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Heman Shah - Burrp User

Heman Shah

April 20,2015


We went on a monday afternoon and this place was almost pack. We saw a lot of family crowd during a weekday for lunch. Coming to the food...the place is very basic, nice, clean environment. The food is served in special utensils (Kasa) which makes it more appealing and tasty. Dal Baati was too good and so was the farsan platter. Lemon Basil drink was also very yum!!!...

The only put off was Pav Bhaji which i feel should be avoided. We should stick to authentic Gujarati / Maradi food and that will be the best. Looking forward to visit this place once again.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 28,2015

Quite appealing for Gujju/ Marwadi food lovers.

This place is easy to find and is right on the main road. It is medium size and is mostly crowded.Place is very clean and decor is pretty nice.Food menu is quite decent and covers GUjju, Marwadi & some south indian dishes as well.The taste is absolutely fabulous. They have recently introduced some low calorie items in their menu.You will love this place if you want to try some authentic gujarati / marwadi food,. Although a little expensive, this place is worth visiting occasionally. Pita pockets, vitamin bhel, fada ni khichdi, dhebra are must try dishes.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 28,2015

Typical Guju food with blend of south-indian

Families, vegetarians n foreigners who cant handle street food flock here fr healthy Gujarati food. Granted, d use of ghee (clarified butter) is quite liberal, bt nt all dishes use it that includes the various kinds of chaat (veggie and bread snacks). The spicy potato patties stuffed with peas and smothered in savory yellow dal are highly recommended, as is palak moong dal (yellow lentils sautéed with spinach), vitamin bhel (a light veggie salad), and spinach and cheese samosas. The modern take on classics doesn't deter the locals, and it's likely to be packed, bt you shall soon get a seat amid the pale yellow walls, wooden benches n loud aunties.
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January 05,2015

Veg food...

Loved it! Delicious wholesome food (low cal versions available), freshly prepared, not overly spicy, portion sizes just right, friendly staff..Tried: Oondhiyo, vitamin bhel, special kichdi, chaas...Loved: Large selection of vegetarian food, copper serving bowls and plates added to the experience.. this eatery has similar dishes like the iconic Swati snacks with some good additions of lots ...A good place for elderly/parents if you want to take them out for nice lunch/dinner..
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  • Soam Pure Vegetarianimage
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Well-priced home-styled (predominantly)Gujju food

Our foodie group had Soam on their minds since quite a while and last week when one of them recently read somewhere that Aamras was now available, lunch plans were made quicker before one could even say A-A-M!!! I’ve been to Soam a few times before too and though I’m not really a fan of the place, I generally have enjoyed my meal there. Soam opens at 12 noon and generally by 12.30pm, all tables are occupied. This has definitely been the case on all the occasions that I have visited Soam previously . I have never been there on weekdays so don’t know how it is then, but I’m sure it must be very crowded.

We wanted to do full justice to the heavy Gujju food and as planned, all of us reached Soam yesterday with little or no breakfast, around 12 noon. Orders were placed and they started arriving quickly on the table. Good service I must say. So here’s how we broke our self-imposed fast at Soam yesterday:
1. Drinks – I stuck to the Guava Panna which was simple but delicious. Must have if you are a guava fan. The Sugarcane juice is quite popular but it was a little too gingery for my taste. Tasty but the ginger was too strong for me. Others enjoyed it though. Then there was Masala Chhaas and Mango lassi which also was not bad.
2. For starters, we called for the Farsan platter which had 4-5 types of typical Gujju savouries. Simply loved the Palak Cheese Samosa which was one of the items in the Farsan Platter! Not authentic Gujju this one, but it tasted divine. The Makai Wadi, Dhoklas and Ghugras were nice too. Vatana pattice was called for separately which was tasty too, but would have been better had the crust been a tad softer.
3. Though no one in the group was technically fasting, we still called for the Kand na Chilla, as it was showcased on the menu as a Soam Special. For the uninitiated, ‘Kand’ means ‘kandmool’ or ‘ ‘root vegetables’ like sweet potatoes, turnips etc. which are light to digest and generally consumed during fasts. A ‘chilla’ is nothing but a Gujarati version of a pancake which is made of moong dal or besan and is a regular breakfast in many Gujju households. However, a chilla made out of Kand was something unique and we were really looking forward to this one. What was served to us was a mid-sized chilla made of grated kand which was light purple in colour and roasted to perfection. It was to be eaten with curd (not sweet) served along with it. Reminded me of my favourite Swiss Rosti (made of potatoes) and served with fresh cream!!!
4. Moving on, there were many individual orders for different dishes and we got to taste a lot that ways. Dal Baati Choorma was good and so was the Shrikhand Puri and Batata nu shaak. I called for the Methi Pitla with Jowar na Rotla wondering how would this popular Maharashtrian dish be made here. As expected it was different - it was not the usual garlic and onion laden Marathi pitla – more bland and predominantly tasting of methi leaves. But it was nice, nevertheless. So was the basic Chhole Puri.
5. Last but not the least it was the turn of the most awaited Aamras – the very reason this plan was made! However, we were so stuffed by now that we had to literally force the Aamras into our mouths! Good stuff, but I’ve had better! Hoping to try the interesting sounding Hand churned ice-creams the next time I visit.

