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Gopalas Veg Kitchen, Kanjurmarg West


Value for money snacks

Gopala's, being next to Huma -Big cinemas, is our convenient snacking jaunt before or after the movies. A host of variety is available in the menu for any sort of quick bite, like South Indian items, Grilled S/w, Pav-Bhaji, chaat items etc. For a full appetite, there is chinese and Indian stuff, with reasonable taste. My choice of ordering here are the Grilled sandwiches, and south stuff (dosa, Idli Vada sambar etc). Pav-bhaji is always a hit item and Fresh Juices/ Lassi are also great....

Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar


Awful odour !! maybe good taste

this place may have the best in Biriyanis n Tandoor... but this place stinks awfully inside. I landed a month back around 4pm and the staff said they were packing up after lunch time. Though they offered a seat and service, I couldn't wait till i hop out of this place due to the horrible stink like what u have near a train's lavatory on a long journey... Eeiikkks!!!

Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar


Shalimar at Koparkhairne -Dmart Circle

This place is also very good for Moghlai and Tandoor dishes. A treasure of taste in Koparkhairne, left on Dmart circle if you are coming from vashi side. Soups n chinese is also very tasty. prices r reasonable n portions sufficient.

Mani's Lunch Home, Matunga East


Ultimate Udupi in Central suburbs

Have been going to Mani's since last 18 yrs, since my college yrs at Ruia. There has been no better Chatni/ Sambar elsewhere in India. What other things make a better udipi place than Chatni/Sambar?

Dont go on the decor or the ambience. If you value these more, go to a South Indie restt in a Five-star, @Rs.250/- per Idli-vada, you can have the best ambience/decor and service,...... BUT ... u just cant beat the Mani's taste!

Udaya Lunch Home, Chembur East


better give a miss....

I had been a longtime customer of this hotel. The hotel used to offer wonderful south-indian delicacies, till some time back, when the place was a small time eatery.

After renovation, this family restaurant has been taking people for a ride, with their pseudo-south indian cuisine. Also the rates are not worth the quality of food. I had couple of instances when the ordered dish was way different from it is supposed to be, and I had a feeling that it was something served to me but ordered by some other guy.

The place is crampy, since they have stuffed in more seats, not much free space to sit comfortably. You can extend your hand and share a dish from the next table....

Pricing on the higher side for seafood and surely not worth the food quality. limited family seating, so you might require to wait for some time, esp. on weekends.

For traditional kerala food, in Chembur , i would recommend some other small sized eatery (like Sunny Hotel on Tilak Nagar road) who offer better taste at a reasonable cost.
This guys are charging the customers for their renovation cost... earlier the food was better, looks like now they have even changed the cooks.

Vaishali Garden Restaurant, Chembur


A superb multi-cuisine restobar in Chembur

The first thing you will notice upon entering this place is the calmness and environment this is so soothing, though being a stone's throw from Chembur rly station. There is not much crowd (as in other chembur hotels), since very few people know its there!

Being a locale, i had been visiting this place for last 15 yrs or so (since the time i was a kid) for many family/social get-togethers, and every time was a good memoir.

Most wonderful thing I had noted about Vaishali is its beer taste. No matter whichever brand you order for, its so nicely crisp and tasteful. No other hotel in Mumbai, would have the same taste of the same brand you've just ordered. Maybe some secret storage/recipe about the brews.....

The starters/soups are genuinely authentic... continental/chinese or traditional Indian style. Portions are ample and really tasteful. There is a wide menu on offer favouring the Veg /Non-veg palate and choice of Indian breads (Naans/Parathas/ Rotis) and rice items. Every dish (soup/curry/starters/kebabs) are made uniquely here and you will never have a situation where 2 dishes with different names but tasting the same.(as this practice is getting increasingly common in many family restuarants in Mumbai).

Being very choosy about the genuineness of preparation, I recommend this place to people who wish to have a dish like the way it should be made. no manipulations in their cuisine. that's the beauty.

Service is very much prompt & kids would love it there. Ambience also scores over other places in Chembur. Rates are reasonable and moderate, worth every dish you'd relish. Makes you want to come again and again..... (or order from the comforts of ur home)

Neel Kamal, New Panvel


Not worth the cost

Had been various times to this place in New Panvel. Even though they charge quite dearly, their quality and service does not match the same.

The preparations in different categories are mostly of the same taste. ie. most Punjabi dishes are made in the same base-spice, and same goes for chinese too. If you order two punjabi dishes, you cant identify one from the other.

I many times in the afternoon had got a very cold reception, like they are doing a favour on the customers.

You could safely skip this place, if you really value your money.

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