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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

December 24,2014

best for packing food and taking it away

Idli house is a great joint with legacy which has refused to evolve....with 3 tables to sit and no other joints it is simply a great start squandered. around 5 years ago one really struggled for a good variety of Idlis in Mumbai....there weren't any specialists and this place was really great to go to for food.....With advent of malgudi & banana leaf now we have really authentic options to go to....idli house dosent do justice by limiting itself to idlis.....No vadas , no upmas , no idiappams or aapams...just idlis......The idlis no doubt are great....the accompaniments are nice with variety of gun powders, chutneys , sesame oils etc however the sheet cramped nature of the joint dosent help.....Idli house is great if you stay nearby and can hop in your tweeds better still is that you order it home.....however travelling some distance to sample the idlis doesnt really make sense as it dosent seem the effort due to the sheer lack of variety.

Ill eat there if i am around....but surely i need more variety in my breakfast if am eating out.
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svonline - Burrp User


October 26,2014


If you have liked South Indian even 1%, if you even slightly like Idli
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tejas GHALSASI - Burrp User


March 12,2014

Excellent variety! Yummy food ! But very congested

Well the food is very nice! Authentic chutneys and sambar is served along with some other accompaniments !
The kanchipuram idli,molga-pudi idli are worth try! Idlis are smooth ,probably one of the best ive had!
the only con is that the place is very small and gets congested pretty much soon!
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WheelsOnOurFeet Blog - Burrp User

WheelsOnOurFeet Blog

March 02,2014

Restaurant Review: Idli House in King’s Cirlcle

Why an exclusive joint for the ubiquitous Idli? You may ask. We did too when we had visited Idli House for the first time. And then came to know that they are the only joint in all of Mumbai that sells Mudho – Idlis wrapped in Kedki leaves. And they also sell Khotto – Idlis wrapped in Jackfruit leaves. And Oondi, Masala Idli (Sanna Khotto), Idli Upma, Jackfruit Idli, Mysore Rava Idli, Kanchipuram Idli (and you though Kanchipuram is famous only for sarees?), Kakdi Idli, Pepper Idli, Pepper Idli, Vegetable Idli, Mini Idli and of course the Regular Idli!! They boast of 16 varieties and have another 16 type of accompaniments to the Idli you chose – Coconut gravy with Hing seasoning, Ginger & Rai seasoning, Green Chillies, Red Chillies, Garlic & Green Chillies, Molga Pudi with Til Oil, Linbda Puri with Coconut Oil, Pickles, Jain Sambhar, Vengaya Sambhar, Rasa, Curd Kadhi!!! Beat that!!! The permutation and combination possibility of the idlis and the accompaniments can be a delight to any Idli lover.
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Nitish Sharma - Burrp User

Nitish Sharma

October 16,2013

Needs to evolve

li house is a great joint with legacy which has refused to evolve....with 3 tables to sit and no other joints it is simply a great start squandered. around 5 years ago one really struggled for a good variety of Idlis in Mumbai....there weren't any specialists and this place was really great to go to for food.....With advent of malgudi & banana leaf now we have really authentic options to go to....idli house dosent do justice by limiting itself to idlis.....No vadas , no upmas , no idiappams or aapams...just idlis......The idlis no doubt are great....the accompaniments are nice with variety of gun powders, chutneys , sesame oils etc however the sheet cramped nature of the joint dosent help.....Idli house is great if you stay nearby and can hop in your tweeds better still is that you order it home.....however travelling some distance to sample the idlis doesnt really make sense as it dosent seem the effort due to the sheer lack of variety.

Ill eat there if i am around....but surely i need more variety in my breakfast if am eating out....
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Gaurav Agrawal - Burrp User

Gaurav Agrawal

September 13,2013


Idli House has only 2 things on its menu, Idli and coffee. And thats all it needs to always have its eatery filled with people. Idli Upma, Mudho, Khotto are some of the traditional idlis that you can try. Malgapudi which is chargeable at any other south Indian joint is absolutely free of charge here. Filter coffee is one of the best you will get in whole of matunga.
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Jayashri  - Burrp User


August 26,2013

Idlis Only!