I’ve never found anything at Soam really very spicy. Neither is it really very sweet, like the typical Gujju food, which is a good thing. Service being quick, we were out of the place in less than an hour. As expected, there were plenty of families waiting to get in, even at 1pm. Food is priced well and the charges for a decently heavy meal per couple should not be more than Rs.1000. Plus lots of varieties to try. Just make sure that you reach on time.
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sarojkiran19 - Burrp User


February 07,2014

hygiene at its best

We have been going to Soam since many years. What I always wonder is how they have managed to keep the standard at high level. They have given truly Gujarat /Rajasthan cuisine with some Bombay dishes thrown in. Service is good unobtrusive, clean cutlery.one must try seasonal food like Undhia with butter milk.A one-stop shop for all kinds of Indian veggie food - street food, north Indian, south Indian, fruit cocktails in one place. Very clean and hygienic. I really loved the Guava juice spiced with pepper.
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manojchan - Burrp User


November 11,2013


This is a pure vegetarian joint.Clear and Fresh Cuisine : Gujrati, Maharashtrian, South Indian, Parsee, Mumbai Street food.Best part about Soam food is very healthy n not junkie.They have decent size of menu(not very wide) but must say its fabulous.Ambiance is humble but service is quick. Overall it's a food lovers place.. You will come back to this place for more
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

October 09,2013

Best in Class Home Gujju Food

I have been to soam around 4 times and have been impressed thoroughly.Getting inside soam is tough....there is invariably always a waiting and there arent any places outside to sit and wait . However it is well worth the wait .

Gujrati cuisine is a very polarising one. Unlike south indian, north indian or rajasthani cuisines which have universal acceptance across the country gujrati main courses have not found acceptance throughout especially because of the sweet taste which is ackward for many.

However i firmly believe that gujrati household dishes vary vastly from gujrati restaurent's.In gujju home dishes you dont feel the sweetness "distinctly" which is similar to how you dont feel the sweetness ackwardly in a perfect honey chilli potato dish.

If you visit soam please dont venture beyond gujrati and rajasthani cuisines.

Soam elevates a dal dhokli to a different level altogether. It is non spicy and yet flavorful . The dhoklis are melt in the mouth . Also try their fresh sugar cane juice which they extract in front of you. Its very rare in mumbai and it will be very refreshing for someone who have had it as their childhood drink.

Soams khichdi is also awesome. Restaurents in mumbai maul,molest and abuse the simple khichdi to no end .Khichdi evolved in 3 seperate ways in india. One was a healthy quick fix meal ( traditional indias answer to maggi) , second was the poor mans alternative to a healthy meal and lastly the sick mans meal which is light on the tummy. In none of its three avatars is it vegetable overloaded,spicy ghee dripping monster which is served across the city. Soam thankfully serves the most yummy and authentic dal khichdi whose flavors come from its inherent ingredients and some Asafetida( Hing). Its garnished by a simple dash of ghee which makes it taste heavenly.

Also i would highly reccomend their matar kachori which is more like a matar poori. Its served with amras or mango shrikhand. I chose to omit the amras altogether as i found it apalling to eat kachori with something sweet. The kachori is delightfully light and does not give a oily aftertaste in the mouth. Its seasoned lightly and reflects the full flavor of the peas......

