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Heman Shah - Burrp User

Heman Shah

April 20,2015


We went on a monday afternoon and this place was almost pack. We saw a lot of family crowd during a weekday for lunch. Coming to the food...the place is very basic, nice, clean environment. The food is served in special utensils (Kasa) which makes it more appealing and tasty. Dal Baati was too good and so was the farsan platter. Lemon Basil drink was also very yum!!!...

The only put off was Pav Bhaji which i feel should be avoided. We should stick to authentic Gujarati / Maradi food and that will be the best. Looking forward to visit this place once again.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 28,2015

Quite appealing for Gujju/ Marwadi food lovers.

This place is easy to find and is right on the main road. It is medium size and is mostly crowded.Place is very clean and decor is pretty nice.Food menu is quite decent and covers GUjju, Marwadi & some south indian dishes as well.The taste is absolutely fabulous. They have recently introduced some low calorie items in their menu.You will love this place if you want to try some authentic gujarati / marwadi food,. Although a little expensive, this place is worth visiting occasionally. Pita pockets, vitamin bhel, fada ni khichdi, dhebra are must try dishes.
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 28,2015

Typical Guju food with blend of south-indian

Families, vegetarians n foreigners who cant handle street food flock here fr healthy Gujarati food. Granted, d use of ghee (clarified butter) is quite liberal, bt nt all dishes use it that includes the various kinds of chaat (veggie and bread snacks). The spicy potato patties stuffed with peas and smothered in savory yellow dal are highly recommended, as is palak moong dal (yellow lentils sautéed with spinach), vitamin bhel (a light veggie salad), and spinach and cheese samosas. The modern take on classics doesn't deter the locals, and it's likely to be packed, bt you shall soon get a seat amid the pale yellow walls, wooden benches n loud aunties.
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January 05,2015

Veg food...

Loved it! Delicious wholesome food (low cal versions available), freshly prepared, not overly spicy, portion sizes just right, friendly staff..Tried: Oondhiyo, vitamin bhel, special kichdi, chaas...Loved: Large selection of vegetarian food, copper serving bowls and plates added to the experience.. this eatery has similar dishes like the iconic Swati snacks with some good additions of lots ...A good place for elderly/parents if you want to take them out for nice lunch/dinner..
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 20,2012

Good vegeratian restaurant !

Located in a posh neighborhood this pure vegetarian restaurant is tucked away on the ground floor. A 10 minute walk from Grant Road Station.

As with most good restaurants there is a waiting time of approx 20-30 minutes on weekends here. The overall ambiance of the restaurant is authentic/ traditional style..there are pots of pickles etc above to give that look and feel. Best to eat the gujrati and rajasthani cuisines here, the south Indian ones are just about okay.Must try is the Farsan platter - you get 3-4 starters served in authentic thalis gives it an extra effect.

You have a lot of options to chose from here in all varities of dishes, my personal favorite is the paneer makai pulao. They also have a low cal section here. The service was quick and also the food served was hot and the waiters were helpful as well.Overall a good experience here.
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