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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

April 15,2014

Amazing Itlaian Food Experience

I went here once with 3 friends, and it was the best dining experience. We ordered 2 glasses of White Sula wine which was really good! For starters, we had pizza mellino which had fresh tomato sauce with black olives, jalapenos and cheese. It tasted really nice. The pizza base was well baked, even the ingredients tasted really well. Then we had pasta barbresca. This was the best pasta! The sauce complimented the pasta. Along with the ingredients like tomato, garlic and parsley. The taste was really good. Then we had Risotto Della norma which was a delight too. But let me tell you, this dish is heavy. It will fill you up very easily. But the taste is really good. Ask for Parmesan grated cheese with it.
Overall, the experience was nice. The staff was friendly and helpful. All the above dishes are enough for 4 people to eat easily. A great experience overall and looking forward to coming here again. :)
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tablecaptain - Burrp User


January 23,2014

Amazinggg Nachos

I am not a big fan of Italian food but surprisingly I just love Little Italy. They have pretty Amazing thin crust pizzas and lasagna. The best among all are the nachos they serve..Its just yummmm.
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Anand Shetye - Burrp User

Anand Shetye

November 20,2013

One of the Best Italian Restaurants in Pune

I went here once with 3 friends, and it was the best dining experience. We ordered 2 glasses of White Sula wine which was really good! For starters, we had pizza mellino which had fresh tomato sauce with black olives, jalapenos and cheese. It tasted really nice. The pizza base was well baked, even the ingredients tasted really well. Then we had pasta barbresca. This was the best pasta! The sauce complimented the pasta. Along with the ingredients like tomato, garlic and parsley. The taste was really good. Then we had Risotto Della norma which was a delight too. But let me tell you, this dish is heavy. It will fill you up very easily. But the taste is really good. Ask for Parmesan grated cheese with it.
Overall, the experience was nice. The staff was friendly and helpful. All the above dishes are enough for 4 people to eat easily. A great experience overall and looking forward to coming here again. :)
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Raj  - Burrp User


September 28,2013

Average Food At A Cost

Ambience is good. Favorable for family too.

Keeping the rates in purview, Food quality to me is below-expectation.

Garlic bread had almost no tinge of garlic in it. And tasted like toast.

Had ordered a two-in-one pizza. Pizza had lots of olives which was good. Pizza-base was good too. However, the pizza lacked any punch in terms of spices.
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Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta - Burrp User

Priyanka Khandelwal Gupta

December 26,2012

Love it!!

Great place ..being a vegetarian, i love to see the entire menu applicable for me!!
Great service...my son gels in really well wid d staff...
Good ambiance...n the food is fab! Sauteed mushroom, garlic bread with cheese, B 34 (pasta) on the menu and thin crust pizza followed by brownie wid ice cream..our staple diet there!!!
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Uma Dongre - Burrp User

Uma Dongre

May 26,2011

Service Stinks, Food Okay, Expensive

My brother in law took us out for his birthday. We ordered nachos with cheese dip, thin crust pizza, pasta with white sauce and tiramisu. Didn't find anything very remarkable, but then I'm not a foodie. The pasta was boring, but the tiramisu woke me up.
I needed an extra spoon and then I needed an empty plate because my mum and I were sharing the tiramisu, but my requests were simply not heeded! Other diners in our group gave us theirs. Why can't the service staff accommodate such small requests in a fancy place?
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Suryad Pai - Burrp User

Suryad Pai

March 20,2011

Mama Miaaaa Pizzaria!! Best Pizzas in town!!

When your fiancée tells you that this was the best date ever, what else you can say.... I had heard about this place since quite a while and today decided to give it a shot... The only reason I have given it 4 stars not 5 is because I m waiting to try their Pastas and Bruchettas n crostinis...... :)

We ordered Sicilia Pizza which was exquisitely made... very much near to perfection and definitely at par with divine feeling dwindling on your tongue!!

Even the variety for pizzas was unique and vast... We are sure to give this place a visit again to try their other mouth watering varieties in Pasta... Mama Mia!!

FOOD: * * * * 1/2
AMBIANCE: * * * *
SERVICE: * * * 1/2
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Ankur Borwankar - Burrp User

Ankur Borwankar

February 28,2011

Mediocre Food, Authentic Tiramisu

Located in a building that is still under construction, the place appears to be shoddy from the outside. But the inside is decent, air conditioned and varyingly lit. Certain areas are bright, presumably for family dining. There is a long table for corporate dining, and then there is the dimly lit area for dates and leave-us-alone dinners.

For food, I had ordered a Vodka Pizza. The name on the menu was much snazzier and romantic than that, being Italian and whatnot. But that was the gist of it. A pizza with vodka in the sauce, black olives, pineapple pieces, and cheese. Orders for a Dill salad and a Vegetable Lasagne were also placed, along with Garlic Bread And two types of soup.