I would recommend soam highly as it serves very non spicy authentic dishes which are difficult to get by.....
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 04,2013

Calm, nice

Soam redefines calmness, spirituality and philosophy of great tasting food~! One feels very pure while entering and expects a great deal from the meal which doesn't disappoint. The farsan platter, vatana pattice, kand na chilla, moong dal chillas, masala fada khichadi and the hand churned apricot icecreams are items you gotta try! Very gujarati-ish tasting food and I'm sure everyone will love it
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blessedinlife - Burrp User


September 29,2013

Yum Food!

Great place for family dinners . Have tried almost everything on their menu and none of the items have been disappointing.They have an excellent description of each time on their menu and you can't resist trying them.They also have a special menu in shravan and also a khichdi festival where in I had tried their baked khichdi which was undoubtedly the best khichdi I have tasted in my life. They have a long waiting list post 7.30 pm everyday so you got to be early if you want to avoid it. Also the place is quite noisy , so if you are looking for quiet dinners with a wide spread on the menu,this isn't that place. The service is prompt . Overall definitely worth a try!
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Jigar Chandarana - Burrp User

Jigar Chandarana

September 14,2013

awesome place...

its the perfect place for an change from the routine north Indian food. amazing variety of country wide specialities and their perfect taste. perfect ambience and decently expensive food.
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Nishant Tejani - Burrp User

Nishant Tejani

August 03,2013

Heaven for Jains

We went here with my in-laws who have pure Jain food only and everyone loved the place. The wife and I had been here before during their ‘Khichdi’ festival and we couldn't wait to go again. So when this opportunity came to gorge once more we did not miss it.
We went on a Saturday and since they don’t do any reservations on weekend we were looking to wait for a half hour at least. Surprisingly on reaching the place we got a table within less than 5 mins, lucky we guess.
We all the usual fare - the Pankhis, the Thali peeth, the handvo - everything was top notch. The ‘methi-gota’ was recommended to us by our server and it turned out to be so good that we ordered it twice more. The best dish for the day for me was the ‘kanda-batata nu sak with bhakri’. The bakhri was crisp as a toast and quite delicious.
The fresh sugarcane juice - a unique affair for restaurants - takes a hell lot of time to prepare so order it in advance but definitely do not miss it.
Even after eating our heart n stomach’s content the total for the four of was well within INR 2000 which is quite reasonable for such a place.
Be warned though, even though they have valet parking it tends to get quite crowded over the weekend and if the valets are sparse then you might have to park the car yourself, which is not that easy since this place if located bang opp the Babulnath temple.?
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rusha shah - Burrp User

rusha shah

August 02,2013


food- fab
quantity- all the more
ambience - elegant
what i ordered- farsan platter, moong dal chillas, malai malpua- mouth watering, jowarr pita pocket, all made with details and attention, delicate, layered cooking can be smelt.
features- high protien and zero or low carb food available so what are u waiting for? rush to soam all u health conscious people reading the reviews.
experience- averaglunch
much recommended for pure quality food
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Vinod Agrawal - Burrp User

Vinod Agrawal

July 31,2013

Best veg eatery

I am regular at soam It is one of the best veg restaurant. Their kasar jalabi is to die for I like malai Malpua although I am diabetic. I just can not stop my self from these delicacy
Almost all my friends and relatives are fan of soam. I recommend that it is must visit place. Although waiting is long and they do not accept reservation
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Bimal Shah - Burrp User

Bimal Shah

July 07,2013

Good service, diverse menu

+ Good service
+ Diverse menu
+ Great preparations

- Wait times
- Cramped tables
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coolpinaz - Burrp User


May 28,2013

Quality Has Dropped

I recently visited soam and though I have always been a regular in their restaurant I noticed that their quality has dropped to quite an extent. I use to relish their puran poli with kadi , their turiya dish and malpuas but recently I was quite disappointed as the puran polis were not fresh, were very rubbery. Turiya dish was not made well and the malpua was not cooked properly . They were too rubbery as well.
I do like though their ambiance, quality of service and the list of items on their menu but quality has definitely dropped.
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Lisa Antao - Burrp User

Lisa Antao

May 23,2013

Tasty, tiny treats

I first heard about Soam when I saw Kunal Vijaykar singing their praises on his show The Foodie on Times Now, some years ago and wanted to go there ever since. Though I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian, I appreciate vegetarian food cooked in traditional Indian style (I gleefully accept any opportunity to eat a Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Maharastrian or a South Indian thali). But unfortunately, for most of my friends, eating pure veg food outside home is a strict no-no. Else I wouldn’t have had to wait so long to visit Soam. But I finally hatched an impromptu plan to go there earlier this week, and dragged my best friend i.e. my bakra along.

