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theonion - Burrp User


March 12,2015

Hardly what it used to be

I have been a patron of the fast food chain since college. The Bandra and Juhu outlets were by far the best outlets when it came to the suburbs. The meats and veggies were usually fresh, the bread baked to near perfection and the sauces had a uniformity in their tastes. That is exactly why the Italian B.M.T. became one of my staples right through those few years.

After the Juhu outlet shut down I would actually make the trip to Bandra even if I was at Andheri because I knew I couldn't go wrong. But that was then. The Juhu outlet outdid the Bandra store in every way, starting from service to the actual preparation of the sub but Bandra wasn't too far behind. The service was always lousy but in a place that so many people patronize, one is surprised (pleasantly) if the service isn't. Then there are the sauces. Just what exactly is up with the variations in flavour. The Mayo was spoilt on one take away order for five subs, the pepper had this grainy texture to it, and the cheese is just bland now. These are of course, different instances but still, common man, you guys have seen better days.
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


November 03,2014


Horrible Subway. I've been to quite a few subway outlets and never have I been this disappointed. I think its the staff here who are to be blamed. They are extremely unpleasant and lazy and act like they are doing you a favour by taking your order. The offers on subs which other outlets have are denied here. They even charge extra for cheese. Toppings often run out and though they have stock in the kitchen they do not refill unless explicitly asked.
I have even complained on the subway site but nothing has come of it.
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Arti Malani - Burrp User

Arti Malani

July 25,2014

Pathetic delivery service and careless attitude of staff

Placed order at 9:15, no sign of the delivery boy till 10:45. I had called him at 10:15 to inquire the delivery boy's whereabouts, he said he'd get back to me in two minutes, but never bothered to call back. I called again at 10:45 to cancel my order, I received a call from the delivery boy only for him to cut the phone. I just ordered elsewhere, called up the outlet for the 3rd time to cancel my order, they were least bothered and said "OK" and slammed the phone down. On top of that they had the nerve to lie saying that they apparently contacted me, but I didn't answer. When I said my phone was with me the whole time, he laughed it off by saying that the delivery boy was new.

Long story short. This outlet sucks and the staff should probably be fired.
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Supriya249 - Burrp User


April 21,2014

Slow service

I have been to this place and they are so awfully slow in making a sub. We had to wait for about 30 minutes to get two subs inspite of the place being half-empty. Definitely not worth the price and time.
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JeRrY JOSEPH - Burrp User


October 01,2013

bad service and stale greens

this is one of the best outlets of this chain..but last time was surely a big turn down on asking the person at the counter for a particular type of bread he said it isnt there where as it was there right in front of my eyes...on pointing it out to him he quietly picked it n gave it.. i got greens that werent fresh in my sub...and again it was a take away so i cudnt do anything...but thankfully the roast chicken was good so cud remove it n eat it...but all over service need to get better...
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

August 26,2013

Stale chicken, anyone?

Subway was my regular adda back in college days. Recently I walked in hoping for nostalgia. The outlet next to National College has changed. I called for a chicken tikka sub (takeaway) which was stuffed with re-heated chicken pieces and with the usual veggies and sauces. On reaching home in about 20-25 minutes, I opened the parcel to realize that it smelled sour and disgusting. The chicken had gone stale and I had no choice but to throw away the entire sub, for which I had paid more than a hundred bucks. Subway's poor hygiene standards and stale food have let me down. Now you're just somebody that i used to know!
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 18,2013

Sub-Time Subway

I have munched subs in a few places across the suburban area but nothing beats the one at Waterfield road.
the generosity in portions and sauces is very pleasing and the service is also apt.
The sudden price hikes are the let down :P
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Akshay Dandekar - Burrp User

Akshay Dandekar

June 15,2012

Disgusting, pathetic and mismanaged

Dear Subway Franchisee owner, if you are reading this you should be ashamed of the fact that you staff has just managed to put a food chain of Subway's repute to shame with you disgusting attitude, absolute lack of manners of your staff and the pathetic nature of your Subways.