My memory fails me, so I do not remember the names of the soups, though they were not particularly good. The salad arrived, and I was not impressed. A bunch of leaves piled on top of each other, with absolutely no distinctive taste. I added a little bit of the spicy sauce kept on the table, which made it edible. I pawned off most of it for a piece of garlic bread, which had arrived with the salad.

Next came the Pizza and Lasagne. The former was decent, nothing else. Just decent.

The concept of a vegetarian Lasagne does not appeal to me. Traditionally, a Lasagne has seven layers of meat. Being vegetarian, that was off the table. But the shame was in the fact that this particular Lasagne had only one layer. It was almost bland, to the point of being plain pasta. This, too, was saved by the spicy sauce.

The true Italian wonder, however, came in the form of the Tiramisu. I voted to test the Italian version rather than the Americanised garbage, being in a particularly adventurous mood. I was not disappointed.

The Tiramisu was fresh. The sponge cake was rum soaked. I could taste the rich, creamy Mascarpone. The lightness threw me off when I put my spoon in, expecting it to be custard. But it felt like cutting through a cloud; like there was nothing there. The third place I've tried Tiramisu in Pune, and by far the best. The serving was decent.

One more serving was ordered since the Blueberry Cheesecake accompanying stood untouched, and now unwanted.

I am not recommending anything except the Tiramisu, because, to be honest, it was just not worth it. They have perhaps a hundred different types of dishes, but only some ten basic ingredients. All these hundred dishes are then variations based on the ten basic ingredients, with each dish containing seven or eight ingredients.

To pick a dish you like is a cumbersome task, with the only ways being to pick through elimination, or pick blindly. Please go for coffee and desserts.
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theObserver - Burrp User


February 19,2011

Good place...

Have been visiting Little Italy for the past several years and it still is one of my favourite place. Nachos,pastas,lasagnas,thin-crusted pizzas,tacos,and oh yes, their chocolate bomb, everything is worth trying at least once. Staff is ever-helpful to help with the selection. Serves pure veg food but still attracts masses.
Caution: 1.if u've nvr tried italian, visit the place!!!!
2.CROWDED on weekends
value for money:good
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Sachin Gurnani - Burrp User

Sachin Gurnani

November 27,2010

Don't go Here

Recently placed an order via tastykhana.com for home delivery of La Pizzeria's food:

2 Tiramisu Italiano
1 Pesto Pizza
1 Om Pizza
1 Caesar Salad

The food was not so warm, caesar salad not so fresh and the worst experience was the dessert Tiramisu! We've eaten at La Pizzeria several times before & have had no complaints what so ever, hence we ordered the same. But the Tiramisu's was not fresh, too much gelatin and was not tasty at all. Seemed like it was kept for a week. It was disastrous, we had to throw both the Tiramisu's and these don't come cheap. Have never tasted dessert so bad!

Since it was a delivery, I'm still awaiting on a response from Little Italy and/or Tastykhana.com. Will update this review then.
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trekkerman - Burrp User


March 28,2010

Don't go ...

It is an absolute NO-NO. Don't go here. These guys do not know how to make Italian Food.
We ordered Garlic Bread, the bread was horrible, we were shocked to see something that looked like Paav.
The Bruschetta too had very bad bread and was not up to expectation.
The pastas were disappointing. We had to search for the vegetables mentioned in the menu - only to find tiny traces of them. The taste was awful.
These guys are here to fool people into thinking what they serve is Italian.
Only people who have had better and authentic Italian can recognize this.
Also they made us sit outside where we were sweating no effect of A/C on the outside. I was expecting a much better ambiance but was disappointed.
I would say save your money, don't go here.
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Gaurav Malik - Burrp User

Gaurav Malik

March 03,2010

Good Food But...

I found the food quite good here but in the food biz, what makes a restaurant stand above is its combination of service and food. Service was quite average and though we were only 2 of us the steward did not suggest the portion quantity and he also got the wrong order....on saying that it is not my order....I was shocked with the answer I got....U have ordered for it...it is written here...U cannot cancel it. This was a turn off in itself and like I have mentioned above food was good but then I would not go back or recommend this place for its service.
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mehtasd78 - Burrp User


January 01,2010

Delicious (veggie) Italian food...

I have been a frequent visitor at La Pizzeria but thought to write review.

I've always enjoyed my dinners at this place. I cannot belive they offer so many Italian dishes "vegetarian". Well, it's not that vegetarians crowd this place. The pastas, the lasagna.. they are awesome.

Quite recently (as latest as 25th Dec 2009), for the first time I felt the quality of food a bit compromised (is it inflation OR was it the Christmas eve which led them pre-cook OR what, I don't know). The Nachos that we ordered as starter were far from any kind of quality. The cheese was entirely in solid form. The plate was very happily exchanged, but the other one was not so different.

