place is being just hyped due to the amount of butter poured on top. Any dish served with dollops of amul butter would taste good..my final verdict not so great Pav bhaji..go there at your own risk!!
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utkarsh.thakare - Burrp User


August 18,2011

Amul Butters most Loyal Customer . Sardar PavBhaji

Yes its true it happenYes its true it happens here, you order a Paav Bhaaji and you get perfectly smashed vegetables served with LOAF of Amul Butter..... If the butter in the vegetables was not enuf.... dig in to the Paav to ooze out the butter and smear your fingers with the grease.... lol this is no place for the "Diet Conscious".... Dont forget to carry an extra bit of soap to wash off the grease on your hands.....

The food is good, although the seating arrangement is pathetic.... not too comfortable.... but if you only care about the food... dont miss this...
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Adil Wadia - Burrp User

Adil Wadia

July 14,2011

Good Pavbhaji but bad service

They make good pav bhaji but their service in the restuarant is poor. Recommend takeaway as a better option. Please tell the chap to put less butter in the takeaway. The amount of butter in the takeaway is even more than what they serve on the table.

Experience in the restaurant is poor. They are biased to large groups and can make groups of three or lesser wait for long a long time.

You may want to notice the mountain of butter in the refrigerator. Seems that they are single handedly driving the sales of butter in the area.

They prepare the bhaji on a charcoal fire. That gives a unique flavour to the preparation. Not recommended on weekends. Too crowded and wait times can be long. Take away is a better option.

It is no longer cheap. One Pav Bhaji costs Rs 55 and extra pav and driks add to the cost. Meal for two will cross 200 is you add a juice or milkshake to the bill.
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sardarsux - Burrp User


June 11,2011


Imagine my pathetic experience when I had to create a new ID for this review. Much has been said about the "amazing" food here. I think, to start off with, it's one of the most overhyped places in Mumbai. First, you are made to wait excruciatingly for almost 20 minutes, in the time which you were given some onions with chat masala(?). What is this, a country bar? Even starving Somalians have better experiences. Apparently, the owner thinks Japanese style batch manufacturing is the only way to serve customers. They wait until the whole hotel is filled up with customers, until they start preparing. And then, in instalments, comes your food. First the bhaji, well, I was shocked when I saw the amount of butter on top. I almost puked when I took a spoon of the same. Good way to increase your cold drink sales, no? And then, the paavs. Swimming in butter, handed out, no thrown on the tables, like jailors to starving prisoners. The pav bhaji, frankly, is not all that amazing. I've had much, much better pav bhaji at other places, and there's no dearth of them in Mumbai.

And the icing on the cake, simply, the service. To call the work the waiters do here, service, is dishonour and insult to millions of hard working waiters in hotels across the country. Apparently, they have only 2 waiters, or 3 in the evenings. These cretins are so stuck up, you would think they've worked in the Burj Al Arab or something. I waited for 15 minutes, before I was served water, which was plonked on the table, with a grunt and some inaudible words. And the guy who sits at the cash counter, I don't know if he's the owner, or just the manager, but EVERYONE who has been here, and seen customers argue with him about the pathetic service or anything else, is all too well versed with his behaviour. In fact, at Sardar, if you complain about something, other customers will stare at you, as if you have committed a cardinal sin.

All in all, a wonderful place in the good ol' days of the 60s and 70s, which has completely gone to the dogs. And people still frequent the place, because it's the cheapest in the area, especially for office goers. This place is doomed to join the ranks of other famous restaurants which have closed down, which will be remembered for having amazing food, but alienated customers because of their pathetic service.
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sumita.rajan - Burrp User


April 14,2011

Try their Mango Milkshake

so enough has been said and written about their pav bhaji and the floating amul butter :) its the summer season, and the next time you go to sardars, try out their mango milkshake. i dont know if they still have it that way, where they make the milkshake in front of you. The milkshake is fresh, heavenly with cut mangoes on the top. trust me you forget the pav bhaji. costed about 50 bucks back then, now i am not sure.
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Rauf fe - Burrp User

