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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Nachos and chicken wings
  • Nearly everybody mentioned With Friends

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Go during happy hours
Foodie Punters - Burrp User

Foodie Punters

June 29,2016

Wont go out of d way to go to fridays again

Good place to grab a drink or two..
Good music.. Nothing superb abt d place though..
Average food..
N average drinks..
Wont go out of d way to go to fridays again
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Farhan Kapadia - Burrp User

Farhan Kapadia

July 13,2015

Ordered a classic - HUGE mistake

officially served the worst burger to date at TGIF Mumbai - the Classic with 70% bun, 20% meat, 10% veg - medium rare denied!

A 600 buck burger no less.
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rohanpathak21 - Burrp User


June 05,2015

Happy Hours!

The Happy Hours hear is awesome. Get to TGIs before eight and you can avail buy-one-get-one-free. We had gone there in the peak hours and had lots of beer. They ring a bell at 7:55 pm signalling the end of Happy Hours. At 7:55 if you buy a pitcher, you will still get one more free.

The food here was not very impressive.
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Walter white - Burrp User

Walter white

March 31,2015

Hangout here !

THis is a nice place to hang out. Great music, thas what i come here for. Like the ambience of it and the wooden interioirs gives a rich feel to it. Starters are good, like their burgers and chicken wings. So a sunday afternoon esp in this summer, its a perfect place to have conversation, chilled beer with great music. A must visit in Palledium.
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Nimu S - Burrp User

Nimu S

March 31,2015

Lovely american style ambience

Thank god it's friday which is in phoenix. It's ambience is too good same as other branches. Its good place to hangout with friends. People can enjoy music and plasma . In evening 530 to 8 pm they have happy hours. On which one drink is free on another they have good cocktails and mocktails. Their pizza, onion rings and potato wedges are very good for vegetarian. Is vegetarian have less choice .Its little expensive .Overall it's good place for hanging out.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

March 03,2015

Thank God its Friday but definetely not TGI on friday

Overall a decent place to spend the weekend but make sure you check the bill thoroughly, they make deliberate mistakes thinking your too drunk.
Ambience was highly stylised american interiors with moderate music but food quality not up to the mark.Service was not great. They had the main course ready at the same time as the appetizers.
Bit expensive as comparted to other outlets as prices and quality don't match completely. Quite heavy on the pocket.
Generally, on a weekend you need to wait for your turn to get in
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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

March 01,2015

Great place to be with friends

On its own, I don't think there is anything in TGIF that can force me to come back but I will come back again with my friends because it a place to be enjoyed with some good company. Service is good and ambiance is sporty and energetic. In terms of food,nothing great,everything is average. We had onion, chicken wings and pepper roasted chicken and the 3 of us happily shared it all not because it all tasted great but because it was enough to be shared among 3 people and we were in a happy mood.
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Karma ... - Burrp User

Karma ...

February 28,2015

Get together to party!

It’s a get-together place for friends. Great music (that’s for what I visit here for). Love their starters. Love the overall feel and ambiance of this place. It has that British feel to the interiors. Food quality is really good. Their burgers are huge and refresh your taste buds. Do try the chicken wings, you'll love it. Overall service is decent with tum full servings. This can get heavy on your pockets. Courtesy: their endless taxes.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

February 01,2015

Must visit place

This is a classic relax and chill out place I have frequented with my friends for about 5-6 times in past couple of months. Love the Miami Cubano Chicken Steak and the mocktails and pasta here. For just sitting and chilling, order for fries and ask the staff to keep it coming and they are very cheerful and happy people!
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 31,2014

Special Day...made it better

What made my day at TGI fridays special was that it was valentines day and i had a stretched out work day and at night around 11 after waiting for half hour outside i finally found my way inside this joint and they didnt mess it up.

They had a valentines special which consisted of starters main course and dessert with drinks .

The food was good in parts. The main course which was some version of baked veggies with rice was downright average or below. The pizza was light ,thin and crisp and full of flavors. The highlight was sangria infused strawberrys which resonated with the colors of the day. The dish was downright sinfull. The dessert was some version of mouse which again was average.

