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Ganesh Bhutada - Burrp User

Ganesh Bhutada

June 27,2015

Pathetic Service ever had in Pune !

Been to April Rain at Aundh, Pune. Place looks pretty good from inside. But to my experience it's service is the most pathetic service I have ever encountered in my 25 years of life. I am not a blogger, nor a foodie but the service was so bad that I had to take time out and write about it.

They are rude, not at all humble and very much outspoken. They think they are smarter than you or perhaps even more qualified than you. Just to mention few of the issues, I had..

1. Asked them to increase the temperature of AC, they are like it is centralized and the temperature cannot be changed.

2. I had ordered a Panner Tikka Masala, hardly there were 6 small pieces of Panner and negligible amount of Onion and Capsicum. I told them to please provide me extra Onion and capsicum, because I understand u can't get me more Panner. Dude is like, this is all we can get you and can't get anything extra.

3. When I called for Captain, it took him like 20 minutes to come down to my table.

4. Food was brought on the table and left uncovered, when we told them that we need more time to have food as we had drinks to finish.

5. They cleared the bill from us and told us to have food aaramse, Just before their closing time. But as soon as the head went away, they switched off the AC, half of the Lights and started talking about us "Light band kardo, chalejayege" and etc.

and few more, Just in one night. Yesterday I felt, GPO chaupati serves you better than April Rain.

This is my personal opinion and experience in April Rain !
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Khaadad - Burrp User


December 29,2013

A wonderful dating venue

They respect their food and chef. (Perhaps the restaurant is owned by the chef)
The quality and portion size of all items is pretty good. Ambiance is very vibrant and elegant at the same time.. Service is quick and courteous; non-arrogant.

Overall, a fantastic dining experience!
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ILikeFood - Burrp User


November 07,2013

Must Visit

I have been there couple of times and I must say it is a must visit place in Aundh.
Ambience, food, presentation and service. Good in every department .
Fish, biryani and chicken are a must try.
Around Rs 1300 for dinner without alcohol.
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Cee Kay - Burrp User

Cee Kay

October 28,2013

Perfect Destination for Celebrations...!!!

Well I have been here quite often and this place has never let me down ..Whether its exotic cuisine, fantastic service and soothing ambience where you can dine, drink and live the moment with your pals...The most likable part is the way they present the food...You kinda feel that your living an episode of MasterChef and gets the sophistication within you ..:) ...Well I have this place in my list of my favourite food destinations and surely strongly recommend to friends...Bon-appetite
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harshad sharma - Burrp User

harshad sharma

September 23,2013

A Place For Celebrations

I have been to April Rain three times now and must say, they seem consistent with their service. The place looks fabulous as the ambiance goes, but food, specially the desserts are something that keep me coming back here.
See my ratings below for my opinion on food, ambiance and service.
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Nikhil Deo - Burrp User

Nikhil Deo

June 13,2013

The Best Place At Aundh

I had been to this place twice and its been the best experience that my family had at this place . We ordered Indian food with some drinks. Everything was just fab. This is the best place to dine with family in Peace . The service is Excellent . All people here are trained well and they really welcomed us with a happy smile . We all had a good time. Will come back again.
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

May 23,2013

A Party Destination

This review is to talk about the party vibe of this place.

we had chosen April Rain as the venue for our family day function last week.

There were a lot of reasons for this. Some of them being proximity to most employees and obviously the Chef himself.

There was a lot of back and forth between us, the event manager, the hotel before deciding on something and even then we were not yet stable on our decision. Nevertheless, the hotel staff and chef were very accommodating with all our requests.

we were a party of about 100 people.

The food was as usual top notch.

Cutting down to the chase

the menu was as follows

Grainy Mustard Enhanced Chicken Tikka
Malwani Kurao Jatra
( Crispy Fish topped with Prawn & crayfish bharta)
Spiced Paneer & Solkadhi shots
Cottage Cheese & Bell pepper Dundee

Burmese Curry
• Crisp Onion , Crisp Garlic , Fried Noodles , Glazed Chili , Crushed Peanuts , Lemon Wedges , Corriander , Spring Onion ,Poached Chicken , Chili Oil , Chili Flakes

Chooza Tikka Khaas Makhni
Kashmiri Mutton Roganjosh or Dhaba Murg
Khade Masale ka Paneer
Harey Masale ka subz
Dry Fruit Pulao
Dal Maa Dumpukht (Black Dal)
Assorted Indian Breads
Roasted Papad / Pickle

Gajjar Ka Halwa
Vanilla Ice Cream with Chikki

The wait staff were always on their toes with the starters and were polite at all times. Since there was no liquor served, everyone binged on the liquids on offer.