Rauf fe

March 29,2011

Just ordinary

More than Half of the places is Mmbai are hyped about and when one really eats there, you really what it is about . Sad to say but Sardar pav bhaji is just that. ordinary Pav bhaji with heavy splashes of butter just that. Nothing like one would find extra ordinary, but the prices are through the roof maybe because of its name which really isn't worth it. Service no comment because while we were eating our waiter was digging his nose at the corner in full view (thank god we were served before and we didn't order anything after that ) So thats sardar pav bhaaji. Happy eating !!!!!
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amitjain123 - Burrp User


March 02,2011

Very bad bhaji

I heard a lot of great reviews and dropped in once in this modest place , saw every table with pav bhaji plates on their counter and was anticipating a good time to enjoy my fav street food, I ordered two plates of pav bhaji and after a while saw the waiter placing the plates in a hurry on my table , the first appearance was the color and brownish black in color (not at all like your typical pav bhaji color) the color was really "BAD" but then I thought they didn't add any food color and followed authentic recipe to retain the originality of it, there was a very big blob of butter floating on the bhaji and it made the bhaji very very greasy to get on the spoon too .. so was the Pav, one bite of it and I only tasted the greasy butter in my mouth and the bhaji taste was nothing but OK... (nothing great to what the hype is all about) , both me and my friend didn't like it and left it half empty and walked out, I just feel the reason for it being famous is the amount of generous butter they put on the plate which is not seen anywhere and for the diffrerent taste and color but it was nothing like Pav bhaji and not suited my taste as well.. .
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aish11 - Burrp User


August 19,2010

Awesome pav-bhaji

visited this place during my engg days...when we were less worried about calories and more concerned about yummy food.for calorie-counters,pls avoid.
For ppl who love their pav-bhaji with butter/cheese et all..must visit
My fave pav bhaji joint in the city
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lagna.das - Burrp User


August 17,2010

Caution- best butter soaked pao bhaji.

i visited this place during my college days...when we were less worried about calories and more concerned about yummy food at affordable prices...i still think of the butter soaked pao bhajis and go absolutely berserk. the best best and absolutely best pao bhajis in the town. yes there is no ambiance,no variety,no fantastic service or very polite waiters..but the pao bhajis just make up for it. its priced a little above average but i guess for the experience one can visit this place atleast once...
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santosh_1979 - Burrp User


August 10,2010

Its the best in mubai

I have been visiting this place since last 20 years & am proud to tell that there is no place in the world where you can have more delicious pav bhaji in the world. this place does lack ambience but this place is not meant for it, it no hanky panky place where you can hang arround for hours.
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RIL  - Burrp User


June 15,2010

Great Pav Bhaji

Warning !!! You have to go here only and only for the Pav Bhaji.
- No Ambience
- No nothing
- Nothing but the best Pav bhaji.

What makes it so special ??
Not only the butter but because it is not made on a sigdi and not a gas stove, this ensures that the masala can fry in pure butter for a longer period of time without the butter buring out because a gas stove is much hotter than a sigdi.
Results in the best pav bhaji as they fry the masala in pure butter on a sigdi and not in oil on a gas stove.
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


May 15,2010


first things first guys...dis place is NOT FOR THE CLASSES BUT FOR THE MASSES....
1)Pav Bhaji is different over here(tastes different den othe rest)...
2)Masala Pav was a must try....
3)It was fun havin pb wid papad...
4)cheap price wise(meal for 2 was arnd...hmmmm....300)...

Lots n lots of cons...
1)D location is not good(no parking place)
2)Its very conjusted(as i said its only for masses).
3)d place is super unhygienic...lolzzz...(d tackiest place i've ever been 2)...
4)they put a lot n a lot of butter(bad for health conscious ppl)
5)there is lot n a lot of waitin...luckily i did manage to get a seat as the table was empty wen we entered d place...but den on it was a big rush...
6)SERVICE SUCKSSSS....d worst service ever...