What was special was the fact that they had a professional photographer who clicked all the valentines couples snaps and then gave a framed photo. That really was going out of especially when it was not advertised.

Overall excellent experience ,good food and a day well saved . Will i visit it again for the food...may be not...will i visit it for the memories....definitely yes...
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Mansi Dedhia - Burrp User

Mansi Dedhia

May 06,2014

make the best of your friday night

This place is always happy and high spirited .. Never a dull moment
Full always..people are singing away to glory and good music .. The noise is always welcome and makes u wanna stay..one place where u dont wanna keep calm but rather enjoy.. Being a pub the booze is good.the food could be bttr for vegeterains
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devendra1410 - Burrp User


March 11,2014

Thank God for TGIF !!!

This is my second favorite bar & is kinda special for personal reasons ! Anyway I absolutely love the chicken steak here & Love the booze ! The happy hours are a real steal ! Amazing music, great restaurant theme & friendly staff ! The price is a little on the expensive side for drinks though if you go during non happy hours but the food is equally amazing & is reasonably priced. A Must Go !!!
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Love this place

One of my best meals... working lunches have been in this place...

I love the Lunch menu, the 2 or 3 course one.. I think its cleverly created, portion sizes are great and they have not excluded their special dishes like most restaurants do. They also serve you a nice refreshing complementary lemonade.

The Nachos and chicken wings in this place are to die for. Try them for sure.
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 07,2013

I would mostly avoid this place now.

I think everyone loves TGIF! Having been here a couple of times, I have started to feel, however, this place is quite a rip off! The cocktails are low on alcohol and heavily loaded with ice. The happy hours maybe the only time you feel you've got your due. Its forever filled with people and you rarely find a table with always 45 minutes waiting! The food is heavily priced and very average on taste - the Chicken Nachos, some potato dishes and the Fajitas are alright.
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Shruti Ambavat - Burrp User

Shruti Ambavat

September 30,2013

Great portions

Being a vegetarian, I wasn't very sure what will I find at an out and out US eating joint. But I was surprised after ordering the veg platter and burger. Not only was it satiating, the portions were good too. You get a drink (non-alcoholic) in what we may call a tumbler rather than a glass. Though I feel, service is slow and the waiters could pace up.
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nikunj desai - Burrp User

nikunj desai

September 26,2013

TGIF Anytime

This place was close to my office so have been a few times.
Have celebrated many birthday parties here.
The music a little loud but after couple of drinks you get used to shouting while you talk. The music played is real good.
The offers on drinks are cool & just love the happy hours here !
The food is good & but options seems a little less & little over priced.
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Lionel Almeida - Burrp User

Lionel Almeida

August 20,2013

unwind after a long week

The perfect location for the end of the month weekends.
The food and the booze are very reasonable. However keeping aside how affordable this place is there are a few must haves (squid – my friends hated it but I loved it)
All and all a good place to pre drink or just to unwind after a long week
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Ronald Dias - Burrp User

Ronald Dias

August 16,2013

Always a pleasure

Considering one has very few options to tank up at phoenix, TGIF is one of the best places i prefer apart from Irish House and Man U Cafe. Their food is good and the alcohol prices during happy hours is quite reasonable. The music is not that bad, and their ambience is good. Its a pleasure hanging out after work or over the weekend especially when you're catching up with friends.
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Chirag.bhirud - Burrp User


August 02,2013

Not on Fridays please

this place has got nothing to talk about.the food here was very costly and the taste was pathetic.lots more to try at lower parel than this one.
the ambience is very nice but the food is not worth the cost
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Kumail Mukadam - Burrp User

Kumail Mukadam

June 20,2013

TGIF on a Wednesday

Went there last night, and after a long time we got proper service. No long wait to get a table (mind you we were 10 of us). We tried the 2 course meals and some of the vegetarians in the group were really disappointing. Me being a hardcore non-vegetarian savoured the food. The chicken wings were average whereas the chicken dumplings were good. But the Highlight was their Chicken Burger. Absolutely amazing, with a lovely grilled chicken patty, stacked with tomatoes, onions and pickled cucumbers along with an amazing topping of a cheese based mayonnaise. Al off this in a slightly toasted bun with a huge portion of fries. It was a meal in itself. The music was really good, but soft. Standard ambience like in all TGIF's.
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nik.surana - Burrp User


February 06,2013

Damn Cheap During Happy Hours

Ambience is fantastic along with cheap price during HAPPY HOURS !!
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sharon p - Burrp User

sharon p

February 03,2013

Absolute must after work hangout

For all the options that Phoenix throws up TGIF is good to go for the great music, interesting drink menu and American food.