This place is for all idli lovers who enjoy various forms of this humble South Indian breakfast, eaten with various accompaniments like sambar, chutneys (coconut/garlic), molgapodi, limbdapodi, pickles etc. Other than the plain steam Idli, there is an idli for each and everyone, suiting his/her tastes - Masala idli, kancheepuram idli, pepper idli, vegetable idli, rava idli to name a few. They have something called as the Khotto and Mudho which is another form of the idli but steamed in jackfruit and kedki leaves respectively, which leave a light lovely flavor of the same in the idlis.

It’s a tiny place with just 3 tables and a side table which you can use if you want to stand and have your meal. The chutneys are varied and unlimited. The best thing I love about Idli House is that they have managed to bring out a range of ways in which idlis are made and at the same time, keeping the original South Indian flavours intact (unlike the crazy remixes like Schezwan Idli, Noodles Dosa etc which are being brought out these days!)

So the day your heart says idli, it definitely means its time to visit Idli House!!!
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Kool Khanna - Burrp User

Kool Khanna

August 24,2013

You will not get such idli anywhere else

This is by far the best idli i have eaten. The joint is a small one with just 3 tables but do not underestimate it. The idlis are tasty and the sambar is heavenly!! They also offer a variety of powder condiments with two types of oil as against just the one offered in the other south indian joints in Matunga. I tried the kanchipuram idli which was very tasty. The coffee was out of this world.
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abilash001 - Burrp User


July 29,2013

Not bad

Ok if you are here for authentic south Indian saravan bhavan style ifly..sorry u aint gonna get it..place is quite small..there are different varieties of idlys u get it..try it out for one time..the sambar is not spicy..and sometimes the chutney is sweet..kancheepuram idly was good. Try it once.must improve!
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Vidyadheesh Upadhye - Burrp User

Vidyadheesh Upadhye

April 20,2013

Idli Ka Khazana

This is one restaurant / eatery where I can boast that I have eaten every single dish on the menu including the accompaniments, unless any new one have been introduced in the last 3 months.

Though Idli is not new to Mumbai, Idli House introduces you to the type that is popular with the coastal region of Karnataka. I appreciate the owners for their sheer conviction in their offering and their guts to start a restaurant only for Idli's; for Idli is not a "Up-Market" dish like Sushi with a niche clientele and premium pricing. Every Idli prepared here is unique in their preparation and ingredients.

If you are a Idli lover, then you must come here to enjoy the variety on offer and order without fear. The staff is helpful with the ingredients in case you a have doubt what to order.
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shardul gosavi - Burrp User

shardul gosavi

March 04,2013

You can get variety of idlies

As per the name it is house of idli
you can get 2% discount if you are a VJTI student
best thing about this is "Chatani"
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m1hirk - Burrp User


March 04,2013

Idli Heaven

Kanchipuram Idli, Masala kakdi Idli and Khotto Idli. Never heard of these? Then you need to visit this tiny place near King Circle. Everything except the behaviour of their waiters is good. Try butter idli with mulga pudi and filter coffee. Also, they give discounts to students...
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rohitanand14 - Burrp User


February 18,2013

must try

very simple menu, idlis and coffee. But the variety they have in idli is awesome.
in the first go i tried kanjivaram, pepper and kakdi idli. will visit again.
the menu is nicely done with each idli carrying the description for aid.
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Aditya Chv - Burrp User

Aditya Chv

November 29,2012

Idli Heaven !

Heard a LOT about this place and if you are an Idli lover you HAVE to visit this place.

There were many people waiting to get into the restaurant.

Once we got in, I was surprised by the size of the place, it is tiny! I got confused with the mirror on the other side and thought it was of decent size.

Anyhow coming to the idlis, the kanchipuram Idli is a must have! Its spicy and is yellow in color.