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mamtu87 - Burrp User


December 18,2009


Trust me,once upon a time I was the biggest evangelist of Sardar Pav Bhaji. There was no Pav Bhaji that could match upto Sardars.The excessive butter was it's USP and that's what I went for despite claiming to be on a "diet". But now I'm bored,really bored of eating the same old Pav Bhaji whenever I go there.They haven't changed a bit from the ambience to the food .But what has changed,is the price.It has shot up by Rs 20/-.Everything else remains the same.It's high time they get in more varieties of Pav Bhaji and experiment a little to save itself from losing fans who swear by the Pav Bhaji like me!
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Kunal Hakim - Burrp User

Kunal Hakim

December 04,2009

Secon you on that Sachin!

I too had been here, though a couple of years back. Don't remember if the bhaji was hot or not, but remember one thing for sure, that the service was PATHETIC!
Rude is the least you can say......
'Naam bade'..... i think that was in the past generation buddy... Being a BIG fan of all eateries owned by Punjabis, i think this place needs a rename asap!
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Kartik V Kothari - Burrp User

Kartik V Kothari

November 24,2009

Not worth the hype

This is one place that's got more hype than substance ,except butter maybe :) The bhaji has more butter than the veggies. Moreover they make you wait endlessly for it. Service is non-existant here.

You might rather skip this place and head for Majhi Sagar that's about 10 minute walk away towards SOBO central. They have the best Pav Bhaji i have had in a long time.
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jigneshmprl - Burrp User


November 23,2009

Sardar Paawa Bikhari Wala

all the staff & manager & Owner All sucks they were caught using butter and white butter which is cheap they mix it sardar kitne baje
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sachin079 - Burrp User


November 22,2009

Visit, only if you don't mind being bullied

Highly recommended if (1) you enjoy misbehaviour at the hand of the staff, (2) if you don't mind poor service quality and non accountability of the food quality.
We had a terrible experience when we complained that Bhaji served is cold. First, waiter was not willing to listen. Then, manager says it is served cold since they put freezing butter (funny arguement) and if you don't want, you leave. Then i/o of replacing it, the staff started bullying us.
Disgusted at the behaviour, when we decided to leave, we were stopped and asked to pay for PAAV if not bhaji. They used all kind of filthy slangs and some of the final remarks which we heard were, (1) put photograph of these guys so that they don't enter here again, (2)Beggars come here for free food.
I would never recommend any one with self respect to visit this place. As the saying goes 'naam bare aur darshan chhote'. If possible, Zero star from my side.
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Shilpa Mohta - Burrp User

Shilpa Mohta

October 31,2009

Over rated!

Oh!..Sardar Pav Bhaji!! i had heard so much about this place, read about it..that this was like a Must be place for all Mumbaites. Living in mumbai for 24 yrs and being a food freak, i was almost ashamed of not have had Sardar pav bhaji till date.
So me and my friend, in the most spirited mood went off late evening from 'suburb' to 'town' waiting to have some mouth watering pav bhaji...

To summarise the experience in short ( details as expressed by fellow burrp guys) - Over rated, Toooo butttery ( seriously, is amul sponsoring this place??) and overall very very OK pav bhaji..

i guess im a true Suburb-ite...i still relish Amar Juice Centre ka pav bhaji :D

but anyways...we had a HUGE calcutta mitha paan at muchad's for desert which made our trip worthwhile :D
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gunj007 - Burrp User


September 27,2009

utterly butterly deliciously sardar.............

food and service was really gud...its really cheap resturant to be...pav bhaji was full of butter...wht u see in the photo is what u get there...it was first time awesome experiences..."ONE SERVICE THE FASTEST U GET THERE IT IS BILL"...
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Abhishek Kothari - Burrp User

Abhishek Kothari

September 26,2009

burrp.. burrp.. burrp!!

Accidentally happened to drop in at Sardar last night for dinner with a colleague of mine who had to catch golden temple from Mumbai central.. so we tght of hvng dinner at this place.