The happy hours are great and if you have the TGIF card then its kind of extended happy hours!
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Thanveer Kalantharakath - Burrp User

Thanveer Kalantharakath

September 02,2012

big turn off

Decent place, jovial crowd ( a little bit loud), large sized drinks, friendly staff but at the end when the much hyped about Jack Daniel steak arrived on my table it was ice cold :( When i brought that to the notice of the staff they re-heated the steak and got it back for me which was luke warm. The steak was a big disappointment. Just a piece of meat grilled and stored somewhere and brought to the table re heated. I had to satisfy my hunger by finishing off the mashed potatoes served along which was pretty good though.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

August 16,2012

Thank God it's closeby

The most preferred location for a number of reasons - close to work, next to parking, happy hours, the staff know us so are accommodative.

This is a constant once a fortnight visit, with very rare changes in order - Cuba libre or Marghrita, king fisher beer. The food is nice and arteries clogging - the veg/non veg platter, potato skins the most popular.

One pet peeve of mine is why do they not have potato twister, which the Lokhandwala place serves.

With Irish house and Manchester United having opened, our loyalties are getting divided but it still features on the list.
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jalpa2411 - Burrp User


March 02,2012

Feedback for TGIF

Great music......great ambience.....authentic food...just couldn't ask for anything more...simply the best place to hangout with your gang of friends.......cheers!!:)
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kkhansama - Burrp User


March 02,2012

excellent food & Service

Went to TGIF three times in last month .....found every thing excellent . targeting to every segment meal @199 /299 . ala carte for lavish dining , smiling staff .

all perfect ..... :)
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shasha - Burrp User


January 28,2012


TGI is one of the coolest places I have been very customer friendly , and the staff is dressed in cool denim jackets...they have the best tasting chicken wings .....d drinks r gud considering I only go 4 mocktails... so nice place overall and a gud experience...:)
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Akhil  - Burrp User


December 03,2011

Do not Eat

TGIF Food at Phoenix was OK at one time which made the place good for a visit every 3-4 months with work colleagues.... but the Food has seriously deteriorated and my last experience was really bad. Guys work on the food seriously!!
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Anuj Gupta - Burrp User

Anuj Gupta

December 01,2011

Poor service, worst food

If you have been to the TGIFs of the world, you would love to HATE this place .. !!
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

November 17,2011

Go only during Happy Hours

It's good to realise late than never. Eateries like TGIF, Man U are nothing but mind games and run purely on the economics of Demand & Supply.

Food is nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual food. Yes, the atmosphere is loud, lively and jovial, but the cycle of such eateries is on the downturn. The services is good.

The positives of the place I would say is that over the days, the crowd visting such eateries is so varied and give a true local feel to the place, unlike the snobbish places they used to be earlier. The language is more of a mixture than the English and American the Englosh that was so popular earlier.

The pricing at these places is pretty high and absolutley not worth paying for considering how common such eateries are and the lack of novelty and uniqueness it currently holds. The Happy Hours are certainly good as you end up getting 1 on1 free and that makes the place worth a visit.