The Idli upma was something which I had never heard of it was Yum.

The Khotto Idli is a specialty and comes wrapped in leaves.

Then finally ordered the normal Idli to see how it tastes here, and it was one of the best Idlis I have had in Mumbai.
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wsoh001 - Burrp User


November 19,2012

The Idli Specialists

I live in Sion and I love idlis. What more i want if I have Idli House in Matunga!!!

Amazing place.

Service - Quick
Ambience - ok
Taste - Superb
Will try again : Yes

This place is very good when you are out for idlis. They have variety. People serving are very good. I don't know how all are good there but may be all are trained keeping one basic point in mind that Customer Service is the ultimate service.

Thanks Idli House... You all were good and so this review is for you all.

Varun Rupani
Creative Head @ Globus Talent
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

August 17,2012

One of a kind ...

With a single item (with variants ofcourse), this place is a delight for IDLI lovers ... the sheer variety is amazing and taste excellent. Especially with the cocunut chutney which is very different from the ones available around. The coffee is also excellent and a must have. You will need to wait and share your table ... served fairly quickly and without fuss. The old man in the counter gets really upset and grumpy if you take a idli / coffee and go to your car as my wife experienced. He is clear that its best enjoyed in the restaurant and you better agree with him.
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rits407 - Burrp User


December 14,2011

Value for Money

This place might b small but the food quality is damn great & the variety of Idlis you get over here are hardly available elsewhere & the unlimited Sambhar & the tasty Chutney is all you can ask for. must visit for all Idli lovers in Matunga.
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Chirag Kenia - Burrp User

Chirag Kenia

September 27,2011

Fast, Efficient, Delicious!

You'll be amazed to know the varieties of Idlis that exist in first place! What's more fascinating is they all taste very radically different and GOOD!

Unlimited Chutney, Sambar and Pudi - thats a winner to begin with!

Must try: Oondi Idli, Kanchipuram Idli, Idli Upma and Sana Khoto!

End with a cup of strong coffee and tip well - they serve you well :-)
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Intrepidgourmet - Burrp User


June 15,2011

A Unique restaurant

I am surprised to read most of the reviews below of this most unique restaurant.
For starters, most of the reviewers comment on the sambhar and chutney. This is a unique restaurant because it serves dishes not available in any other restaurant in Mumbai. This is hard core Konkani food usually seen in traditional Konkani homes.
Some of the traditional varieties of idlis available here include Khotto (idli cooked in a jackfruit leaf), Moodo (cooked in a bamboo leaf), Sanna Khotto (Masal idli), Oondi (cooked with coconuts) and Thausha Mudho (Cucumber idli).
I find most of these exquisite and they are otherwise rare to find. When I go there I find myself wondering who would eat an ordinary idli at a place like this. But there are a lot of patrons who do just that. Fear of the unknown. The surprise is that people reviewing here also seem to be unadventurous.
Also try the idlis with Rasam or Dalitoya (Konkani style dal) apart from the powdered chutneys already mentioned. The idli upma is also worth a try (made from powdered idlis)
In a city where we have a lot of restaurants which have a sameness about them, this is a wonderful attempt at making something different. Let us appreciate the effort and support restaurants like this.
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Sal  - Burrp User


June 15,2011

Go for Sheer Variety

It is a tiny place with like 3 tables.

Food: As the name suggests they only serve idlis. There are a variety of fillings to choose from. Ordered the butter pepper idli which come with a large dollop of butter, the vegetable idli and rava idli I think it was. Somehow I wasn't too impressed with the sambhar and chutney except for the green chutney.

Damages: Rs 80 for 1 plate idlis and 3 single idlis.