The fact that Soam offered Valet Parking not only impressed me but also increased my expectations from them. And so, as I entered the place, I was a bit disappointed to see so many tables crammed so closely together (I didn’t have to strain my ears to eavesdrop on conversations on either side of my table. Sadly, I don’t understand Gujarati).

The ambiance is good with A/c, and Indian music playing at a low volume. The restaurant has a nice traditional touch not only with the décor but also its cutlery. There was a table mat for each person made of out of dried leaves and food was served on golden-ish metal plates (My friend was so taken by the rustic touch, she thought we’re supposed to eat on those dried leaf table mats). Most of the items on the menu had Gujarati names but thankfully, they had English descriptions for strangers to their cuisine.

We ordered Sweet Lassi (Rs 100), Lemon and Basil Punch (Rs 90), Farsaan Platter (Rs 150), Paanki (Rs 100), Vatana Pattice (Rs 100) and Kesar Jalebi (Rs 120). Within 10 minutes all our food arrived in quick succession.

I began by spooning some of the green chutney, green chillies and chunda made with plum, dried dates and raisins kept in little colorful bowls on each table, on to my plate and began attacking the food one by one. The Paanki (3 pieces) was yellow-coloured rice flour batter, spread thinly onto banana leaves which were roasted on a hot pan. I peeled off the delicate paanki off the banana leaves (I was distinctly reminded of the act of peeling off a face mask) and ate them, relishing the taste – lightly spiced with a mild tang. The Vatana Pattice (2 pieces) was made out of a mixture of green peas in a spicy green masala stuffed inside a covering of mashed potatoes, rolled into fine vermicelli and deep-fried till crisp. The only downside of this dish was the powdery corn flower-ish taste of the mashed potato covering.

The Sweet Lassi had just the right balance of sweet and sour-ness and had the thickest consistency I have ever come across (a notch thicker than Kailash Parbat). The Lemon and Basil Punch was quite refreshing however, it left a slight bitter aftertaste post every sip. The Farsaan Platter (sounds very grand) turned out to be a small cane basket containing 2 small pieces of Palak Cheese samosa, yellow Dhokla, fluffy fried Kotimbhir wadi-esque snack minus the Kotimbhir and a mashed green peas samosa in the shape of a cresent. The Palak Cheese samosa was the star of the platter while the rest were decent except the mashed green peas samosa that wasn’t upto the mark.

The Kesar Jalebi was the best dish of the evening. The mini-sized yellow saffron-flavoured jalebis were crispy fried in ghee and lightly sprinkled with tiny almond flakes (These babies looked so cute patiently sitting in their serving bowl, waiting for me to devour them). I want all jalebis to be standardised to that of Soam’s because most places serve soft, thick, super sweet jalebis that irritate the throat after eating.

Overall the food was tasty but the prices don’t justify the small portions. (As per our bill, it was Rs 330 per head at Soam. With a similar amount, I can eat an unlimited Gujarati thali at places like Rajdhani, Samrat, Golden Star Thali or Friends Union Joshi Club). The service was friendly and quick. But if you don’t mind spending this much or more, it’s totally worth your money.

Note: Young folks might receive a mild culture shock at Soam as you’ll mostly find a middle-aged and elderly crowd. And everybody – customers and staff included – seem totally unfazed by little screaming kids running around the place.
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m1hirk - Burrp User


March 04,2013

Expensive but worth the money

This award winning restaurant has a charm of its own. Their service is quick and interiors are good. Vitamin Bhel is delicious. Also, try their Gujarati Snacks Platter. Jalebis are juicy and a must have. Slightly on the expensive side.
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 20,2012

Good vegeratian restaurant !

Located in a posh neighborhood this pure vegetarian restaurant is tucked away on the ground floor. A 10 minute walk from Grant Road Station.

As with most good restaurants there is a waiting time of approx 20-30 minutes on weekends here.

The overall ambiance of the restaurant is authentic/ traditional style..there are pots of pickles etc above to give that look and feel.