Its best to go in a group and make some noise and join in the noise others make too. And say Thank God Its Friday
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victork - Burrp User


October 07,2011

happy hours!

good food..decent service..good happy hours....also good range of meal options make this place a fun place to visit with friends....slightly on the noisy side..
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adaggarwal100 - Burrp User


August 21,2011


the place is gud but when u see ur bill ... u thought u end up paying 300 to 400 rs of service charges and taxes on a bill of rs 1400
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Sha Sha - Burrp User


July 04,2011

Go for the lunch buffet deals on weekdays

You can cover meal for two with draught beers under Rs 700 at TGIF Palladium. I think that is the highlight of the weekday lunch deal at this place. Rs 199 (2 course) and Rs 299 (3 course) with choice amongst 5 options in the menu -- appetizers, maincourse, desserts -- is a steal, and very fulfilling as portions are generous. Staff is very professional and the ambiance lets you relax, and leaves room for good conversation. PS. The sticky caramel dessert is sinful.
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Gunny McGee - Burrp User

Gunny McGee

June 30,2011

Strong showing - will be back again

Had a great time watching tennis at Friday's a few nights ago. Service at the bar was very professional and prompt (not in your face and not over-relaxed). Just right.

Food was solid- perhaps a bit better than you would expect it to be. Very pleased with the portions and the value. Suspect about whether there's anything locally grown or even bought though- everything had that "flown in from TGI Friday's HQ" look to it. Would be great to integrate local sourcing.

Atmosphere was excellent and very comfortable. There's a bit of a laugh-factor b/c of the high dose of Americana, but they pull it off without being too cheesy incredibly. Have been to many Fridays before and would definitely go to this one again. Ignore the insane complaints that people make on these reviews- they're just whining about nothing.
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Ronak Mehta - Burrp User

Ronak Mehta

June 10,2011

I love Friday's

No better place to enjoy a Burger and beer for lunch if you work at or around Lower Parel!

High Point: They serve Foster's. 50% off for lunch
Low Point: Can get crowded during lunchtime cuz of the 50% off on weekdays
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Nikhil Pritmani - Burrp User

Nikhil Pritmani

June 07,2011

Wish everyday was a Friday

I have always had a great time at TGI Fridays! Best time to go is lunchtime on the weekdays since you get 50% off on your bill, drinks included! Works out to be a pretty reasonable meal if you want to enjoy a cold one with your steak or burger.

I recently went in there to grab lunch 2 colleagues from office and our bill was about 1400 for 2 steaks, a burger and 3 beers! Not bad at all in my opinion. Best of all, they stock Foster's, my favorite beer!

PS: Do sign up for their frequent customer card called the Bigspender card. Its free and gets you 10% off every time irrespective of offers and also 50% off on your birthday.
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Burrped Up - Burrp User

Burrped Up

May 30,2011

Service Charges ,This place needs a Scanner..

Went here on Saturday cause wanted to form our own opinion bout this place,And YES There are IMPORTANT AREAS of Thier BILLING SYSTEM That's not at all making SENSE.
Simply cause the break up of the percentage charged on unlimited soda drinks is more that what u end up paying for a bottle of beer and YES, Tgif Friday's needs to put of a board regarding The charges outside every out lit cause i have seen many people complaining about the senseless charges ,first of all u are charging a lot on food it self and then u have without any ligitimate reasons found a way of footing service charges which are in what i saw was very poorly convincing by the floor manager himself..
Guy please be AWARE and make it a point to scan YOUR BILLS properly and QUESTION THEM BOUT IT ,they are answerable to US ,The break up of the bill is Ridiculous..
That's the main Disappointing aspect of Tgif friday's.,other than that here's the other aspects
Ambiance-Bright and Good..But i don't appreciate the sports channel ,but some rock or retro stuff would add to the Happy part for sure..
Food-Expensive ,Though Good .But come on we end up paying more for the taxes and charges 300 bucks more ,can easily get a happy meal for three at mac or any basic food joint than the bill we footed here.
Billing Procedure is BAD!!!
Crowd-Great for friends family and couples..
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Nev Vazifdar - Burrp User

Nev Vazifdar

May 28,2011


I absolutely agree.. Shocking management and service but at the end of the the only the owner suffers ...
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sagarsahay - Burrp User


May 26,2011

Disgracing the brand name...

I am not writing this after one bad experience, but 3 in a span of 3 months...

- awful service
- poor management
- place was stinking

It is just horrible.. ignore it if you can... if you can't ignore it.. don't eat... but after reading this, if you still choose to go there... don't complain later...
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CoolBlue4 - Burrp User


March 24,2011

Service charge for what ????