The folks who prefer non-veg were pretty pleased with the mutton and chicken preparations. However, the dry fruit pulao lacked punch. we had to search for the fleeting peices of cashew nuts and raisins.

A special mention for the malwani kurao jatra - melt in your mouth this was. Every piece that came out of the kitchen was of similar portions. I did not expect that to happen and was very happy with it. A lot of folks loved this

The chicken starter was well served in a spoon so as to avoid anyone spoiling their hands. Chic stuff this was.

The burmese khow suey in my option was a little more soup like. I had expected it to be a little more tick with more vegetables added to the curry. However, it looked like lot of folks were having it for the first time and relished it, i however was not all that pleased with it.

At the end of the day, a majority of the population was happy with the way they were hosted and fed.

All in all a good venue that serves good food and is value for money for a gathering upto 120 folks.
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Foody69 - Burrp User


March 19,2013

Seven Start Experience

Stumbled upon this Chef Insprired Restaurant, in Aundh, and let me tell you, this should be your next Friday evening spot.
Thanx to Chef Milind, for presenting the Indian and International food we like, in his own signature style. The ambience, the food and the drinks served well, made the evening special.
Its a must visit place, for what it offers, and that too at a reasonable price. Dont worry about your BMW, it has a nice parking place too.
Make sure you reserve the table, or go in early, and meet the chef, to know the daily specials.
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Bhavesh Patel - Burrp User

Bhavesh Patel

February 07,2013

good value for money

the lunch buffet is good value for money @350(inclusive of tax)
but the dessert is limited :(
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Akhilesh BHIDE - Burrp User

Akhilesh BHIDE

January 31,2013

Memorable Experience

Hi, We went to April Rain for our Anniversary. It turned out to be far more better than we had expected for our anniversary.

One cannot imagine the great ambiance it has from the outer view as it is located in a commercial building and we often go there (as Apollo clinic is located in 2nd floor). Right from starters to the main course it felt like the chef has made each dish separately for ourselves. We both love to try new dishes (albeit we could never let go off our Indian taste) and we tried everything non Indian and we liked it thoroughly.

The only regret is that as we were looking for dishes which were non Indian, the waiter could not give us options and how it would be in terms of taste and texture. But overall it was an awesome experience and would like to thank each and everyone involved in the restaurant for making this anniversary equally enjoyable as the first one.
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ssthomas - Burrp User


December 29,2012

The food is totally awesome

I visited April Rain with 3 of my colleagues for a business lunch.

Tried Sesame Butterfly Prawns ( Prawns fried in a batter along with sesame seeds ) with a highly delicious achari mayo, Green planet soup of broccoli, spinach and zucchini, lahsooni jhinga, multani paneer tikka as starters and 3 more dishes in the main course. The starters and the main course was excellent and very well prepared. This place definitely knows its food. Congratulations Milind for a very creative menu and delivering the promise of taste.

My only suggestion is related to the roomali roti that I had. It was a bit hard and took a long time to chew.


The entrance to the restaurant and the interiors does not give a fine dining feeling. A lot could be done especially to improve the layout and the decor.

Customer Service

The table service was exceptional and very good. We were taken care of very well.

The other service aspects need improvement. I had called up the place to reserve a table and the person who answered the phone could not speak English and was not able to answer my queries even in Hindi about the place. Despite coming with a reservation, no one from the staff was forthcoming to come and invite us in and we had to go find our own table.

The staff made a lot of noise with the cutlery and moving furniture around while the guests were eating.

Fine dining is food, service and the ambiance put together. Although the menu deserves the price, the ambiance and the service needs improvement to live up to the restaurant's reputation.
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Neha Panwar - Burrp User

Neha Panwar

November 28,2012

Great starters

Attended The Chef's table event at this place. The variety of food was awesome along with soothing ambience and great music. The service too was excellent. A must visit place with family and friends.
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Fahmim Hussain - Burrp User

Fahmim Hussain

November 21,2012

Classic, yet distinct!!