There is nothing exceptional about the food and I doubt I would visit again.
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boss21 - Burrp User


March 13,2011

waste of money

Horrible 23 bucks down the drain , the chutneys and sambar sucked to the core .....
Horrible to the core .
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muthuraj  - Burrp User


November 23,2010

excuse me...

the idlis were all good.. but the awry taste of chutneys/sambhars spoils it all.. Hellooo dudes who run the place!!! do sonthing abt it man.. if nothing else add some green chillies...???
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

September 28,2009

Idlis are now my favorite

This place reminds of all those days when I was almost penniless but wanted to enjoy a good meal. We went to all those wonderful Udipis in Matunga area which defintely lacked in ambience but covered up with low price and good quantity.
But when recently I went to Idli House, it was refreshing change in ambience though a little cramped and you may have to share your table with strangers.
You can not miss their speciality idli's they are amazing and service could not be more quick. The waiters unlike other Udipi's are friendly.
Their coffee is the best and the special south indian way of drinking it in a tumbler makes it really worthwhile.
Grab a bite and have some coffee. You will definitely feel glad you came to this place.
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Animesh Dwivedi - Burrp User

Animesh Dwivedi

July 05,2009

Ideal Idli

I am not really a fan of Idlis and would certainly never travel on my own to Matunga Circle all the way from Cuffe Parade to eat breakfast leave along Idlis. It was my uncle's b'day and my aunt took us (Two of them, their son, my grand parents and ofcourse me) to the Idli House for b'fast. I could only wonder after reaching why we came all the way to this place.

Food: There are huge varieties of idlis (no prize for guessing) and they really take care in making them damn well. The Sambhar and 'Power Powders' (that is what I call those mix of powdered condiments) was delicious to go with it. And yes everything does smell awesome and is served hot. The plethora of choices might be a little confusing but its never a bad idea to the friendly staff they have. Coffe was served in typical S Indian style in a steel bowl and tumbler and comes loaded (I like my coffee strong with less sugar).

Place: The place reminded me of those South Indian Udupi Cafes I used to visit where strangers share the table for efficient use of infrastructure (Mumbai needs this as much as I don't like it) to keep the cost low. It is cramped.

Ambience is certainly a negative, but then again, when did you ever eat Idlis at a 5 starrer just for the heck of it. Not a place to kill time and you just can't sit and chat all the way to glory.

Final words: Good place to grab a quick bite if you are around the same bite and want something priced low. But certainly I will not drive all the way from South Mumbai to Matunga for just this.
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gpriyanka - Burrp User


April 17,2009

Good idlis

A whole menu of different types of idlis. It was a wonderful experience. Go for it if you are window shopping and looking for a quick bite.
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Chris F - Burrp User

Chris F

December 31,2008

not my cuppa coffee....

in short i was disappointed....

I've always believed that idli is more about the accompaniments- the sambar, the chutneys, the COFFEE!!!

well, here at Idli House the idlis were moist n soft enough... but then thats a given since i dont think any idli born in the matunga area can be anything but that..

but the chutneys were awful... no spice, no flavour... even the pudis (dry powder chutneys) were bland... the coconut chutney tasted like plain coconut paste.... the mysore chutney was thick n tasteless like clay... the sambar was just ok.... everything was either sweetish or tasteless...

and to nail the coffin... the filter coffee was a let down... not the same aroma and taste of the other south indian places around matunga...

i might be an outlier with this review... but i can can live with that... what i cant live with is bland chutney!
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Abhi T - Burrp User

Abhi T

December 22,2008

petu insan khush hua

this place makes the second best idli after petu insan's mom....
never ever experienced so many varieties in idlis...
the unlimited rasam,sambhar,chutney idea works well...especially malgapuri and limrapuri chutney with cocnut oil or palm oil...
the masala idli on fridays and saturdays is just what attracts petu to this place again and again..cost wise petu finds ot paisa wasool
the idli sheera or idli upma is too good....
the best part of this eatery is that it opens early..so petu grabs here a quickie mostly ,in the morning
you can also buy the powder chutneys here ..those are really worth its every penny u spend
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Paurush Sonkar - Burrp User

Paurush Sonkar

June 19,2008

Idli just got a Chik look

The above review says it all. Just a few further pointers : The place is not in Sion (W), It is at Kind Circle - Matunga : 400019

The Menu can be quite confusing but never hesitate to ask the waiter. I have ordered at home and they have been kind enough to ask me - Tell us how many people will eat and they will send you the best varities depepding on how many people would be relishing the meal.