Yesterday evening we headed out to TGIF - This was my third visit and the experience is going downhill with every time.
We went there for their margarita pitchers - which are prepared quite nice but the overall service just let us down.
All the waiters in the place just loiter near the entrance and are giggling away to glory. Zero customer service ! We have to keep on waiving our hands to get their attention.
In the starters - the mozarella cheese sticks - the cheese was not there - so they replaced it. In the main course, garlic bread came before everything, pasta followed it and the last was the Salad - which should have come first !!
The last time i had gone, the pasta was salty so what should they do - they took it back - added some sauce in it and got it back, the same chicken pieces were removed and served separately in a dish. they had not even bothered to prepare the dish afresh. Even after all this it was salty and we returned it. In the end the waiter sheepishly returned and informed us that the water in which the pasta was boiled was salty and the sauce was not salty. How does it affect us - No idea !!! At the end of the day No Quality Control
The worst thing the restaurant can do is levy a Compulsory Service Charge of 12% over and above the VAT. Note - Its Service Charge and Not Service tax. The charge are the tips to the waiters. No wonder the waiters were least bothered by the service as they were assured a fixed income. When we protested its payment, the Manager coolly informed us that it is compulsory. In the end we had to pay hefty money for poor service !!!
Dont think i want to grace the doors of this restaurant anytime now...
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Z H - Burrp User


January 27,2011

Didn't enjoy

It definitely is expensive and one wouldn't mind to pay a little more but the quality and service should be worth it.

Didn't like the Food, not even 1 dish, we were 3 people and ordered 4 dishes (1 starter and 3 mains) Didn't even enjoy 1 dish, though the quantity was huge but not appetizing at all :(
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Abhishek Kulkarni - Burrp User

Abhishek Kulkarni

November 22,2010

Great Happy Hours

Well TGIF is always know to be an expensive place. Well wouldn't deny the fact. And yes taxes have always burnt the pockets.

The happy hours at this place are longer and a little on the affordable side. They last from 5 pm to 8.30 pm and offer 1 on 1 for all drinks. They also have a Happy hour food menu and its available at a relatively reasonable rate and the quantity and taste is pretty good as well.

The music is OK, so you concentrate more on chatting with your fellow diners and the food rather than on the music which you can do at other times too. The service is good and courteous and worth a visit during the happy hours.
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vvvivek - Burrp User


September 19,2010

unheard of taxes... poor service

Have never heard of any place charging 20%+25%+12.5% as taxes & surcharges...!

Is it even legal to do so...?

Even 5 star hotels dont price a bottle of wine that's Rs 1200 in the market, at a final price of Rs 4,900...!

That's just ridiculous...!

At that price, they dont even have proper wine glasses (we got tiny ones for red wine), & the server doesnt pour a sip to check first...!
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sonal.varan - Burrp User


September 05,2010

Very good food...

Love the food you guys have... really nice burgers ... also my BFR had the chicken sandwhich it was awesome... its to have place like this in Mumbai... Keep it up ... only thing we can focus little more on service area...
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andrew007 - Burrp User


July 15,2010

Thank God your there

You Guys are Simply Great. Food quality has improved since the earlier one sometime somewhere in South Mumbai. The best off all is the kiddies menu which is so bloody cheap that your better of sitting here than making them stand at the local food court. The service is a bit clueless as both times there has been a mistake in understanding and serving us our order. However the staff try their best to be helpful and happy. The restayrant has a feel good atmosphere when packed as it generally has a rich classy crowd, s id suggest entertaining friends only ( not business ) here. They are allmiost always packed but if you go wuith kids the management is extra considerate and tries to squeeze you in – which is a huge plus because most places would not want to waste space on children and aim at adults only when tables are short !! Add to it, they even give your children a kids play sheet, so I actually ended up saving a 1500 Rs by going here as I did not have to take my kids to make and bake later. Love you guys – keep it up.
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deeplime - Burrp User


June 27,2010

It's a shame!

It is very surprising that the first time I went to TGIF when it had just opened at Palladium, the food was really good. But then I started hearing a lot of negative feedback from friends later on, I was not convinced, so i went to see for myself. It really sucked!