The Chef's table experience was worth remembering in Aprilrain ..
The entire menu comprised of offbeat Delicacies superbly keeping par to their distinct name. The surprise shot was a delight which consisted a crusty purri with a spiced bean filling, accompanied with malvani sole curry served in a shot glass.
The poha crusted fish fillet was the star of the entire menu, while the spiced prawns with upma and creamy sauce were flattering too.
Qverall a very good experience, thanks to the chef Milind Sovani
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Maneeta Bhansali - Burrp User

Maneeta Bhansali

November 21,2012

Impeccable food at Comfortable pricing

On Monday, I attended #ChefsTable event at April Rain, a place with lovely low-lights warm feel ambience. I chose to attend this event for quite some reasons: to try new restaurants, sample a new menu specially designed by the Chef, meet fellow foodies and bond over our common love – food! And all this sponsored by Yes Bank and Burrp!. Rightfully, a win-win deal for us.

The non-vegetarian burrpers on the table loved their scrumptious meal, and were heard discussing the balanced contrast of textures and flavours and modern twists to Indian cuisine. Their favourite was the starter Crispy Kurao Fish topped with Cray Fish and Prawn Bharta, and the main course which was Lemon Chilly Tiger Prawn with Kerala Moily sauce.

Let me now get to what was served on my plate: Chef Milind Sovani’s Vegetarian Tasting Menu.

Mocktail : Kamasutra ( a passion fruit chiller)
This one is a refreshing well-balanced mocktail.

1. Sesame, corn, bell pepper, tandoori potato
2. Poha crushed masala cheese batons with sweet chilly dip
Served with warm pinenut and aragula salad and coriander chutney.

We three veggies on the table, in unanimity, loved the cheese batons. Its outer layer was crunchy enough for our liking, while the inside was smooth and soft. The chilly dip accompanied it perfectly to the tee.

Main Course :
Cottage cheese steak crisp in a basil coriander pesto sauce,
served with asparagus & edamame stir fry, lime leaf upma, and breads.

The cottage cheese (paneer) could have been tender and softer; also, the stuffing didn’t help add flavour to the dish. Upma for main course seemed an odd choice. Saving grace for main course were the flavour-packed garlic breads and perfectly seasoned basil coriander pesto sauce.

Desserts :
1. Choco chikki torte
2. Homemade cashew chikki ice-cream
Fresh fruits
Both the desserts were pretty good to wrap up our dinner. Also, the side accompany mango-strawberry puree was simply ecstatic.

Each dish served to us was appetizing and appealing to our eyes. April Rain is contemporary dining done well with impeccable food at comfortable pricing.

On the whole, The Chef’s Table event was a rather good experience and we all vouched to head home, write more reviews, and meet again at a table to catch up for more food and fun.
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sachinkm77 - Burrp User


November 17,2012

great food

the food is very good and i like the ambience too..being in aundh is very exciting and cool
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gourism - Burrp User


November 17,2012


it has great ambience and a very nice restaurent and i really like the environment
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gourism - Burrp User


November 16,2012

very nice

its a very good resto..the buffet and dishes are excellent..also i like it a lot
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Siddharth Moghe - Burrp User

Siddharth Moghe

November 16,2012

April jauggernaut

April Rain is the made over renamed and rebranded what was once known as Esca. Esca was a mistake from the start till it lasted.

Chef Milind Sovani has given his touch of grace nad poise to the restaurant. Thankfully everything was good from the start. The place has a valet parking and valet who are at your service. Not like many others who just have a valet parking but no valet.

The place is a 2 storied establishment with the ground floor is more to cater to the folks who are interested in the bar and the screen opposite it. The first floor is more for the serious eater.

The upper portion is about 10 tables with the ones near the wall - mostly sofa seating and the others being the chairs and tables. There are only 2 servers serving the top floor , with one of them acting as a standby steward. Unfortunately for him, he needs to brush up on the menu and its contents.

All along the walls one would see a lot of oldish posters of liqueur and alcohol with one show case for the wines they store and another one , under the staircase holding the famed Chivas regal and what i thought was benedictine.

the labels of the manuf date were carefully removed so i could not tell if this was properly aged or not.