Dont forget the wash down the Idli's with some great coffee - They sell coffeee powder as well.
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vrushali prabhu - Burrp User

vrushali prabhu

June 18,2008

Idlis,idlees and eedlees....

You may have notices that I have spelled idlis differently..This is exactly how i would describe the menu of Idli House.Last time when i was in India, I and my brother went to this place.My brother wreaked his idli fetish and ordered masala idli which is available only on tuesdays and fridays.I,on the other hand,was skeptical because i was expecting oil drowned idli dish.But i was surprise and it was a pleasant one..The idli was wrapped in banana or haldi leaf and was yellow..The taste was amazing and it was absolutely sans oil...The sambar is compliementary and can be replaced with rasam.
This is the most important part..
The cooks knew that sambar and rasam are two distinctly different food items and hence we were not served the thick dal concoction as sambar and the dal ka paani as rasam..Both rasam and sambar were fresh.I have the habit of leaving the coconut chutney untouched when i go to an udipi restaurant because the coconut is not fresh and tastes very sour and stale..But this place was ready to prove me wrong in more than one instances...The chutney turned out to be absolutely fresh...freshly ground on the stone grinder...

The ambience resembles a well running Udipi restaurant,but the place promises much more.If you do not find a table you can also have your order standing on a side table..There are varieties of dry chutney that are kept on the table along with sesame and coconut oil..ready to be mixed..they too have a touch of homemade quality..
One thing that i would love to mention here was that the waiter removed the banana leaf covering with a sleight of hand,though the place bursting with customers..It pleases me to know that he devoted 10 second of his time for the gesture and gets brownie points for it.

We had among 7-8 idli dishes..each different one and washed them down with two filter coffees...the bill was below Rs 100...
All in all the best place for college kids,people on the move and office goers..

P.S The normal idli plate serves more than 4 idlis for less than 15 bucks which I find the highlight of this place...
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Diehard Foodie - Burrp User

Diehard Foodie

March 19,2008

Idli heaven

A visit to the Idli House in Mumbai is a must, both for foodies with an idli fetish and those on a diet.

Located in the hustle and bustle of King's Circle, you might just miss this tiny yet welcoming spot, which opened last Dusshera and is always teeming with people.

It serves an amazing variety of idlis, from the plain steamed variety to khottu, mudho and more.

A khotu (amusing as it may sound) is an idli tucked into a triangular cup made of jackfruit leaves. As a steaming plate of khottu arrives, the sweet aroma of jackfruit fills the air and you know the delicious, hot idli is waiting inside its special cup.

One plate consists of a single khottu. The waiter generously drops dollops of homemade butter on it, making each bite just just melt in your mouth. Try it with some mullagamutti (dried spicy chutney), coconut chutney and sambar. What a feeling! Weight-watchers, do avoid the butter.

A mudho is another variation of idli; it comes wrapped in a banana leaf. Like its cousin the khottu, it is a mouthwatering delight.

All variations of the simple rice batter preparation -- the now famous idli -- like the rava idli to the sweet, tangy cucumber idli to the spicy masala idli -- are available at Idli House.

The service is amazing and accomplices like the generous helpings of coconut chutney, mullagamutti masala and sambhar make it really worth a visit.

The ambience is pretty simple. The place has limited seating arrangement -- there are only three granite tables and chairs -- but the service is excellent and the owners personally greet all guests who drop in for a bite.

The pricing is very moderate, each variation of the idli costs anywhere between Rs 8 to 16 per plate.

So, if you love idli, this is THE place for you.
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Zainab Amiri - Burrp User

Zainab Amiri

September 27,2011

idli khutto

the idli khutto out der is juz yummmmmmmmmm :P
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