Having said above, I'd still want to give benefit of doubt (at least once). The other plates though were quite delicious... hence...
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RAVI SHAH - Burrp User


October 29,2009

Its great

Service lags a bit
Lots of space
Nice ambience
Good Thai food
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patang - Burrp User


July 10,2009

proves veg food can be mindblowing

This is the restaurant that spawned the oh so lovely chian of Little Italys all across the country. Killer food, killer wine list. Our favourites are the pasta barbaresca and the canneloni. hmmm....
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akshay bargaje - Burrp User

akshay bargaje

June 21,2009

nice food.....i love it

amezzzing interiors....gives u different felling............aaahhh
good staff....nice food n quick service........
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bmabbagu - Burrp User


February 05,2009

diet dinner

order ceasar salad and my fave (bread plus dip-olive oil and balsamic mix) and red wine =)
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Connoisseur1 - Burrp User


January 16,2009

Worst food! (Please dont call yourself Italian)

I don't think this place deserves a mention for Italian food.
I had Garlic bread here. for 70rs they gave bread with a pinch of butter (it wasn't even the typical french bread but bread which is used for PAV BHAJI!! ) which was not even cooked.
The pizza was equally awful. Not worth the visit. Dont waste money going to this place.
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raol g - Burrp User

raol g

January 01,2009

This ones got it right

You always wonder if Italian could go completely veg. La Pizzeria makes it happen. And for those of you well-travelled lot, you can pretty much vouch for that.
We went out for a Sunday lunch to celebrate a promotion. The location is perfect, valet parking a breeze and the restaurant tastefully done up.
We started with crostini, the mozzarella tasting very fresh, not salted-perfect for me. Followed this up with main courses of ravioli (good firm past with great ricotta and spinach filling), pizza (thin crust-i liked it, friends did not) and mushroom risotto(very well done, cooked beautifully in cream and mushroom). This is definetely something I will try at home.

We finished the meal with tiramisu and granita with limoncelo liquor, both of which were letdowns. the limoncelo was a little more than lime cordial on ice, no hint of liquor at all-definetely not italian. The tiramisu was too weak,again no hint of alcohol.
The bill for 4 came upto 2100, not bad considering the food that was ordered
All in all, there does exist a place in Pune where you get very decent Italian food.
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Hemanshu Narsana - Burrp User

Hemanshu Narsana

November 05,2008

Excellent Vegetarian Italian!!

This place is a rocker! Me and my wife have been here twice, and have enjoyed our experience each time. There were a few minor details that needed work, but overall it was a great experience.

The food is quite good, though slightly more expensive than I think I would want it to be, both from the quantity and quality point of view.

That aside the ambience, service and food are great!

A 2 person bill of fare can be between 400 to 750, if you include a dessert shared between two along with a plate of pasta and a pizza.
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khavayya - Burrp User


August 31,2008

An evening ruined !

My friend Saral said , let's go to Pizzeria this evening , as she wanted to eat only vegetarian food that evening , due to the Jain Parva going on in their house . And it was also nearer for us to go there .
i have eaten authentic Italian food in Atlanta , U.S. and visit Pizza Hut , Domino's , some times . Also a subscriber to the newsletter of about.com for Italian cuisine , i studied the much -hyped , elaborate menu card of this more -show-less-stuff restaurant , and on knowing that they serve Rajma in their mexican pizza , settled for Exotic . i also ordered for garlic bread , to start with .
To our utter dismay , the garlic bread was stiff , not baked properly , with hardly any trace of butter . we helplessly munched on those miserable-looking pieces , and waited for the pizza to arrive .
i had asked for an extra topping of olives , too .
This fare was worst than the bread , soggy in the middle , tasteless , with no tomato sauce as described , just a dash of some sparse capsicum , mushrooms missing , and a side crust so hard , one can not chew off a bite easily !
All those phony candlelights , and expensive uniforms of the waiters , became all the more irritating !
We come here for some good food , damn it , after paying exorbitantly , for a vegetarian pizza , while one can get chicken as a topping , with a lesser price .
The height of it was , when one of them said he will bring a small pizza as complimentary , and kept us waiting , by just disappearing from the scene !
We quietly paid the bill of four hundred and above , left the place disgusted , and i have vouched never to get misled by the so-called ambience , which was actually a rowdy group of youth smoking cigarrettes next to us , talking loudly , and misbehaving , to whom , the waiters seemed to be more obliging , than to us !
One can always get authentic Italian pizzas and cuisine , in many good restaurants in Koregaon Park area of Pune . This one is surely avoidable , which strips you of a lot of cash , in exchange to some sprinkling of veggies , and hard-crusted pizzas , which are a disgrace to it's name !
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ameya.manohar - Burrp User


December 06,2007

Italy Comes Down to Pune

La Pizzeria with its cosy ambience, customer friendly service and above all mouth watering food (that is what a restaurant should concentrate on, isn't it?) happens to be Punes best bet for authentic Italian food. So if you happen to be a connoisseur of fine dining in general and Italian cuisine in particular, who you probably are else, why would you be here, then read on. A word of caution though… This place happens to be a pure Vegetarian eatery. Meat lovers... Sorry!!!


