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sonal bhatia - Burrp User

sonal bhatia

March 12,2014

Home away from home

One of the most excellent Indian Chinese restaurant in suburbs. It serves the best paneer crispy, dry manchurian, veg fried rice for the vegetarians. For the non- vegetarians you should surely try the crispy chicken and chicken lollipop. Also do have the manchow soup. The price of the dishes is also very affordable making me come here very often.
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burrpakshay - Burrp User


January 03,2014

Love the food

I have been here like many times and each time the experience gets better and better! Just love the ambiance and service. But the most striking feature is the quality and quantity of food..I have been served stale food at other places but at Uncle's Kitchen its cooked fresh and is worth the wait.
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Gmonga1982 - Burrp User


October 27,2013

Food not worth

Since long i was hearing about my uncle kitchen my experience was really bad
i came from kandivali east to take the parcel
Ordered for veg crispy. Chicken crispy. Dry lollypop chicken
Veg fried rice and chicken sezwan fried rice
Chicken crispy was really horrible he gave me bhajiya green colour
Lolly pop was not worth the price hardly flesh was there totally bone
Veg crispy look like was eating some colour vegetable
Both the rice was ok but quality of rice used for making is not worth the price they are using labour rice you get quality on stall 670 was the bill but chinese was not original they fooled guys come to thakur viilage eat the chinese food from new wanton point
As good as china gate sezwan sauce for got to tell it was not sezwan sauce but red chilly sauce put in vinegar totally saur i know many people love chinese from there guys go out and see much better food
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pradiprathod1 - Burrp User


October 14,2013

Uncles Kitchen = Best chinese...!!!...

One and only place I visit during rainy season as it has the bestest taste I ever had in chinese... the soup and noodles is simply and truly delicious...a must visit place for chinese lovers.... thumps up for uncles kitchen...,
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CNK  - Burrp User


October 04,2013

simply yummilicious

if you belong to Malad you definitely know Uncles Kitchen as its a house hold name when it comes to Chinese food. be it their signature chicken lollipops to chilly chicken to the sweet corn soup.

quantity is great for both dine in and take away. a good 3 course meal for 2 can range anywhere between 500-600.
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bharti_v14 - Burrp User


September 03,2013


I have been a regular to this place and every time I have enjoyed my food here. I highly recommend the fish fingers and crispy chicken for starters and Singapore noodles are worth a try. I must also add that the taste of the food here has not changed and been consistently good over the years. the service is super prompt and the place is hygienic.
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Purvi  Verma - Burrp User

Purvi Verma

March 17,2013

Best Chinese joint in Suburbs

It has been over 19 years I am eating at this place the taste of each and everything here has been the same! The food is hygienic and the service is super quick. The chicken in black bean sauce is a hit here; you can’t miss the fish fingers and Beijing chicken and the lamb in black pepper sauce. The waiting time is usually 20-30 minutes on weekends but the food here is all worth the wait.
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angelgal3108 - Burrp User


February 05,2013

great value for money

Had been here after visiting timbucktoo

this place gives a hugeeeeeeeee value for money....
worth spending so little on such great food....

though you have a waiting period of about 15 minutes

Ambience: 2/5
very poor interiors....
Dont expect grand interior...its a normal hotel with hindi speaking waiters....

Food: 4/5
quality is very nice....(do not expect the quality equivalent to five spice or any other big restos)
Quantity: per dish can serve 2 people

we were 3 of us, ordered 1 soup, 1 starter, 1 main course : 450 rs
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Delmer D'souza - Burrp User

Delmer D'souza

December 24,2012

Uncles kitchen on my mind for chinese

if you think of eating chines or other indian food in malad west uncles kitchen is the best , ive been eating from them since childhood and now its my 16th year with them so you know how long they are in hearts of people and they know how people like it
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Milind Correa - Burrp User

Milind Correa

November 05,2012

Grand Uncle's Kitchen!

I visited this place on 04/11/12 with my family & was astonished to find the food quality so poor. The rice was cold, the soup was smelly & the waiter was cold too! Its a far cry from the quality that was served when it was at Mith Chowki. My only advice to the management is that instead of focusing on unwanted things, focus on you core strength i.e. good quality food at affordable prices.
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Deven Shah - Burrp User

Deven Shah

September 25,2012

Best Chinese, ever....

