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Karthik_098 - Burrp User


March 25,2015

Consistent taste

We have been ordering in from cafe arabia since many years and are happy that they have always added things to their menu. Shawarma, grill chicken rice, falafel platters, biryanis and hummus are the picks here. Service is a little slow and ambience inside a mall is nothing to talk about. but food is the only focus here, we usually order into our office or walk in for a quick lunch
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Pratyasha Rath - Burrp User

Pratyasha Rath

June 12,2013

Overpriced. Small Servings. Disappointed.

The quest for the best Shawarmas took me to Cafe Arabia, Mariplex mall, Kalyani Nagar. Using few words, the experience was disappointing. Me and my BF were ravenously hungry and decided to get the food delivered at home. We ordered Chicken shawarmas and a cheese-chilli fries platter. The food took nearly an hour to get delivered but that was not the problem.

The food arrived warm and the cheese fries were delicious. But inspite of being amazingly cheesy and spicy, the fries were bordering on soggy and lacking the crunch and bite. The biggest disappointment though was the shawarma. It was a small wrap with very less meat and fries. The sauce (hummus) was decent but was extremely less. The wrap was so dry that it was extremely difficult to chew and swallow. Part of it probably was due to the horrible pita bread. It was flaky, floury and did not even hold together at places.

In all we spent quite a bit on the meal (relative to other cheaper options) but the quality of the food was clearly not upto the mark. I have never had the inclination to go there again, so I am not too sure, if it was a one off incident or not. But, the one experience I had there, was, yes, disappointing.
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Sagar Kursija - Burrp User

Sagar Kursija

December 07,2011


Its was a booring place and the shawarma was also not tasty ... DISLIKED IT
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Gaurav Malik - Burrp User

Gaurav Malik

June 01,2011

Must Visit

Out of the few choices available for Lebanese food this one takes the trophy. Delicious hummus rolls, herbed rice with kebabs and to top it up excellent staff. Great value for money.
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Suman_Jha - Burrp User


May 05,2011

Yummylicious !!

I have been to this restaurant few times with my friends in kalyani nagar. What started as just another foot court option has now become my only option. They surprisingly have a huge menu for a small outlet perched in the corner of mariplex mall. My favourite is the ultimate shawarma with cheese sauce and garlic oozing out, also the hummus and falafel is of very decent quality. Service though is often painfully slow on the weekends
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Melroy_Foodie J - Burrp User

Melroy_Foodie J

March 16,2011

Really must visit

Ive been to the Arabian Cafe 3 times before i decided to put this review up. Until now i had lebanese food or tasted a shawarma before but each time i eat here i kept returning for something new. Ive tried many of their dishes and i summed up this : The quality of food and pricing is unbeatable. The only place i think in Pune to serve the original bistro chicken (non spicy unless you ask for it), huge variety of shawarmas, kebabs, the Mezze platter with a green herb thyme type garnish on the bread, a middle eastern styled minced meat pilaf are my picks.

If am in the mall for a movie or to just hang out thers no doubt in my mind where i am going to be eating.

On the downside, i think thers not enough options for the veg crowd.Also that its usually very noisy and not a great experience dinning in a mall ambience.
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rohanshett_y - Burrp User


September 20,2010

Lebanon in India !

Only a few places in Bombay have the same authentic feel to their food as they do. Prices are very reasonable considering being in an upscale area like kalyani nagar. Huge variety of Shawarmas, although the Falafel could have been better. The Mezze is great too. Being a vegeterain on the particular day, couldnt sample on all the meat on offer.The Hummus was great (Rottisserie Chicken left me drooling for next time). Still awaiting to go back to sample rest of the food. They need to open in Aundh area..hope management listening
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Subhiksha - Burrp User


February 16,2010

Excellent food alongwith great service

Initially i had my doubts whether a different cuisine would be accepted at this mall.My office is in the same surroundings and i frequent this place for their offerings. So many places have come and gone at this food court, i sincerely hope this cafe is here to stay.

Firstly the service is always polite and quick,they have a widespread menu starting at very affordable prices.The only place in pune to have so many varities of shawarma - Paneer, Chicken and Lamb too. The shawarma and falafel is not exactly what i have eaten in the middle east with the addition of onions and some spices but nevertheless was good.

Highly recommended fattoush salad, chicken shawarma platter, grill chicken and the kebabs with buttered rice. The pita bread is sometimes hard and not consistent.

On the whole there is something on the menu for everyone and enough dishes to make you keep coming back for more. They do not deliver which is a negative point because you dont always feel like sitting in a mall to dine.

Always recommend it to all my friends.
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Akshay Damle - Burrp User

Akshay Damle

December 09,2009

Good food at reasonable rates..

Had been there today, and the food was pretty good. The food is almost at par with the quality of stuff you get in the middle east.

We had ordered the kebab platter which had 2 sauces (hot and mayo) along with 4 pita breads and shish taouk and shish kebab. The kebabs were good. The sauces were good. Their Hummus is highly recommended. This was priced at 250 bucks.

We then went with their standard chicken shawarmas. Again the taste was very good with good amount of tahina sauce and chicken. The shawarma was for 60 rupees.

Their grilled chicken @200 bucks also looks pretty promising. I might try in the next time I go there.

This place is definitely worth a visit.
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Must visit for kebabs

This is at the same place which earlier used to be Dosa Plaza which did have a steep downslide in quality. Cafe Arabia is however a treat. Quick and polite service, helpful folks and, the most wonderful meals worth the money.

Highly recommended items are their Kebab Platter which is good enough for two, Chelo Kebabs which are mouth-watering and, if you are in the mood, the full chicken. The Kebab Platter is for around 250 INR and, comes with 4 portions of pita bread which is good for two folks. That is, if you can tear yourself away from the succulent and awesomely spiced kebabs that come with it.

They also do home delivery in nearby areas. Be sure to get them to tell you about it.
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