So I decided to have a Subway for lunch and ordered a Chicken Teriyaki with cheese and mustard, southwest and mayo. The order was placed at 12.45 pm today, June 15, 2012 at the Waterfield subway outlet.

times ticking away.. tick tock tick tock... its 1.30 pm .. no Subway... its 2 pm and VOILA! the Subway arrives like a refugee from a war torn nation.

The bread is soaked to the core, clearly indicating the order was made and kept aside for a long time. The sauces were streaming all over the polythene bag and the teriyaki chicken was scattered all over like a victim of a grenade assault.

If this wasnt bad enough, the delivery person by the name of Saeed has the audacity to tell me (translated into English), "IF YOU WANT TO ORDER FROM SUBWAY YOU BETTER WAIT FOR AN HOUR OR DON'T BOTHER ORDERING AGAIN" I mean, is this the level of customer service Subway offers to their customers? I have been insulted today by Saeed infront of my entire office staff and when I inquired his name, he decides to beat a hasty retreat into the elevator. When I do manage to halt the same, he refuses and then says "My name is Saeed, do what the **** you want to do". Really? This is the customer service meted out to customers of Subway.

The Waterfield outlet is the worst managed Subway franchisee in India, probably in the world. Besides being perpetually "short staffed" (this was the reason for the 1 hour 30 minutes delay in delivery.. and I am less than 2 km's away from the store", their Subways would put Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck, the founders of Subway to shame.

I really do not know which moron gave the franchisee license to this store to run their operations. Don Fertman, the Chief Development Officer for Subway should really read this review to understand what a pathetic store is run under the name of Subway.

ill only sign off this review with a simple fact of the customer service industry, Treat you customer with respect and you will be respected. Treat the customer as a retard with 0 brains, well then God help you when a customer decides to take you to task, because it will usually usually turn out to be a very bad experience.
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Nishish  Saxena - Burrp User

Nishish Saxena

April 20,2012

ZERO Customer Focus

Apart from the location of this Subway there is nothing special in it. The staff is pretty cold and takes the customers for granted. Most of the times they are short on something or the other. They do not bother to apologize also!! After shifting to a smaller space it has become even more horrible. It is highly cramped up. If not very urgent it should be avoided. I have visited them a few times and every time I am more sure that I do not want to torture myself again.
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eatdrinksleep - Burrp User


March 30,2012

A disgrace to the Subway® brand.

I don't know the name of the franchise owner to the Subway® restaurant on Waterfield Rd. in Bandra... but he should have his licence revoked.
He employs morons... they will f**k with your day. Trust me.
If you enter the branch and EXPLICITLY instruct the (ummmm, highly motivated) staff, you'll get a Sub that is 'somewhat' worth the money (not that THAT will compare to Subway® sandwiches you'd get in other states/ countries.. but hey, let's not be too tough. Subway® is a global brand afterall).
Call the Subway® on Waterfield Rd to make a home delivery order and 99.9% of the time, they WILL ALWAYS F**K IT UP.

It's a Sandwich.


It is not Quantum Mechanics.
It is not brain surgery.
It is not trying to land a flame-ridden, engines blown Boeing 747 on the Western Express Highway during rush hour..
And no-one is certainly asking the person in Subway on the other end of the phone to split the f**king Atom.

It is a Sandwich.

How then... are they utterly incapable to get a simple bloody order right???