I have been coming to UK from the past 20 years since my college days and till today the food rocks the best chicken chilly, the best chicken wonton fry, spring rolls and the best lollipop ever. All my friends and family love this place. There are some people who have written rubbish that the Shanghai chicken was bland or has no taste and the chicken was rotten. I have a sensitive stomach and I eat very regularly (every weekend almost) at UK and in last 20 I can vouch that I never ever had upset stomach or any bad experience after eating at UK. The owners are very very careful and particular about the quality of the food they server and I would like to inform the users who had written bad review that you should have brought your experience to the owners notice, trust me they take any complains very seriously.
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craziefoodie - Burrp User


September 07,2012

highly over-rated

Had heard a lot about this place,but it was a huge disappointment!!!!the ambience was nice,but food was bland!!!the crispy chicken was crisp but the batter was tasteless!!!the shanghai chicken was bland,no particular taste,not even of garlic or onion,the mixed fried rice which was a mix of chicken and prawns,the quantity was good but the texture,moisture,taste was bad really bad,it was dry !!!!a huge disappointment!!!:(
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zaara khan - Burrp User

zaara khan

May 01,2012

uncle really needs to improve his cookin...

in spite of good ambience & service, i was really having a hard time to gulp the food.. oh yea! that's exactly how awful d food is.. chicken tasted like it was rotten... never going back.. it completely spoiled my Saturday night..
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Daerk Knight - Burrp User

Daerk Knight

April 10,2012


Nice ambience. Good people. Great food. Decent price. Chinese meal for two, with starters, drink and full course, costs somewhere between 350 to 450.
Home delivery is quick.
Off-late have seen the amount of meat quantity reduced, the prices have been bumped too. Still, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Malad.
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Sharondsouza2 - Burrp User


March 27,2012

Best chinese ever

Been coming to Uncles from the past 18yrs and till today the food rocks the best paneer chilly i have ever had great quality paneer...its amazing to be greeted by the owners till date which makes you feel like home ...my most favourite chinese rest always
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ramehta2010 - Burrp User


March 26,2012

Kudos to Uncle and his Team

Best ever chinese, especially the chicken lollypops and the chicken chilly they are ROCKING.... Kudos to uncle and his team for serving such amazing food for the past 25 yrs . Keep up the good work... God Bless you all .Wish I could give Uncles kitchen unlimited stars ...
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foodie.me - Burrp User


January 24,2012

Very average food-Service sucks.

Was on my way home from work when my guy and I decided to drop in at Uncle's Kitchen. Now I had heard of this place sooo many times (not most recently, but still...). So we go all the way to Malad (through the horrible traffic on Link Road).

When we entered, there were only 2 tables occupied (this was around 8 pm). The tables were clean. Water was served promptly, and we got the menu immediately too. What ticked me off first was that the captain (who perpetually looks like he swallowed a lemon and behaves as if he is doing you a HUGE favour by getting you the menu) kept hovering while we were looking at the menu. I mean - give us five minutes to atleast see it! It is very irritating when someone is standing right next to you when you are looking at the menu.

We were not very hungry, so we ordered garlic rice and paneer manchurian. The captain couldn't really recommend any dish, nor was he helpful in suggesting how a dish would be. Just his standard 'this is spicy' 'This is non-spicy' replies. I can figure that out for myself, thank you. So the food comes. The plates are those cheap plastic ones, as are the food bowls.

Now this guy just keeps(nearly plonks) the food on the table and walks away. No, he does NOT serve it. Does not turn up later to ask if we need anything else. The boy who was clearing the tables was prompt (the same guy who served the water). Food was VERY AVERAGE. Nothing different or great. Very much like you would get at the next chinese restaurant. Very much the 'Indianised chinese' (which I was very much expecting, and don't mind having at all.). Not the kind of food that would leave a mark.

So we just ask for the bill. That guy plonks down the bill and mouth freshner too. I mean, WTH? If you are having a bad day, don't show it to the customers. I am NOT a bad customer, I am polite and ALWAYS tip very well. I have been to some of the best restaurants in the city, and have NEVER faced this kinda service. Even the busy waiters at some small udipi-restaurants are more polite. These guys need to realise that they are not doing anyone a favour by running a restaurant, and this attitude is not going to take anyone anywhere.