Best to eat the gujrati and rajasthani cuisines here, the south Indian ones are just about okay.

Must try is the Farsan platter - you get 3-4 starters served in authentic thalis gives it an extra effect.

You have a lot of options to chose from here in all varities of dishes, my personal favorite is the paneer makai pulao.

They also have a low cal section here.

The service was quick and also the food served was hot and the waiters were helpful as well.

Overall a good experience here.
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Joe Zachariah - Burrp User

Joe Zachariah

October 15,2012

Great food

I have always enjoyed a visit to Soam. The head waiter who patiently leads the hassled waiting customers inside once a table is ready, the professional wait staff, the loud and friendly mostly gujju customer crowd, and the really good food. This is probably the only place in the city, where I specially go all the way out and spend money on only vegetarian food. It is a great place to take out of town visitors to, who are not acquainted with a gujarati-rajasthani-maharashtrian brahmin cuisine.
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nams10 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Food with a Different Taste.. :)

Soam specializes in Rajasthani and Gujarati Food...I simply love the steamed panki they serve with green chutney..A must try if u visiting first time....The best part about this place is that they have a special menu during Shravan...I was happy to see the variety they serve for people who are fasting...One shud also try their gatte ki sabzi and satpadi roti..
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s_abhiman - Burrp User


May 06,2012

Nice food with decent ambience

We went there 2-3 times, food was as usual awesome. We tried many dishes and I must say its worth going there. The way they serves in peetal thali is quite different.
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worldbest - Burrp User


October 24,2011


On Saturday I visited & found it much better than my earlier review. Quality, Service have improved. Dahiwala Aloo, Mutter Puri & Ganne Ka Rus were fab. Enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the cheerful crowd in a festive mood.
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Dhara987 - Burrp User


September 27,2011

pretty decent

Ive been here about 3-4 times and the food here is pretty decent. I went for dinner again this sunday and it was a total mistake. It was crowded (which is okay) but it had people talking very loudly and kids were crying and shouting all over the place. Will NEVER come here on weekends.
About the food, the jal jeera was nice but the kokum sharbat was only sugar and hardly any kokum flavour. the paneer sabzi and plain paratha were nice. We really liked a jalebis here.
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amitjain123 - Burrp User


June 09,2011

Ok Food, Nothing great but burns your pockets.

Hi, I read a great deal of this restaurant for its authentic interiors, and lip smacking vegetarian fare, I traveled specially to this place to get a taste of it, being a foodie myself and checking every restaurant that serves good food , this place didn't appeal me at all in terms of food, the menu card did give out some strange traditional gujarati names and ordered a Handwa but the one made at my home tastes 100 times better than that place. Probably this place is going the downside and they seem to target NRI's or FOREIGNERS, but for indians there are many places which offer much better taste, hygiene and value for money deals that this restaurant can't. Not for me & not worth a recommendation too.
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Vishal Sinha - Burrp User

Vishal Sinha

May 13,2011

on the downslide

This place was a good alternative for vegetarian food - when I am in the mood for some. But it has now started on the down slide as far as food and quality of service is concerned.

The management better pull a new rabbit out of the hat ASAP or else be prepared to fall by the waysides of the restaurant scene in Bombay...
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worldbest - Burrp User


April 28,2011

Quality is ok

I used to visit this place frequently, but now quality & quantity of food served is distorting. Not much fun & delight which we used to experiance earlier.
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Kunal21 - Burrp User


April 23,2011

food review

Food was good but did find a stapler pin in the food. The manager quickly attended to it. It seemed that they had this problem occurred before too.

I would go again and give it a try. Panki was not the best but the rest of the meals have been great so far....