My only advice if you have to order from this branch, is to order a Sub you'd never want to ever eat...
Statistically (like 500 monkeys typing one letter and collectively typing the complete works of Shakespeare), they may well deliver your perfect Subway® sandwich to your door.
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Medusa - Burrp User


February 17,2012

BAD STAFF !! good subs!

subway is a health station without a doubt but whats with the standard of the staff going down ... the people who took down my home delivery order (i have ordered at least 15 times by now) are lousy and incompitent..... im sure subway can afford to have well trained staff .. after all the clients are not a bunch of uneducated muts who can spare 20 mins just to give the order!! surely cuts points from the subway experiance!
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temptations_19 - Burrp User


January 13,2012


What's with all subway outlets & cold food? Like seriously? I ordered a veggie delite & there were a variety of (COLD) veggies i had to choose from because he just microwaved the bread & the sauces he put in my sandwich were so cold that it seemed they just took it out of the fridge. When i asked him to put only spicy sauce he put some white sauce in excess which was dripping all over. :/ If you serve hot sandwiches & warm the bread WITH the veggies inside i'd LOVE to visit again.
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bhumesh007 - Burrp User


August 14,2011

Just love subway

Another Subway joint but spacious...love the subs :)

Keep rocking!!
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Gunny McGee - Burrp User

Gunny McGee

June 30,2011

Get your sub fix on

The good: tastes like every other Subway on the planet.
The bad: tastes like every other Subway on the planet..

You know what you're getting and they know how to deliver it. There's no denying they make a great sub that hits the spot. And they do it quickly, efficiently, and with good quality ingredients. Lots of bread choices and sauces too. Very solid, clean, easy to find outlet off Carter road in Bandra.
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alphatauri - Burrp User


May 24,2011

Mixed experience

I had walked out of this place in a huff a few years ago. One of the guys who was making subs at the vegetarian counter had started laughing and smirking at me for no apparent reason.

I went back only a few weeks ago. This time the service was comparatively courteous. However the guy making subs did not wear gloves when making my sub. He put the sub straight on the counter while preparing it, and not on paper. The ingredients and bread were fresh, though.

The seating area is spacious. The location is great for collegians who study at the nearby National College and for shoppers who go on a spree on Linking Road.
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Aryan  - Burrp User


May 09,2011

my subway needs

Did not use a glove while handling my bread, did not use the paper to keep my sub on during preparation. Cabbage thing is pure crap. Subway losing focus.
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hogmaster92 - Burrp User


May 09,2011

Cold Food..!!

Wen i think about subway outlet.. the onli thing that come to my mind is Cold Food..!! I dont know.. but they somehow efficiently and consistently manage to give me healthy subs suffed with cooked chicken which is cold.. everything over der is cold.. But im happy bout the fact that they've changed the sub of the days.. couz weneva i used to go they wer like its veg.. Anywyays the food is good.. Prices are the same as i've seen.. Very Filling..!! and the food quality standard is impressive.. and yea they always respond even if u tell them to change their gloves.. They do it with a smile..!!
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Om Sarmalkar - Burrp User

Om Sarmalkar

March 31,2011

Who doesnt like SubwaY

I've never tried the veg section but non-veg is really awesome..
All i like about subway is the quality standards with neat wrapping!!

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Amey Parulekar - Burrp User

Amey Parulekar

July 19,2010

Replacing cabbage with lettuce is a major letdown.

I visit subway atleast twice a week but since about a month back they have replaced lettuce with cabbage which really takes the fun out of it. Havnt been going there since a while now but last week i checked and they still have cabbage going instead of lettuce :( Part frm the last one week the subs have been fantastic and i still love the chicken teriyaki. Yum
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

November 24,2009

Health and Taste Packed Together!

Subway all the way!!.. I simply love this place! I look out to the Sub of the day, Veggie Delight and Chicken tikka is my hot favourite!! With the perfect amount of veggies and the super tasty sauces, these sandwiches are irresistibly delicious! And for the calorie conscious people, there's no need to lose heart cuz they are healthy if you skip the mayo sauce and the cheese!!