We tipped the water-boy well, and left. I am not going back to this place for sure. There is nothing here that would make me want to visit again. Food - just regular, and service - I wouldn't be surprised if he would have told us to carry our own food from the kitchen. Slam down this review all you'd like. For all I care, I'm a regular Mumbaikar writing an honest review.
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Priya Narayanan - Burrp User

Priya Narayanan

January 22,2012


I have to been to this place umpteen times because I loved the food here. They serve Chinese (not authentic) but Indianised, but tastes well & doesn't cost you much too..!
But ever since the restaurant has been renovated, the food quality and tastes has depreciated and seems like it can’t get more bad. I have dropped in here unfortunately during my last few visits and would love to never come back again. The food tastes bad, less quantity or rather nothing like the old Uncles kitchen.
Drop in only if ‘Taste doesn't really matter ‘..!!!
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DrNehaCM - Burrp User


November 10,2011

D famous UK party....

Such memories....Having grown up in kandivali,this is one place we look up to for excellent Chinese,prompt service,great taste n affordable prices.
We actually have a group of family friends,where we treat each other at this place irrespective of d occasion.U can finish your food in 20 mins or loiter around for hours depending upon you,but 1 things for sure food is on your table within 10 minutes of your order....just love this place....
Hope to get d same old taste for many for years...
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Shayne  Dsouza  - Burrp User

Shayne Dsouza

October 21,2011

From Yaya To Nah Nah

Having grown up in Malad, Uncle's Kitchen was an iconic Chinese Joint. But unfortunately the food quality seems to be depreciating. The food before was really good but now it's gotten average.
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mamtu87 - Burrp User


August 15,2011


Drove from Borivalli to here to eat their yummy chinese food, n it was totally worth it.
3 things you must try out
Drums of heaven
Mixed fried rice
Chicken chilly
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rohan_save - Burrp User


August 03,2011

Latest Menu

is the uploaded menu the latest one or the old one..i dont think its the latest 1..some1 pls upload the new 1...this is 1 great chinese restaurant...!!
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Naina Acharya - Burrp User

Naina Acharya

May 11,2011

The worlds Bestest lollypops & fish fingers!

The place for the yummiest lollypops & fish fingers I have ever tasted in my life! slurp slurp.

I first visited this place 'in its dhaba version' when I was a barely 12. That was the first time I tasted chinese food. Lollypops, fish fingers, fried rice were all novel dishes then and i remember gorging on this food.

Two decades later, the 'dhaba' is now a full fledged restaurant. The food quality just the same...yummilicious. The prices have obviously increased exponentially however its a paisa vasool food for me. I would have really like them switch to better cutlery & waiters who know to 'smile'. They need to remember it is no longer a dhaba. Warning: This place is always 24/7 super crowded. If do not wish to wait, please book your tables and reach in time. I wouldn't vouch for the other Chinese items like fried rice, noodles etc. Just a nice place to gorge on starters.
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Shital Kumbhare - Burrp User

Shital Kumbhare

May 06,2011

22 years old love affair called Uncle's Kitchen!!


I remember very clearly, I was 7 when I first tried the Sweet Corn Chicken Soup at Uncle's Kitchen.

We had moved recently to Orlem Malad then, and had no idea what to expect out of "Chinese Food' Yes! that was my first time...

And today after literally seeing half the world and trying all the exotic foods around the globe and back to Mumbai the first thing my taste buds wanted to taste was the Soup!

This place brings me memories of school treats and after examination results my Mom used to take-away from Uncle's for me! it was a given and we didnt even have to fight over other restaurant choices!!

This place has a special place in my life and hope it never fades away!!

I Love You - Uncles Kitchen!


P.S: Must try the Hot And Sour Soup (especially when you have acold), Hakka Noodles, Drums of Heaven, Chicken Lollypop and Chicken Chilly!!

Bon Appétit
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harshada86 - Burrp User


June 28,2010


yummy chinese food. Noodles, n almost all nonveg starters are heavenly...
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gyanjit - Burrp User


June 01,2010

drums of heaven, absolutely heavenly!!

Circa 1994...tucked away in the corner at the trisection where Marve Road meets the link road(now a fourth road going towards north mumbai has joined this trisection) there used to be a small joint where you would always find a big crowd waiting to sweat it out in a closed space (more of an extension of a kitchen) in the evening for some great chinese food. As a bachelor, I introduced this place to my friends who still thank me from the bottom of their stomach.
The restaurant has now an a/c section and has shifted a few blocks away. The taste of the food has remained the same - delicious & lip smacking. Drums of heaven are heavenly. Other things you can try are - crispy chicken, bread sticks with chicken and sesame seeds and the usual fare of noodles and rice.

My children swear by it and always combine an outing to Aksa beach with a lunch or a dinner here while on the way back home or a movie at Inorbit followed by a meal here.

