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Avantika Chitlangia - Burrp User

Avantika Chitlangia

July 16,2015

A rocking night at The Angrezi Pub

I celebrated my 26th Birthday last Sunday. Growing old is not cool at all, but I guess there is not much we can do about it. Fortunately, I had the best time ever at The Angrezi Pub, Belapur.

I have been here once before, a couple of years ago. But then we just had a few pints of beer and left. We were welcomed by the staff and manager, and were seated in their lounge area which is a little set apart from the main bar area. There was a live Hindi rock show going on, featuring MH43 India and SOUL.

We got ‘Chana Masala’ for muchers or as we Indians call it – chakna. And for starters we ordered Golden Phyllo Bites, Chicken Herbed Strips and Chingari Wings Tikka. Do you guys remember the Chana Choor you get at Chowpatty & Juhu Beach? The Chana Masala was pretty much an enhanced version of that, served in a cute little jar. I loved the concept! The Phyllo Bites looked very nice, but I personally found them very average. What I loved was the Chicken Herbed Strips! I am vegetarian by choice because I do not usually fancy meat and chicken unless it is exceptional. I loved their offerings here, so that pretty much says it all. Everyone else was shocked to see me savour the chicken!

For drinks, aah the wonderful cocktails. The manager Atul recommended a few. So we went for 42-43 Degree – A Bourbon based cocktail, Good Morning Angrezi – A Vodka & Cucumber based cocktail and Aja – Vodka based cocktail with lemongrass. 42-43 degrees stole the show. It was simply mind-blowing.

They were playing rock versions of Bollywood songs, and a couple of originals. But overall with the amazing music, vibe, ambiance, food, drinks, service and of-course company; it was a perfect night. For main course we had a three cheese veg pizza and a Oriental Sizzler. I'm not kidding, but the pizza was the best I have had in quite some time, and I have a lot of pizza. The sizzler was mouth-watering too. The spices and flavors hit the right taste buds!

They even have a snooker table in this area, and we tried our hands on a game, though I was a little too drunk to play. ;) They also had a surprise for me, since it was my birthday. There was a cake and gifts! That was So-Not-Expected. I was excited like a little girl, they gave us souvenirs from the restaurant - 2 cups and 2 key-chains. And let me tell you, I love to collect memorabilia.

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Jitesh Navlani - Burrp User

Jitesh Navlani

December 28,2013

Don't visist manager very rude

I went last night with my friends after a slow Saturday. We thought of enjoying it but the pub has disappointed us.
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Chetan Thaker - Burrp User

Chetan Thaker

September 22,2013

Pretty good place to chill

Went to The Angrezi Pub last night with the wife after a very slow Saturday

Constantly changing minds, we ended up at TAP and had a very mixed reaction to this place

Ambiance: extremely dark, loud music and well spaced out. There is a section with an open bar and tall chairs with tables at one end and lounge sofas on the other side. One gets a feeling this was a very cheap old-school bar (dance bar) looking at the decor and the furniture.

Service: was very slow and quite bad in all honesty. The place is obviously very under staffed but looking at the number of people going here, the management would've felt it was a right decision not to hire more waiters. The waiters themselves were running around trying to cope up with the orders and drinks.

Food: surprisingly good. We called for their fish and chips which was basically rava fried fish and kung pao chicken. The chicken was pretty damn good and recommended. For mains, we had the chicken fried rice and chicken in hot garlic sauce. The gravy again was pretty good. Drinks - 2 pints and a large rum

Damages: 2500 for a meal for 2 - not bad

Note: the beers on the menu said 180 bucks a pint, but was charged 200 and I pointed that our to the waiter who went back and checked with a few more waiters and brought me an updated bill citing the "prices were dropped but not updated in the system" - a very convenient way of over charging unsuspecting customers
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Sneha Mittal - Burrp User

Sneha Mittal

August 20,2013

Nice Ambiance

On a day out with my girlfriends, ..we wanted to try out some new place in Belapur...So, we went a lil off the pub street to discover this new place called "The Angrezi Pub"...Had heard a lot about the place, its happening, the ambiance is amazing, and so on....Lemme describe my experience in detail...

The place is elegant...The ambiance is not just about how you make or decorate the place, its about including all the fine details in the decorations...and this place has definitely taken care of that...As soon as you enter the club, you get the feel of entering a small pub in London...The place has been beautifully decorated...You have a verity of options for sitting area...You could choose to sit on the high rise chairs if you are just a group of few looking to chit chat, and have a little private conversation, or you could choose the sofa side if you have friends who get too drunk n fall here n there...;) or just to be more comfortable....WARNING : Even though the sofa chairs look more comfortable, they are not so....it is a little uneasy to sit on them if you are gonna sit for long...You could just hang out by the bar chatting up with the bartender or with your friends...

The service of the place is good. The waiters were friendly and the service was fast. We went during the happy hours, in the day time. At that time, there were very less people in the pub, so we had the advantage of full attention from the waiters. The waiter cheerfully got our drinks, and didnt trouble us much

The food is okay, but on the expensive side. The servings are small.
The MENU is in the form of an Angrezi Newspaper with little facts written on it here and there, which was quite impressive. A different kind of menu (Must Say : A Commendable job on that one...when i say they take care of the fine little details) is what attracts you. Its fun to go through the menu.

They have happy hours offer of Buy2 get 1 free, which is fine according to me. You have better options at Rockville if you wanna get drunk...The prices, a bit expensive especially with drinks like whisky and vodka. They could definitely have better offers on Happy Hours, which will attract more crowd to the club.

In addition to all this, they have a waiting area sofa, if you are waiting for your turn to get a table. They also have a pool table. You could choose to play pool and have a nice fun time with your friends.

From what I have heard from my friends, the place gets pretty crowded on saturday nights, and the music is good. (The music during day time was awful....)

You could give the place a try, if you like going to and discovering new places, but I wouldnt go there during happy hours again! Would definitely try to visit the pub on a Saturday night...:)
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ishannbhatt - Burrp User


August 01,2013

Good place with very bad,rude staff

We went to The Angrezy Pub last night. And as per our expectations the place,ambience was awesome. Music was according to mood too. The drinks and starters were also quite awesome. But they(idiot waiters)ruined our evening by fighting with us over a serve of peanuts. We were ordering drinks and starters regularly but that guy argued with us over a complimentary peanuts. And we had ordered over 2000 and that guy was fighting for peanuts. It just spoiled everything.
To management
Please take note of it. People coming to your place are not as cheap as your staff. We cancelled one round of drinks just because of his behaviour. Keep better staff otherwise your place rocks..
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Jitesh Navlani - Burrp User

Jitesh Navlani

June 24,2013

Excellent Place to Hangout

Navi Mumbai has got the nightlife......I went there last night with friends had a great experience.

The Ambiane is good and moreover the crowd was also awesome.

Even I enjoyed the pool table area......I will visit again.Highly Recomended
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