Value wise pretty good.
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foodsnmore - Burrp User


January 27,2011

angry waiters n fat host

being a foodie i love only a few dishes here..largely my review is on the mad bad waiters who seem very upset to serve you ( a key to any good restaurant being gentle nature of people serving you )..this one misses it by huge score..and also this place is about money for a single person who wanna grab a quick bite they will escort to a very humiliating single seat middle of the floor ( remember the college single chair seat.yes thats the one i'm talking about)..like ask me to wait i will and i don't mind to wait for a well served hot meal but escort me to such a bad seat which in first place is unacceptable to me and then argue over it..is last this on my wish list when i visit you.
of late..gatte ki subzi has detoriated hopelessly and please get some taste into your oondhiyo dish..might i suggest-re train the cooks..
one very mighty advise..please throw away that single seat you stole from some college around or never suggest that seat until asked for the accompanying servant/helper of the house.
get a new train of waiters with gentle disposition and leaner host..or else shut it it seriously wont b missed !!!
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sweetreet - Burrp User


December 12,2010

Highly Over Rated

I am giving one star cos there is no option on giving 0 or negative rating..We went on Sunday evening ...it really spoiled our weekend evening..Food is normal not that great and so is the ambiance....we had to wait for 30 mins...its not value for money..
Not to be visited twice for sure..
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shivank.tandon - Burrp User


December 06,2010

Simply Awful

I don't know why this restaurant has been so much over rated....i am sure there are much better veg restaurants in South Mumbai...the food is not at all great.....We were total 6 ppl and after waiting for about 30 mins we were totally disappointed by the taste and service. It really spoiled our Sunday evening....

Please go at your own risk...i would suggest if u wanna spoil your mood and taste then this would be the place for u
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Rohit Jani - Burrp User

Rohit Jani

August 30,2010

good food reasonable price

I have been to Soam couple of times. The place is always packed however the staff is quite accomodating. The menu is more Gujrati than rajasthani. The quality is excellent. I love their farsaan platter, tiny jalebies and malai malpuaas. I find the price to be reasonable.
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somegood4me - Burrp User


March 07,2010

someone wrote this is value for money !!

Definitely not !! this aint a VFM joint..!! its bloody expensive !! imagine paying 30 rupees for a chapati/Phulka !! and look at the portions they serve !! and the size of the Rotla's..nothing special about the food..this same food can be had at home, with a gujrati family...otherwise hire a "maharaj" - the traditional gujrati cook and have a feast at home with friends and family...
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Ketan Desai - Burrp User

Ketan Desai

January 29,2010

One of the Best in Veg Food

One of the best quick veg food joint. Very nice interior, great food and quick service should sum up this review. Recently tried their special "Winter Menu" and loved "Ponk Bhel" and "Lasania Rotla" . Other all time favorite items are "Shrikhand Puri", Cheese Pakoda, Handvo etc.
A small place, but generally you get seat fast for 4-5 people. If you are 8-10 persons, it will be a long wait, as capacity is lower. One advantage, though, whatever you order, comes fast as its kind of a "quick" food joint (and not a fast food joint :) )
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Tushar Chhapia - Burrp User

Tushar Chhapia

January 27,2010

One of the BEST in Town

Being a veggie, this is one of my fav joints in Town. Been there 4-5 times and my love for this place keeps on growing after each visit.

Starting with food, 'Gatte ki Sabzi' is a must. i just love it along with the 'Satpudi Masala roti'. Then you have 'Hare Mutter ki Puri' which is amazing. And don't miss out on the Green Chutney and 'Achaar' that they have on table. Then you have a variety of Gujju snacks. Do try 'Shrikhand', you'll Love it.

As far as drinks are concerned, they are good (won't rate them excellent). Can try Chhaas and 'Jal Jeera'.

The service is brilliant. Being a not-so-big place, you'll get a quick service.

Overall ... a brilliant experience.
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Piyush Chheda - Burrp User

Piyush Chheda

December 16,2009

Good Hatke Food

An Ideal place if you want to eat some Hatke (non conventional) Veg Food.
We were 10 people, we tried Panki, Dhansak, Khichu, Gatta Shak & Satpudi Masala roti, Dal Dhokdi, Hot Mohanthal, Mint (Phudina) & Corn Paratha, Nachani [Ragi] Dosa,

Currently they have a Khichdi (Rice Preparations - Low Cal) festival going on, where there are 25 types of Khichdi to enjoy from...!

The Bill was only 1,510/- - So cheap, Better than Swati. Cost Effective. Real value for Money. The only problem is the Space, they have a sitting capacity of around 60.
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hitesh udeshi - Burrp User

hitesh udeshi

December 16,2009

good snacky veg food

good quality food

similar to swati but comes second in comparison

the palak cheese samosa are excellent n kinda a signature dish out

all in all a good place n will recommend it 4 a nice evening out
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Sid Iyer - Burrp User

Sid Iyer

November 26,2009

Excellent veg food!!