The service was lethargic. The drinks were strictly okay. The food.. I don't know where to begin. The steak we ordered was tasteless, dry and COLD, can you beat that? We were really really disappointed. We went there hungry and came out fully dissatisfied and that too after emptying our pockets. I don't feel bad for spending money, but when you spend money on bad food and pathetic service, you do feel cheated. I was really angry and it really put me off. Will never go there again, you too please avoid!
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anandkaran - Burrp User


May 27,2010

Thank God Its here.

ha.love this place.the drinks menu is great. they have a wide variety of cocktails. try the long island ice tea. its pretty good.
the portions are HUGE. the veg platter is nice. the chicken burger was average.
the ambience is great. the staff is courteous.
the only downfall is that almost everything on the menu is fried or has extra oil and cheese (not really needed).
the dessert section is the best part. they've got a great selection of sundaes - try them.
a little on the higher end - but for the quantity and the ambience - its totally worth it.
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abhisheksaraf - Burrp User


April 30,2010


Well we were told by friends to not eat here... we said how wrong can you go - its TGIF!! We were wrong - they were right!!

Every single dish we ordered was way below par. Enquiring about dessert, the waiter could not understand what we meant when we asked if the desserts were "fresh" or pre made days ago thus making it easier for us to skip it and move on!! I would say - we got lucky!!

Undoubtedly the worst food i have eaten in years in a restaurant!! Avoid!!
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reet_mumbai  - Burrp User


April 18,2010

TGI Friday - give this one a miss

Went there on saturday evening..the place was pretty empty to my surprise.. were escorted to our table by a waiter (and i guess that was the only thing that we could call a prompt service in the full two hours we were there..) after waiting for good 15 to 20 mins a waiter came to take our order..as the happy hours were going on we ordered for our drinks..i asked for a simple mocktail which came approx. 20 mins later.. the food we ordered was not that great... i waited for someone to take my order for a free repeat drink (which at any other normal place is served on its own once your glass is empty) and actually had to yell for a someone to notice...the drink came to me only on reminding them thrice..!!! all the attendants were busy discussing something really important i gues...they were not interested in clearing the bill as well..took there own sweet time for that.. i guess they were not happy to have guests around...
all in all...it was a really bad experience...you get better service at a roadside stall than this place...dnt think im gonna be there again..never expected this from TGIF.
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KR  - Burrp User


April 08,2010

A great place for steaks

Interesting look to the place, and the best part is that in Phoenix, it is easily accessible. So need of working an appetite to reach the place. Was there a few weeks backs, on a week day. Place was fairly empty. The good part is that they have TV screens all over - so IPL fans will love it.

Ordered a sirloin steak - medium rare. It as perfect - soft and juicy. Comes with mashed potatoes - correct consistency. You should also try one of their lime jucies or whateverits called. Very interesting. On the expensive side since a steak, an iced tea and a lime juice costed approx. Rs. 700.

Was passing the place yesterday - and it seemed packed. Wow!
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vishhh - Burrp User


April 03,2010

Sound System Very Poor

Went with my wife on a Fri night thinkin thank god its Friday !
found the sound quality of the music system very very poor & unclear, could hardly understand what was playing. I was surprised that an international chain having such a bad setup even the video display was abysmal.

Overall ambience and decor is good ... food quality is also appreciable but the unclear sound playin from the speakers jst puts you off.

Meal for 2 ppl would be approx 1K without drinks. I would occasionally prefer to go if i can bear with the music playin
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Keith Prabhu - Burrp User

Keith Prabhu

February 10,2010

Worth a miss!

Have been here 3 times. Each time felt that it is not worth it. The prices of drinks and food are high. The food and cocktails are strictly average. While the ambience is good, you feel a bit cheated due to the average quality of food/drinks. Yet another major irritant is that service charge is included in the bill @12% or so! Tips are meant for good service and forcing clients to pay up irrespective of service received defeats the purpose! Hence you need not tip (unless you have loads of cash and are REALLY overwhelmed by the service). Beware, the washrooms are not yet operational and you will have to use the general washrooms located in the Palladium. Maybe try it out once for novelty reasons.
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rajasagar - Burrp User


February 04,2010

TGIF-Pallace+Stadium=Paladium ?


