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theonion - Burrp User


March 12,2015

Hardly what it used to be

I have been a patron of the fast food chain since college. The Bandra and Juhu outlets were by far the best outlets when it came to the suburbs. The meats and veggies were usually fresh, the bread baked to near perfection and the sauces had a uniformity in their tastes. That is exactly why the Italian B.M.T. became one of my staples right through those few years.

After the Juhu outlet shut down I would actually make the trip to Bandra even if I was at Andheri because I knew I couldn't go wrong. But that was then. The Juhu outlet outdid the Bandra store in every way, starting from service to the actual preparation of the sub but Bandra wasn't too far behind. The service was always lousy but in a place that so many people patronize, one is surprised (pleasantly) if the service isn't. Then there are the sauces. Just what exactly is up with the variations in flavour. The Mayo was spoilt on one take away order for five subs, the pepper had this grainy texture to it, and the cheese is just bland now. These are of course, different instances but still, common man, you guys have seen better days.
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


November 03,2014


Horrible Subway. I've been to quite a few subway outlets and never have I been this disappointed. I think its the staff here who are to be blamed. They are extremely unpleasant and lazy and act like they are doing you a favour by taking your order. The offers on subs which other outlets have are denied here. They even charge extra for cheese. Toppings often run out and though they have stock in the kitchen they do not refill unless explicitly asked.
I have even complained on the subway site but nothing has come of it.
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