Menu wise, its very extensive - from malwani to continental to Lucknowi to Hummus . One can find a lot of variety to choose from.

In many restaurants you can find almost every 3rd or 4th dish to have a chef's hat or a star indicating them to be the Chefs specialty or a signature dish. In the menu at April Rain, i found only 1 - Strip Tenderloin steam in red wine jus.

For the soup and starters we orders
Green Globe ( Broccoli, Zucchini and Spinach soup )
Trio or Bruschetta
Corn and vegetable tempura in wasabi mayo

The green globe for that price was a killer soup. even after we had shared it, it was pretty creamy and nice.

The trio of bruschetta was a baguette of 3 types x 2 peices each. One had a diced olive and lettuce . other had mixed veges from an indianized sandwich and the third one i dont remember.

One major flaw with this was, it was lacking the dizzle of balsamic vinegar + olive oil. That made the dish entirely flat. The flavour the balsamic + olive oil gives would have made the dish complete.

The baby corn and vegetable tempura was like a typical tempura. I generally choose not to eat aubergine/eggplant but today was an exception. The tempura was in itself nice and crisp. But I had major issues with the wasabi mayo. It dint taste anything like wasabi. To me it looked more like a mixture or white mustard, horseradish and food coloring and it was tangy and lacked the kick of the wasabi.

Had it been labelled mint mayo, it would have had a problem. Just because i saw wasabi mayo, i ordered it and it fell flat on my face.

For the main course , we had ordered

1. Young chicken steak with mushroom and boiled vegerables in red wine sauce
2. wild mushroom risotto
3. Pasta Arrabiatta - penne

The steak was a big may be 1 pound patty glazed with a dark barbecue like sauce with a hint of bittersweet. The mushrooms were nice and juice and seemed to have been tossed during the final stages of the sauce making so it was delicious. The boiled veges were nice cut in a trendy chopper so it had all sorts of grooves.
The patty was grilled well but somehow felt it a little rawish in the middle ( not even rare ). The sauce could have been served in a separate bowl and poured at the last moment so we could see the char marks on the patty - but that dint happen . Also it was a little less for my liking. The last few bites were basically eaten as is.

The wild mushroom risotto came with 2 asparagus sticks panfried in pepper and salt with butter. The risotto was nice and warm but as soon as it started settling down, it became drier and drier to eat. It should have had some more sauce to it to be able to retain the creamy texture till the last spoon. I had to leave some of it in the plate because it was simply to rice like ( of course i did polish all the mushrooms in it ).
Personally would have liked more of Shiitake mushrooms and a little more sauce to the dish.

The pasta Arrabiatta was what my wife approved. It was mild, it was in decent portion and it was hot.

The dessert menu was limited and i did not find any sundaes in it for sure. but a molten lava cake seems to be catching up on al ot of menus.

we dint order any desserts because we were already full.

In the entire dining experience there were a few things that i liked and there were a few that i dint, but the fact that for 3 of us, the bill was only 1210 made me smile.

It could be a billing error or it is a routing thing. If its a routing thing, mind you - its a kickass thing to do. I could order another dish or maybe 2 desserts in the tax amount.

All in all, April rain gets a thumbs up for the good food, good portions, attentive albeit a little ignorant staff and a happy me.....

One thing I and my wife noticed is that many of the dishes are similar to the menu from Out of the blue ( although OOTB lacks the Indian part ) but the portions were larger and the price was lower - happy happy !
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Javed Ahamad - Burrp User

Javed Ahamad

November 15,2012

amazing very new innovative celebrity chef rest.

wht a fabulous place .i could highly recommended this lovely fine place .the cuisine was really amazing .we had chef tasting menu .a celebrity chef sovani design the menu .
the food we had here .never had in pune other outlets .the table and other restaurant interior is really very good ,.
before start our meal ,we have served a warm welcome amuse bouch .,the food presentation is very innovative ,each things sepcially taking care by chef .because every dish has its own authenctic favour and diffirent taste buds ,,,,must visit this place ...lovely dinner in april rain
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shivam1212 - Burrp User


January 10,2016


A nice Decent place to be with friends
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