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Anilkumar Panditi - Burrp User

Anilkumar Panditi

June 01,2016


STAFF ARE like goons and you will be beaten if you ask for your choice.
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Anilkumar Panditi - Burrp User

Anilkumar Panditi

June 01,2016


This is a horrible and nightmare place having spent hundreds of rupees on this worst and misbehaved staff.
I have just asked for lime juice instead of cocktail rasna but he misbehaved in a hard tone and i have never received such a response having eaten many resto.

COmplete waste of money. and adding to that misbehaviour of staff is competely BIGEST TURN OFF.

I want to give negative rating but not possible

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Ankit Kothari - Burrp User

Ankit Kothari

December 06,2015

Horrible and Misbehaved Staff

Today on Sunday evening I have visited this for dinner with family, I had such a horrible and pathetic experience with Staff and food. Very much misbehaved and stupid staff.
I had 2 starters bhutayia corn kabab and jaipuri kabab, both this starters were very bad in taste. I called for bill and waiter misbehaved in very bad way and inappropriately. Staff is not trained and instructed properly.
With my today's experience I will not recommend anyone to go to Exotica.

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Avinash Malpani - Burrp User

Avinash Malpani

November 03,2015

Ruined my evening and the occassion!!

Ruined my wife's birthday and ruined our family's mood. Just cant believe i would experience such horrible behaviour in a restaurant where i have been to at least 3-4 times. I hav chosen this place on every important occasion and hence went to celebrate my wife's birthday. Starters this time were tasteless and mocktails were also not good. I went ahead and ordered main course and when it arrived, i asked for slices of onion as i personally dont like vinegar onions. However to my surprise the waiter denied and said we cant give you slices of onion as its against our company policy. I was shocked with such a reply. I requester them many times and finally asked manager to intervene. He arrived after 10 mins and gave the same reply. He asked me to pay for the slices to which i got angry. My bill was going to cross 3k (5 people) and i wasnt expecting for a restaurant like Exotica to ask for extra money for onion slices. I argued with the entire management for at least 20 mins but to my surprise no one at the restaurant was eager to understand. There were other people at the restaurant and the management was least bothered about the scene that was getting created just because some onions which might have costed them not more than 10 rupees. For a restaurant that is known for its ambiance, service and warmth welcome, i just could not believe what was happening. I filled the feedback form, came out without finishing my food, thinking why did i chose this place? Ruined the occasion, my evening and experience. I am never visiting this place for sure.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 28,2015

Best Medittereran cuisines

Location is awesome.. Rooftop restaurant.. Enthralling ambience. As we entered exotica there is Buddha statue to welcome you peacefully. The buffet was quite elaborate with a wide range of indian ,Chinese and Italian stuff as well. The food is splendid and there is one drink on the house if u are having the buffet. The best part is that the buffet is really inexpensive. Must visit this place. Really romantic for a date night.
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RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 28,2015

Best mediterrean cuisines

Excellent rooftop place with a beautiful ambiance.. You can try from Indian & Mediterranean cuisine. They have both buffet and a-la-carte. Ample of variety live counters .A live counter in the corner for pasta, the guy made some really tasty pasta with white sauce. The best and the most innovative dish is undoubtedly Paneer Hukum-e-shahi. The bar is near the seating area and you can have a smoke sitting there.
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Foodie Love - Burrp User

Foodie Love

April 27,2015

Best buffer ever

Excellent roof top restaurant.Huge seating area with exciting decor inspired by middle east. The wooden old school touch gives it a really nice feeling. Al a carte and buffet seating areas are separate. Awesome buffet, mix of various cuisines all around the world, Live pasta counters and fantastic deserts. food quality is awesome n service was quick which I like .In starters falafel and mutton sheekh kebab was excellent.
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anuj.agarwal321 - Burrp User


March 05,2015

Horrible management and experience. Mediocre Food.

It's been 2/2 times that I have had the most horrible experience at Zafraan Exotica. The food is average. Not great but average.The management is awful. The staff is rude and petty. Seems that they have a large crowd coming in, which is why reservations and attitude is so horrible. They have a particularly nonchalant and cocky attitude especially the manager-Vinod.

The issues that the management think are a problem:

1. Please use the same cutlery and the same used plates/spoons for the entire meal(starters, main course and dessert).

2. For a group of 20 people, there is only a single waiter and single portions of salads and pickle is enough for the whole group.(Pickle has to be separately ordered).

3. The waiters try to act smart about the order and try to teach you how to order a meal.

4. Outside Birthday cake is not allowed. If you want a cake, use our product.

"But we want an eggless cake."

"Order it 2 hours in advance"

I have nothing personal against the place. But this is a service industry and if you can't serve your guests right, you can't do anything right.

One thing-I will never recommend this place to anyone in my knowledge. I tried giving them a chance but immediately regretted that decision.

If you don't trust this review, go ahead. Give it a try. Come back and write to me if you agree.

PS: I would have given 0 rating if that were possible. But will stick to the lowest of 1.

A dhaba runs better management than this place.
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dpakbhaskar - Burrp User


February 03,2015

Assumed it to be a fine-dine or they do not act like one !!

They call it a fine-dine restaurant because of the experience, ambiance and food. If any of this is missing or especially the experience, its far from being a fine dine.

I was @ Exotica on a weekday for a special occasion. We reached there early @ around 20:00, it was not even 25% occupied. i was given a table which could seat 2, i did not like the table being allocated to me as it small and cramped and kind of in the middle of seating area. Requested for a table which i found better in terms of its location and comfort. I was straight-forward denied; reason given "that's a table for 4 and you are only 2 people !!!" I was in no mood to argue/fight, so did not even bother to talk with the manager. I have heard these kind of statement in normal restaurants, but no expected in a fine-dine. Either i assumed that exotica is a fine-dine or they don't act like one !! To fuel my anger, that table and 50% of the restaurant remained vacant throughout !!

Now coming to food, it was good, we had only veg starters. There were 5 veg starters all were good (not extraordinary neither awesome, but good)
The main-course was again good, but with fair amount of mess-ups.
There pindi-chole, it was flavourful, but there was intentional sweetness which spoiled the dish....not sure if it is supposed to be that way..as far as i know definitely not.
The dal makhni was again sweet it lacked the garlic flavour...
There was also this burnt-ginger-friedrice, which did not have any hint of ginger or any other flavor for that matter.
There were lot of dessert options, but i tried only moong dal halwa, rasamalai, gulab jamun; all were very good. There was also brownie, dark chocolate pastry, strawberry pastry, mango mousse and cut fruits as well...

The service was good, the service staff were kind and courteous.
But the initial experience of table allocation spoiled our mood !!
If my friends/colleagues ask for a fine-dine recommendation, this one is definitely not !!
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Farzana Lakdawala - Burrp User

Farzana Lakdawala

December 24,2014


At Zafraan Exotica. Most most Pathetic Service ever. We were 5 people & the manager (an extremely arrogant person) gave us a table for 4 saying that they would pull an extra chair for us, inspite of half the restaurant being empty. We pointed out to a table for 6 that was empty, however, the manger point blank refused us the table saying that we would have to manage with the table already given to us. If we weren't okay with it, we could leave the place. So we left. I guess their success has gone to their head.
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