So when you have parents who dont eat non-veg, it becomes tough to go out to a place to eat. By that i mean going to a good veg restaurant is next impossible as treally here are very few good ones around. Soam is one of them, most of the food is gujju, but it is really tasty. The service is brilliant, the cooking place and not too expensive a place. A family of 6 could go here and eat well and the tab would be around INR 2000. Overall a good experience and a must go for all gujju food lovers.
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vaibhav gawkar - Burrp User

vaibhav gawkar

September 11,2009

Nice Veg. Food Joint

my wife was really surprised & happy to find authentic Gujju food; food's tasty, sufficient quantity, good ambiance, smiling & polite staff.
Farsan Platter, Hare Mutter ki Puri and Moongdal ka sheera a must try...Green Chutney & Hare Mirch ka Achaar they serve are fantastic
We sure going to visit this place again soon...
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bellybytes - Burrp User


June 08,2009

Much better than Swati

SOAM, the fast food place right across Babulnath Temple is supposedly a competitor to the iconic Swati that all NRIs flock to come December. But this is decidedly unfair because while the concept remains same, the ambience and food is quite different.
Its sunny yellow walls, dull beaten brassware used for serving and also put up as decorative items , polished brown woodwork give the place a warm homely feel, quite unlike the stainless steel minimalism of Swati.
We started out with a plate of lip smacking assortment of starters : the yummiest spinach and paneer samosas, fluffy conical dhoklas wrapped in a banana leaf, kothmir wadis and a piece of handvo.
SOAM spoils you for choice because it offers traditional fare with a twist. It also has a wide range of fatless food for dieters and a variety of "fast" food for people who want to maintain their weekly fasts!
We ordered the lip smacking "Khichu" which was made with Moong daal flour instead of the traditional rice. I suppose this makes it more healthy especially when it is eaten doused with oil and spicy red chilli powder!
All this was washed down with chilled thandai and a uniquely spicy peppermint and coriander chaas.

The steamed pangis simply melt in the mouth . But we were disappointed with the diet bhel. Something was decidedly missing and no amount of chutneys or salt could rescue this sad dish.
We tried a crunchy summer salad of cracked wheat, diced green mango and chopped tomato and were not disappointed.

All this was not cheap but definitely worth it.

I would definitely recommend this place - especially when you want to enjoy a feast which combines good taste and a visual experience.
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anonym - Burrp User


April 14,2009

Mini great!

Great place!! Good authentic gujarati food. Always loved the food here.. one of those few places where food is not dripping with oil/ghee (inspite of being primarily gujarati food joint) and one can eat aaram se without feeling overstuffed. Its an all veg place with options for "health watchers" too. Try gatte ka sabzi if you are a fan.

However, the portions are really really small.. each dish (veg/gravy/kadhi with rice/accompaniment) is 90-130 bucks range one serving is just barely sufficient for one. Starters are really that.. as soon as you get started, they are over!! Likewise for the drinks.. feels like its served in a cutting chai glass instead of a tall cool beverage glass!!

Would have rated the palace 5 had it not been for the mini servings.
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sneha patel - Burrp User

sneha patel

March 20,2009

lost its shine

inattentive(steward) n casual(manager) service
half cooked(chole masala) n saltless(pav bhaji) food
cleanliness and hygine have gone for a toss
was a regular before
now need to rethink my options
better stick to swati snacks or shiv krishna
but..i m disappointed
sorry to say but their success has gone to their head
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nishidh - Burrp User


March 12,2009

soam- must for gujjus.

Nice Location, Good Ambience, Moderate Service, Reasonable Rates, Testy Veg.Food, Enough Verity. What more is needed?
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sanjain101 - Burrp User