So just don't read... go ahead and enjoy the fare.
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Fatema M - Burrp User

Fatema M

May 15,2009

Wow .. awesome chinese food !

I have been enjoying chinese food at this joint since more than 15 years now. Even though I am settled in other part of the country, I long for UK's chinese food !! Its economical, tasty and we long for more ! Recently, they have renovated the joint. Ambience is not that great, for people who don't really care, UK shall not disappoint you ! Its very difficult to get a table on weekends :)
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riacy - Burrp User


April 27,2009

Try only the popular chinese dishes here

There was quite a crowd waiting to get into this place and so I though the food would be great. After waiting about for 20 mins we got a table. Our mistake was we ordered Tomato soup, prawn chow chow and Singaporean noodles. Yes very bland affair unlike most Indians who love spicy food but I am among those people who like to get the taste of the ingredients rather than such chilli in my mouth.
I was pretty disappointed.
I have never had such a horrible tomato soup. It was like drinking Maggie tomato ketchup. The noodles was drizzling with oil and the prawns were so tiny i almost missed them.
I guess if i stuck to popular fare such as chicken lollipop and hakka noddles with some chilli chicken i would have had a different experience.
I give 2 stars because i can't get over that tomato soup :)
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ramkamal - Burrp User


April 17,2009

Worth your penny!

This one place is always crowed... and we finally managed to eat recently. Frankly speaking the pricing of all the items are unbelievable. I mean, dinner for two was at 350 rs only... we had chicken soup, chicken lollypop, prawns starter, mixed fried rice and sweet and sour chicken. They serve magically prompt and the food is fresh. Must go, for people who like Indian style chinese food. Certainly not an authentic chinese restaurant, but definitely a good food joint!
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Rio007 - Burrp User


February 19,2009

Uncle Kitchen, Malad (W)

I was staying Kandivali and my whole family use to visit Uncle Kitchen, Chinese Food was delicious since last 10 years I am settled in Rajkot Gujarat. But UK stil in our heart and my children always talks about the manchurian, soup etc. The UK owner too is very cooperative. If we happen to come to BOMBAY our first food will be at UK, Malad West
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abhirupg70 - Burrp User


May 25,2008

Economic Chinese Food

This is really long back when I arrived in Bombay in 1993 and was staying in Malad(W). We used to frequent this place as the food was quite cheap but reasonably good. I still remember the long waits we had , specially on the weekends. Those days the place was very less populated ( Orlem , Mithchowki) Today while writing this I am getting really nostalgic and I wish I will have a chance in future to revisit this place.( as I had moved out of Bombay )
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lukewarmy - Burrp User


August 03,2007

Good Uncle !!

I have been a resident of Malad for the last 42 years, patronising this restaurant ever since its birth on the corner of Mithchowky . What must be appreciated is the consistency in the taste & the prices under check.
The Fried rice, Manchurian & lolipops as always are worth mentioning !
What needs to be more appreciated is the fact that Uncle has given way (out of choice) by shifting from the crowded junction where he was (apparently an illegal structure) - This way he has eased the Malad crowd of the traffic at this junction . Quodos to you Uncle of Mithchowky.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

January 02,2007

It is just getting better

I have been visiting this Chinese restaurant for over 10 years now and even know the owner by first name now. I love this place, because of the good fare they offer at reasonable price.
I specially recommend the Schezwan fried rice and Chicken Chilli. The noodles are not very oily, which sets it apart from other Chinese eateries.
However, if you plan to visit this place on a weekend, be prepared for a long wait, especially on a Sunday.
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preshit  - Burrp User


October 15,2006

Chinese at its best


If you consider yourself a Chinese-food fanatic, you just C.A.N.N.O.T miss this place.

It's been around 7 years that I have been going to this place. And they haven't given me a chance to look elsewhere.

Located at the corner of the Link Road and Marve Rd intersection, this small sized restaurant offers a lot of punch than what you interpret by looking at it.

Its got a wide variety of food, ranging from normal, spicy and very-spicy categories.

Appropriately priced stuff, the food is hygienic and the water is purified using aquaguard. (You'll find this displayed there, so I _had_ to mention it )

The low-lighted ambience they maintain, suits perfectly.

They opened up their own resort in Khopoli a few years back to.

Its an amazing place to have your dinner, be it your girlfriend, friends of family.

I'd rate it a high 9 overall, and a 10 for the food.

Over and Out

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Kalpana Kr - Burrp User

Kalpana Kr

April 18,2015

love the chicken lollypop....

Yumm chicken items... Total value for money...
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