Ambience: Not that gr8.. typical Udipi types & no a/c section. Tables are bit congested & its gets quite tgh & there is no privacy since on a bsy night u might have some other family sharing ur table (which by bad luck happened with us). Fans are not that great & in summer u might really have a tough time... we were literally sweating when we went inside & d same wen we came outside (a l'l less perhaps). (Rating - 3/5)

Food: when i saw the bhaji LOADED wid BUTTER.. i almost gasped w**..... but mind blowing... one complete sheet / layer of amul butter to go wid one plate bhaji... fabulous... let me describe d bhaji.. its not d normal red one's dat u get everywhere & then u keep thinking / guessing what stuffs are in there... here d bhaji is crystal clear & u can make out each vegetable according to their color & so d bhaji color is one on d brownish / greyish side. D best part was d taste... authentic... i know mumbai is famous for pav bhajis but this one was jus mind blowing... for the first time, i felt that i was having a pav bhaji for real (authenticity that is)!! d taste is also diff as is d texture of d food... u can literally taste each vegetable accordingly unlike other places where u get to taste (majority) only tomaotes or in some cases ketchups!! We had ordered toasted / kadak pavs to go wid d bhaaji & they were damn good...believe me, it was like as tgh i was having pavs toasted at home... felt really nice! (Rating - 5/5)

Service: Attentive & courteous staff. When we were almost done with our dinner, they gave us tissue papers on d table to wipe out the BUTTER on our hands.....but it was so good that i licked up my fingers instead!! yummm!! (Rating - 5/5)

Price: We had ordered two bhaaji & 7 pavs and a 500ml bottle of soda. D total bill was Rs.155/-... not bad at all.. complete VFM. (Rating - 5/5)

Alias: When i was sipping down d soda, with each gulp, i had a burrp!! it was that good!! While walking towards d station, my friend & i realised that though our stomach is full, alias our hearts aren't!! There was also one thing i noticed, ppl frm all caste & spheres of lives were present there only to have pav bhaji!!
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Tanvi S - Burrp User

Tanvi S

August 21,2009


Its toooo buttery.... its less of bhaji and more butter.. and u dont really enjoy the taste of the bhaji bcoz of the butter.. Butter should just be an add on for the bhaji and not the other way round..

Its highly ok.. i prefer mom's home-made pav bhaji!!
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tvamsee - Burrp User


August 09,2009

Deliciously Buttery

good, cheap pav bhaaji....not a great ambience, but the taste of the food more than makes up for it. Not sure if they serve anything else (everyone eats just pav bhaji), good place to eat or take away for home. easy on wallet too.
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mumbaigirl9 - Burrp User


July 29,2009

pretty good but BUTTERY

I went there for lunch with a friend, and mind you i have a big appetite. We ordered two chesse pav bhajis and some extra pav

The service there is pretty good, the am bience- well its a simple road side joint so they have some wooden benches and tables, nevertheless comfortbale. It's non AC.

So, the cheese pav bhaji had just as much cheese as bhaji so if you're a cheese fan then cheers for you. Every pav bahji is served with this huge 2.5 inch blob of butter. Mind you, even when you say less butter the blob is 2 inches.

The Bhaji is not the red colour of freshly made bhaji, but a brownish colour since it's constantly being reheated.

The waiter system is quite cool there. They have some boys who jsut give pav, some who just give you water, some who only clean and some who only serve and take your orders. So you gotta get your hands on the right guy to get your order done

Nevertheless the bhaji was delicious ( i like cheese so i enjoyed it) but BUTTERY. the bread too was soaked in butter. And well, despit my huge appetite, i was unable to finish one plate of pav bhaji which looks deciveingly small.

It's best washed down with a coke or a sprite, or something cold. Although i doubt if you'll manage to put anything in your stomach after a meal there

For those counting calories or concious about butter/kilos, this should be skipped. For those who love butter and cheese, this one should definitely be on the ageda.

I would actually give it 3.5/5, but there isn't a facility of a 'half'on this, so here's the 4
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Vinita Mittal - Burrp User

Vinita Mittal

July 20,2009

Loads of butter

Bhaji tastes good...but the amount of butter they give with it is just too much.....i literally had to remove the butter from the bhaji to get the right taste....

when i went....they were preparing the bhaji....saturday afternoon....big crowd...so all the restaurant ppl were busy preparing that only....therefore didnt get any fresh juice and no pan wala....
cant blame them...thats the number of people who visit them...
there will b loads of butter in all.....bhaji and even pav...so if u r on a diet....miss this place...

no ac....flies will be thr...
but sometimes these places are worth a visit...
they serve only pav bhaji....and juices....
give it a try once atleast....you will like it
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


March 29,2009

Thik hai...