Phoenix Mills has expanded from the burgeoning ‘BIG Bazaar’ to ‘High Street Phoenix’ and now into a massive glossy and slick granite slated Palladium with connected Escalators and never ending stream of window shoppers.

I thought that maybe they’ve combined two words ‘Palace’ and ‘Stadium’ and come up with ‘Palladium’

Looks like ‘Uncle Sam’ is not doing too well back home, so he’s heading out to Indian cities to shore up his bottom-line.

And one of the newest kids on this block is TGIF – Thank God Its Friday.

So what does Man Friday dish out ?

Lots of American stuff – Lots of fattening food – a la MacDonald’s. Lots of psychedelic strobes and disco lights with a snooker balled wall and American junk plastered all over to give it the nostalgic true blue American feel good impression.

All dishes start at around Rs.300/- and above but the quality, contents and quantity justify the moolah. It took two of us to wolf down their fare. Delicious, lip smacking, spicy, tarty and yumm.

Chicken, Lamb, Sea-Food and decent Vegetarian fare too.
Appetizers, steaks, Nachos, Tortillas, Pastas, Burgers, Grills, Soups and Salads.
Topped off with a well stocked bar and a bartender who juggles a lot of drinks and keeps you entertained with his antics. Drinks like the Margherita, Mojito, wines and beer with some interesting mocktails to drown in after a bad day at the stock markets.

They have Happy Hours, 5pm to 8-30pm on all days of the Week, only at the Palladium outlet here in Bombay, wherein every drink you order gets you one more complimentary. And every aerated drink you order is unlimited for the price of Rs.125/-

Strategically placed TV screens that showcase Sports, Soccer and MTV stuff – loud music – the head banger kind – the gloomy dark lighting with bright streaks of flashy disco – you get used to it after some time.

Waiters dressed in their trademark red stripes with two bright red napkins tucked behind them like a monkey’s tail.

One can barely have a conversation in the racket – but the bar is the place to line up to chill and wind down after a hard days work. Gossip and pick ups kind of atmosphere – if you get what I mean.

Typical American look and feel – should do well – and Mumbai’s rocking with firangs and well heeled yuppies. At TGIF, everyday is a Friday, Amen !
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Vishtasp  - Burrp User


January 28,2010

Good food

Go to this place if you want to have cheesy stuff. Their food is yummy...try the Parmesan-Crusted Chicken Quesadillas (has bacon in it also) for starters and the Sizzling Chicken & Cheese for mains... You can safely give the desserts a miss and go across to Movenpick for Ice Cream.

Service is attentive and the ambience is as you would expect. Don't go here if you want to catch a nice quiet meal.

A bit on the expensive side with meal for two costing around Rs.1000 (without drinks)...
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abcdmm - Burrp User


January 27,2010

Decent fried food, stay away from everything else!

Went there with a couple of friends, coincidentally during happy hours... we were glad to find that the happy hours (order one drink, get another of the same free) applied to non-alcoholic drinks too... we ordered 1 (got 2) Gold Medallion... the menu said it contained strawberries, grenadine, and pina colada mix... now i've had pina colada in a gazillion places and never ever have i found pieces of desiccated coconut in it!! the whole drink was full of it... ugh :( and when we asked the server about it, he said that's what their pina colada mix is like!!

as for the food we ordered: friday's shrimps (12 deep fried shrimps with fries) -- good; chicken fingers (5 fingers with fries) -- good; spicy chicken flatbread (deep fried chicken bits spread over red lettuce/some other veggies on a flatbread) -- ok, but they had spread this horridly sour sauce on top (our server said it would be chicken wing sauce, but this was just terrible: cream/yogurt/mayo based and very very sour)... without the sauce, the flatbread tasted ok...

the meal for 3 (we only ordered that one drink and the dishes i mentioned above) came to like Rs.1700 or something :-o in short, decent fried food, but otherwise kinda sad :(
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