The decor is tastefully done, with clean tablecloths, shining cutlery and general hygiene. Miniature paintings, general paraphernalia, and dry ingredients encased in wooden frames... all transfer you from the bustling city of Pune to the quaint olive orchards of Italy. The bar is well kept and well stocked. The wine list is quite impressive and must be tasting good too... I am not too much of a wine drinker.
However, make sure to make your reservations in advance lest it’s a weekday. The place can be very crowded on weekends and the waiting time on weekends can range from anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour, unless you are ready to sit in the garden section.


The service here is the best as compared to any other restaurant in Pune. The stewards and waiters are courteous and well informed about the menu. This is one place where you can really depend on the captain to select your food and I bet you won’t have room for complaint. The names of the dishes are difficult to pronounce, they are in Italian, but the short description is a good guide. And don’t worry, you can always order using the code (say B29) if you don’t feel like twisting you tongues to read out the order to the captain.


Now this is one area where a restaurant needs to be at its best. And La Pizzeria is...

The pizza here is as crisp as a biscuit, and remains like that till the last bite. The toppings are fresh, piping hot and don’t go limp by the time the pizza completes its journey from the oven to your table.

But then, why would you visit an Italian restaurant if you only wanted to have a pizza and nothing else. So have a look into their soups and starters section. The French Onion soup happens to be the best of the lot although I must admit; I have never had any other soup here. For those who want to, there is wide selection of spirits, mocktails and cocktails to indulge in. The Bruschetta (warm bread pieces topped with tomato, garlic and cilantro and served with olive oil) and the Spinachi Salsa (Farmers Bread with a creamy spinach and cheese dipping) happen to be my choice of starters.

The main course is divided into 2 sections. The first section has out of this world pasta dishes. The best of the lot happen to be Pasta Del Barone (a creamy sauce with cheese and béchamel sauce), Al Pasta Genovese (cheese sauce with pine nuts and basil) and Primavera. The second section mostly contains dishes such as Crocchette's and Rice Balls. Crocchette Ai Spinachi Ricotto, which has cheese and spinach mixed with mashed potatoes and deep fried, never fails to satisfy. A similar dish is Gnocco, which is home made pasta tubes stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese and baked to perfection.

That finally brings you to the last section on the menu, the deserts. There is a whole range of deserts on the menu with the ubiquitous Tiramisu and Chocolate Mousse as well as lots of gelato flavours to choose from. But my suggestion would always be Panna Cotta, a creamy pudding with a slice of Kiwi fruit. The sour taste of Kiwi compliments the mild sweetness of the creamy pudding and that makes it a dish hard to resist.

The restaurant also serves a good number of Mexican dishes such as Nachos, Enchiladas and Quesadillas.

The portions are quite decent and each dish can be shared between two people, with the exception of the pizza. The pizzas come in a standard size of 10 inches and are sufficient for three.


A meal for two with drinks can make you poorer by 1500 bucks. But then, every penny spent would be worth it.

Overall Verdict:

This definitely is a place you would love going again and again. Atleast I do… So all you foodies out there – INDULGE.
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sparklingfisher - Burrp User


October 22,2007

Don't try the Tiramisu

Seriously... the tiramisu was a disaster. But apart from that everything else was fantastic. Very nice pizza, and if you like the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, you are going to love this place all the more. Raviolis are nice too - stuffed with spinach and cheese.

For dessert - try Chocolate Bomb. Its more along the lines of sizzling brownie with ice-cream, but very nice. Once again, don't even try the tiramisu.

Weekends are pretty busy and expect a little slow service. Make sure to reserve a table.
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sparklingfisher - Burrp User


September 19,2007

Its a veg ONLY place

Very pleasantly surprised that this is a veg only place. Very pricey - but real good. If you relish italian, you'll be in for a nice treat.

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bob loblaw - Burrp User

bob loblaw

September 14,2007

Best Italian food

The restaurant is off the main road and it's a little difficult to find. It's probably the only restaurant in Pune that serves delightful Italian vegetarian food. The food is consistently delicious. The prices are slightly on the higher side but it's completely worth every rupee spent. The quantity of food is just right and the service is prompt. The place has a pleasant decor and it's quite cozy. But it is very difficult to find seats, especially in the weekends. So, reserve in advance. And yes, when you're there, don't miss the wine. They have a very good wine list. Overall, it's a lovely place for a cozy evening; to wine and dine.
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