Butter,butter and more butter. The pav bhaji at Sardar is still an attraction for non-Mumbaikars. So you can impress you friends and relatives who come down to Mumbai by visiting this place.

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Born Eat - Burrp User

Born Eat

October 10,2008

Pav Butter Bhajji

"Sardar pav bhajji" heard much abt it but dont deserve that words,
a normal pav bhajji any way........ with lots of butter..........
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Jack Reckoner - Burrp User

Jack Reckoner

August 05,2008

its more than just pav bhaji

The pav bhaji at Sardar rocks, Its like "maska lagao aur pav bhaji khao" :) but seriously these guys have a great amount of butter in their pav bhaji[s]. We usually go there by 12 am or something. The pan waala outside the shop makes beautiful pan. The place rocks, awesome food. Calorie free guys please dont try.

This place becomes more hapenning in the night time, thats like post dinner. Its so lively there. Get pav bhaji's in your car, enjoy and burrp!!!
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Mayur Shah - Burrp User

Mayur Shah

April 28,2008

Butter Bhaji

I have been to this place alot of times, initially the bhaji used to be really tempting but the kind of butter they put in it should be called butter bhaji. Even the Pav is soaked in butter. If you like butter alot, and pav bhaji too then this may be a blissful heavenly place for you.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 24,2008

Sirf Makhan

Except the Glob of Butter there is nothing to write about. There are a lot of other better & exciting places where you can have much better & superior pav bhaji.
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Bobby Mirchandani - Burrp User

Bobby Mirchandani

August 14,2007

not so great?

i have read all about this place called.sardar
pav bhaji.so i thought i give it a try.but to tell
you the truth.it's just a pav bhaji.you can't
call this a pav bhaji? they make pav bhaji
with black masoor dal.there is no pea's in it.
yes butter is the only thing is good about it.
without it's just a black dal.and they must
also put more tomatoe's in the pav bhaji,so
the color of the pav bhaji will look red.not
brown.for 47 rupee.its not good.you can eat
a good pav bhaji.for 35 rupee.only.
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Peter Parker - Burrp User

Peter Parker

January 11,2007

legendary, but.....

Now we all know that Sardar's has the most legendary baaji pav in the city, but I must buck the trend here and truthfully review the food.

No doubt Sardar's does a good job putting on a show by slabbing a kilo of butter in each serving of baaji. First of all, that is incredibly unhealthy. Secondly, that doesn't necessarily enhance the taste of the baaji. It looks great sitting there, melting away - but the honest truth is that Sardar's baaji is tasty, but not mind-blowing.

Have also tried the masala pav, which is a decent alternative if you are not looking for the butter drenched baaji pav. I think Amar's has better overall baaji pav.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

November 28,2006

The best pav bhaji ever

Sardar Pav Bhaji is the best pav bhaji place ever on the face of earth. Their pav bhaji's are deliciously lickalicious. Just too good. Each pav bhaji dish gets a HUGE slob of butter put on it. So all ya fitness freaks be careful with that 1000 calorie meal. But give it a shot once in a while, it is very much worth it.
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v.nawathe - Burrp User


December 16,2016

Must try

This buttery pav bhaji is worth the wait. Try the amul pav bhaji.
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Harshad Dhamnaskar - Burrp User

Harshad Dhamnaskar

December 16,2016

worth the wait

Butterily delicious pav bhaji justified long waiting queue...
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Madness Incorporated - Burrp User

Madness Incorporated

September 29,2016

Just okay

There are these places that you hear so many good reviews but when you eventually go, its a great disappointment - this is just one of those.

Sardar Pav Bhaji as its normally called is something famous for one thing - its pav bhaji. We tried it and it was note even near being delicious. The nearest it comes to is being edible.

Avoid this place
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