The Sub of the day usually costs around Rs 75 and is quite filling for one person. Subway is my personal favourite!
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Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

November 05,2009

health station!

this subway outlet is really very nice. Im surprised why its got negative feedback. i've been going there since 4-5 yrs and never have i had a bad experience!
the only complaint- the loo here is not well maintained.

the staff is very quick and they make yummy subs with all the ingredients just right!!! if you really want to see what a "BAD" sub is, then u shud check out the subway in chembur ;-)
anyway, im very happy with subway and its new offer of Veggie Delight @ Rs.50 is awesome!
i'll be going there more often now...
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morbidangel - Burrp User


December 19,2008

great place

& like my title says gr8 sandwiches too
very nice place Ive got no complaints leavein 1 which is that the place is just too crowded .......!!
great offers are always a part of subz
well a must for every one whose out der shopping at link rd or waterfield rd .....!!& needs a quicky suitable in afternoons as well 2 beat the heat with a sandwich & an ice tea
the sub salad is a must try as well !!
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Nishith Mehta - Burrp User

Nishith Mehta

October 30,2008

Worst Experience...

I had gone to many subways before all over india. as i love the subs offered by subway.

We were 3 & visited at Subway bandra, this is the worst sub have ever seen, all employees needs to be trained and they finally F*** up your sub by making it horrible n phatetic.

This is the second time experience before also i had seen n tasted the same in bandra at tht time i thought tht it may be my misunderstanding, but again i had a taste of it.

We all left the half sub as it is..
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sonaljhuj - Burrp User


October 26,2008

Don't visit this Bandra (W) Subway

Subways are generally good but I dont recommend the one in Bandra West, off linking road.

It never has all vegetables available. And their staff make sure you get very very poor servings.

Half the time their onions and capsicums are over and you might just find your sub without any veggies :)

Also their breads are stale.

Do not go here.

I'm a big fan of subway and i recommend the one in oberoi mall (goregaon east) or even the mulund one. but really, the bandra subway is terrible. They're really reluctant to give u extra veggies which in other subs is normal.

Plus the tuna sub is known to cause stomach upsets if had from this outlet :)
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Ballerina  - Burrp User


September 30,2008

Completely Bankable

One place I can go again and again when I don't have the enegry to talk or will to decide on a place to dine!
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Jayesh Bhagchandani - Burrp User

Jayesh Bhagchandani

April 21,2008

Good stuff

I love Subway, and most order every week from here, the only thing I hate is, that I have to give my address each week, they just need to update their systems man!
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Jack Reckoner - Burrp User

Jack Reckoner

March 03,2008

Sub se aacha.

I'm a regular visitor at Subways. The food here is really different from any place in Bandra. Not to expensive neither cheap. Buy a combo meal and get set for the rest of the day, till you have your next meal. I mostly dig VEGGIE DELITE. Its insane plus you can add subtract in your sub. The sub of the day is the best part out here. Non-Veg is also a treat.

Very healthy food and really filling. A 6' inch sub is sufficient for 1 person.

Do visit there and have a healthy time.

Avoid the ICE TEA.
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Anish Tripathi - Burrp User

Anish Tripathi

April 10,2007

always a last option

always the last and best option because the prices are low and location is easy.. the people that work there are also well trained.. def grab a bite if you want to save time, money & eat healthy!
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xoxoxo - Burrp User


December 21,2006

great but some homework pending

subways healthy, reasonably priced, nutritious n filling. n well yea thts that for the gud part. for the minuses, me being a veggie dun hav variety at all at subway. u can mix up ur sauces n try different combinations of veggies yea, but its got nothn much for veg lovers.. the counter guy took sooooo much time jus drawing my check i cudv screamt at him. they shud really peck up on the service speed n include more options for vegetarians. n wel, not frown at u if u ask em for more jalapeno :$ wel overall id say the outlet at phoenix is better.. jus with the service tht is, menus the same.
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Anish Tripathi - Burrp User

Anish Tripathi

August 20,2006

the saviour

the back up for all meals, feels healthy and you get what you want on the spot .. keep it up!
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Bobby Mirchandani - Burrp User

Bobby Mirchandani

August 19,2006


SUBWAY food is ok. its not for indians taste buds. it's very dry and tasteless. not to much spicy.
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