January 02,2009


Was quite eager to try out Soam based on reviews here, but turned out to be a very disgusting experience. I went with my wife and 4 year old son on 1st Jan to celebrate new year. We ordered 'Panki' and 'Palak Corn Pulao' and after waiting for 20mins he told us he forgot to take the full order and forgot 'Panki'. I then ordered 'Gobi Paratha' which he brought with Chhole and Raita. The Chhole were not cooked properly and were very hard! My wife ordered Roti with 'Gatte ki Subzi'. The guy asked me which Roti, which she said Butter Roti should be fine. He replied we have only Chapati's and stuff Parathas. She said if you dont have it get me Chapatis. He got them without any Ghee/ Butter and which lost its flavour very soon. The subzi was also very bad. To fill our tummy's, I ordered Pav Bhaji as I thought it should be a safe bet. It was so spicy, had to throw away. It was a very bad experience. In hindsight, I should thank that guy's memory who forgot the order. On the quantity, the pulao was about 7-8 spoons only, not enuff for even one person. The quantity's half compared to other places and the prices double. Chapati (Rs. 30 each), Idli (Rs. 40), Pulao (Rs. 90), Pav Bhaji (Rs. 70), Extra Pav (Rs. 10 each!), Paratha (Rs. 90). I could have better if I had been to any Guj thali or even Thackers.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

December 10,2008

Authentic Gujju food

Have been meaning to try this for quite some time; but the need to apply for a visa (when I have to travel beyond bandra) kept delaying it.

Finally made it! We tried the Raj Kachori Chat (good taste, but prefer it a little spicy with the curd cold); Pani Puri (Nice but not like my bhaiyya); Farsan Platter (lovely, just the right quantity to taste without going overboard) Dhebra (Just the right thing after eons, made the patel way) Khopoli Wada (Excellent) The accompaniments were good, unfortunately they do not sell the chillies seperately. Polished this off with hand churned ice cream - did not like it, but am not fond of ice creams, but the wife loved it.

Definitely on my list to visit again next month or later to try the rest of the menu.....
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Prasad Mehta - Burrp User

Prasad Mehta

November 24,2008

Even People On Diet Can Eat More!

Soam is one of the most simplest form restaurant made in mumbai.It clearly shows the simplicity in its food and also the ambience.The 1st restaurant i would say which offers a diet menu which is indeed a healthy eating.I think one of its kind restaurant which really cares for its customers.Orelse you know how and what kind of colors other restaurants put in inside the food to make it more delicious.I think the variety of gujrati delicacies and other sprouted dishes and the chaat is ultimate.I would prefar everyone to go over here and eat a real healthy food.Specially those who go to gym.
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Parikshit Sadh - Burrp User

Parikshit Sadh

November 21,2008

Great value for money, AWESOME food!

I didn't go to Soam with great expectations the first time but it totally surprised me, pleasantly! First off, the service is great! Even though sometimes you may have to wait in line, the staff is polite and treats you well, unlike most other restaurants who really don't care for the waiting line.
Even the waiters welcome you warmly and the overall service is really good. The food is authentic gujju food, which one would think is fattening but the great thing about Soam is that it offers a variety of 'health food' and has a separate section in the menu for the same. The Jowar Pita Pockets, Moong dal Chila and Protein Bhel are my favourites amongst many other mouth watering options.
I loved the place, considering I don't particularly like gujju food and give it two thumbs up!
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geezi - Burrp User


October 21,2008

lovers of good food, do not miss

First, a confession. We did not go to Soam with great expectations. We knew it is good, but how good? was still to be found out.

After waiting for 15 min we found a corner table & ordered pankis right away. They were lovely except that they were barely 2 mouthfuls. Next was oondhiyo puri which excelled in every way. This was followed by daal baati & satpada paratha. I would rate that average but my friend loved the paratha! In the meanwhile the family was chomping on some lovely looking samosas which we ordered right away. The taste was better than the looks!

The meal was finished with chaas which was good & malai malpua which was heavenly. I am going back there for the malpua. Maybe i ll order 2 this time!
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hitesh udeshi - Burrp User

hitesh udeshi

October 20,2008

authentic food

nice good food

lovely cheese palak ka samosa n good pita pockets

clean neat friendly place n give a thumbs up 4 d food it serves

keep up the good wrok
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shwe27 - Burrp User


October 22,2006

I'm lovin' it!

Soam rocks!! Pretty upscale ambience with VFM pricing and consistent quality of food. LOVE the sabudana vada, panki and the moog dal sheera. The only things on the soam menu which I have never liked are the drinks and the homemade ice cream. Otherwise this is up there with my fave restaurants in Mumbai.
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Mihir Jain - Burrp User

Mihir Jain

August 18,2006

Nice place

The place is nice...I frequent there often. the Gujju food is good. Dont miss the 'puranpoli' and 'daal-bati'
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